The Most Beautiful Screenshot


Looking good!
Looks a bit like a hybrid between my stuff and @fornjotr s stuff


here are mine.


Just wanted to say these screenshots are really cool. Thank you all so much and keep them coming!




Yay! It’s finally done! :merry:


Whoa. How much of a pain were all those windows to place?


Holy hell, who unleashed a heartling emperor


:sweat: Um… You know… It cost like two rl days of attempting to build it, 15+ engine errors and two crashes :sweat_smile: But I still made them build it. IB doesn’t even work for me for some reason. I thought it’s templates made in previous unstables, but this one did not react to it as well.


:merry: Well, it’s actually meant to be a Temple of Light and Deliverence, because my hearthlings won’t ever re-embark from this town. My town progression got broken.



This one is from my newest village which is entirely underground.



Those blue RC roofs! such a cool effect they have :slight_smile:


So, for some context: this goblin started stealing my stuff during a sandstorm passing right by my mountain.

And the weather made for a very cool looking showdown, IMO - there’s a couple of times where it looked like the medieval version of a Western duel. Hopefully some of my pictures were able to capture that feeling a bit.

I enjoyed seeing the standoff at a distance, but I think my best was the last one, where I tried to go for the detail and action up close.


Here some more - 2 players with 40 hearthlings :slight_smile:



My actual game.



Cool smoke effect.


The smoke effect is from the Chimneys from my object Mod (Lorkis Objects) :sunglasses:

And Update ^^


The romans settling in the germanic woods :smiley:

The Pale peaks lowlands biome :wink:

edit: we have a temple now :beers:


And the last for today…