Outfit ideas for fighters

I have some ideas for custom outfits for fighters. Ever since the Northern Alliance update, the idea of an armor as effective as the good ol’ iron mail (but much fancier) is very appealing to me. If Anyone with the time and the talent is determined to make this into a mod for the whole community to enjoy that would be awesome :merry:

The outfits shall be crafted in whole sets, just so hearthlings don’t accidentally pick pieces of different sets

Here are some concepts I think would be super cool

The famed Doppelsoldners were elite military units used in the Holy Roman Germanic Empire armed with a double - handed sword and protected by iron armor, colorful clothes and a fancy feathered hat.

(Footman lvl 5 clothing for the Ascendancy)

The Conquistador was a Spanish nobleman who was looking for new lands and unlimited ritches in the New World. Even though the Ascendancy isn’t looking to evangelyze natives on the other side of the world, they at least can protect their town (or pillage a village) with style while doing so. (Ignore the musket)

(Knight lvl 5 clothing for the Ascendancy)

The first Elite military unit ever recorded in history. Fierce and effective, the Immortals are more than willing to live up to their name as the most feared soldiers of the ancient world by bathing in the (XP) of their enemies

(Footman lvl 5 clothing for Rayya’s Children)

The brave saracen, forever loyal to Saladin the Great, wearing a chestpiece made of metal scales and a colorful turban to protect him from the blistering sun of the desert

(Knight lvl 5 clothing for Rayya’s Children)

Storm this post with more Ideas if you feel like it, thank you for reading


The immortal outfit is very similar to the look I’m going for the currently named gladiator class in my combat mod.

Leather/medium armor with a smaller shield and a one-handed weapon along with a helmet.

I am almost vehemently against the idea of guns in stonehearth. It just doesn’t feel right, thus the conquistador isn’t right for stonehearth in my opinion. The rest is very cool, the fancy hat of the Doppelsoldner is pretty.

You don’t need to give them guns, he is talking about knights not archers. I believe he is proposing just the conquistador’s outfit not his weapon. The Conquistador, or if you prefer, Rodelero, is a very nice style, armed with rapier and steel buckler will be fun! I love the idea.

Have Fun, Kyth.

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