The Most Beautiful Screenshot


I loved the detail of stairs on your buildings!


I paint only the Colors from the Bottom to the stairs.


I still love the character of this little village I did sometime back. I just can’t seem to recapture it with subsequent villages.


looks so nice with those sugarbells!


It does. I treated them like ground based lighted garlands for the walkways and stairs.


It looks good but i dont like the Mountainhouses i like more the normale houses.


On me and my brothers MP Town :slight_smile:



Protecting his head with their friend :rofl:


“I will protect myself with bodies of your friends!” - Hearthling



Been digging through my old screenshots folders. These are not the best nor the brightest but they are fighters every one!


I gnash my teeth at all your epic builds, because I suck!

… But I have MONKEY!!!

Mealtimes have an epic view.

(I had to wing it on the limited color palette… Poor Monkey could look much better if I could have matched everything.)


love it, the angle, the windows, the lighting, the colors, the custom road. so so nice.
looks like a scene in the middle of a story that I haven’t heard but wish I could read

hope this makes it, totally deserves it. could easily make this my wallpaper
edit. actually downloaded it. sigh new personal goal is to make something this nice eventually lol I need to finish a project


Couple of new ones i caught during Tridale Build

What a Thunder Storm


Love the celebrations now i just want some Bard or similar to play music at my town square and perhaps wander around the streets playing music to cheer everyone up :smiley:


It is said that those who live in Monkey’s shadow shall prosper…


What would be more exciting than a new settlement!


Had to try Norsehearth a bit and try these style ideas from @Wouter_Sikkema


Hi @sdee
I made some shots for ya! (not photoshopped this time!) :smiley:

Hope there’s anything you can use! :slight_smile: