TAILZ Designing buildings with Fornjotr

So i wanted to make some videomaterial from Stonehearth and on the same time share a bit of the way i go towards designing a building. My first video is a new design, where i try to emulate a slate roof on a stone building.

The video is about 30 minutes long.

I dont speak in the video, since i find it very hard to focus on the english language and actual designing what i am building.
(English is not my primary language) Instead i used the music from stonehearth as a soundfiller :jubilant:

I hope it can be to some use for some of you and please let me know if there is something you would like to hear more about!

EDIT: oh and the template can be downloaded here at the unofficial templatewarehouse:


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Nice. Not only the roof (I really prefer this style, more horizontal than vertical/diagonal) but the floor design was really good too. And the tricks with the walls to have both a custom pattern and easy to place doors and windows.


Here is the next video (almost two hours long) with the design process of a two story house.
I found a picture on google of this house with a slateroof and i really wanted to try and build something like that in SH, so hopefully some of you can find it interesting to see how i went with tackeling this.

Picture from google:

And the ingame result:

Link to template:

With the new buildingsytem coming in the “soon” future… :slight_smile: i hope that this two hour process, will be cut down alot, but lets see? @not_owen_wilson @Sweet could this be of any help to you?

Here is the video and thank you:


These builds are amazing. :star_struck:
I really enjoy seeing the result of a lot of measuring, careful planning and building technique.
I would love it if you gave some occasional commentary while you work to explain why you are doing what you are doing. I can guess at a lot of it, but it would certainly make the length of the videos more digestible.

Also, a big problem I see with a lot of builds, including these unfortunately, is that they are not to scale for the size of hearthlings. Don’t get me wrong, the proportions are great for a realistic interpretation of buildings used by people in real life, but these buildings are kind of too big and impractical and just seem out of place next to hearthlings.

:smirk: So a challenge for you then, to include all the features in a design, while making it as small as possible. Shrink ray it here and there.

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Thank you for the great feedback Genboom :slight_smile:

I agree that the lack of commentary is an issue, but i just find it very hard to focus on speaking english while i go through the many thoughts i go through, during the designprocess. Maybe i could make a seperate commentary track while editing, ill keep that in mind :slight_smile:

This is actually the first design i have ever made from a refrencepicture, i usually just make it from a mishmash of ideas.
But with the current gameplay in SH, i agree that the scale of the house is way overkill. It took me two hours to design and with the hearthlings then building it afterwards, it will never be very usufull in the game, other than the eyepleasing part of it.

If you look at the previous video with the carpenter workshop, its much smaller and practical. Maybe the adition of a chimney and a window in the roof could achieve what you are asking for?

Thank you again for the great feedback, i will make use of it :wink:

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I’ve done some commentary videos in the past and I found what worked best for me is to record myself rambling while I build, take some notes and then do a voice over commentary while watching the video that is much more organized and on point. It made me come across as less distracted, though this method takes a lot of time to produce the video. I’m sure eventually I could have gotten better at it during the first shoot but this is what worked for me. I will say that if you do commentary like this, don’t do it for everything, the time sink is huge, its probably much easier to just ramble and then edit over with the post commentary explanation of something during key points in the video. I only did what I did because I hated editing. Your thumbnails are really good already. :smile:

Oh, and with the workshop, just seems like a lot of space for 1 hearthling, but I suppose with mods to decorate it makes sense. I am just ever conscious of the footprint that my walls will have if I build everything for aesthetics. Sometimes you gotta make the tough decisions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This sounds like something i need to try out! Thanks :slight_smile:

O gosh :open_mouth:
I really love your style!! Great work!! :heart::heart:

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So new video up today. This time it is the Purrrfect gypsy wagon, that i made for @Bella_Chatlotte. Check out her thread on the discourse here:

The commentary is in danish for now, but i will practise to end up making them in english. @genboom gave me some tricks for that. Let me know if it sounds like gibberish :rofl:

EDIT: Now with english subtitles!

Here is the video:

And the link to the template:



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Danish always sounds like gibberish! (Ham begins your typical ‘Sweden vs Denmark’-argument and makes an angry face)

The wagon looks really good though!


This looks like Brazil vs Whole Latino America, cause we brazilians do not speak spanish (like the rest of the continent does), and “we” usually make fun of their accent. Like if speak portuguese would sound so much better… XD


ahahaha what is it you swedes call it? speaking with a potato in the mouth compared to swedish?

Thanks Ham :wink:


If you prefer, you can keep the audio in your native language and just add subtitles to english.


LOL, now this is like Brazil vs Portugal (the ones with potato on their mouth).
And to think that we brazilians have a such reputation of being a very pacific people…

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ahh yes, that would be a great way to do it… then i just need to find the subtitle system :smile: Thanks Bruno.

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I think they call it CC, or Closed(?) Captions - you find it in the video editor; one of the tabs on the top.


Thank you for making me aware of this Bruno :slight_smile:

The video now have english subtitles!!


New video (with english subtitles) about a weavers workshop for the ascendancy in the swamp.
I have tried to shorten the video a lot, but i learn every time i make a new, so room for improvement :smile:
Any feedback on the video (itself or the templatedesign) is more than welcome.
Hope you enjoy, thanks :slight_smile:


See? If I was the one doing these templates, I would simple copy the default, apply the moss and colors, and call it done. I think we all can agree that I should not be in charge of the templates :stuck_out_tongue: