TAILZ Designing buildings with Fornjotr


hehe, that thought never crossed my mind, but when you say it, i agree that it would have been an easier solution! :smile: Well now i am comitted to making these, so i will do as i have planned :sunny:


No video, but i just made this small fortress “Fort Prosperity” inspired by the new trading hearth.

No mods. I hope some will find it usefull…
Can be downloaded here at the template site:


Playing around with the new builder… My mason Rocky really wanted a new home and workshop, so i designed this tower for him…

It contains all a mason could ever dream of, resources, workshop, bedroom, two fireplaces and a breathtaking view! Secured at the bottom with two stone doors (made by Rocky) :slight_smile:

Here are the template if anyone want to visit Rocky in his new home :merry:

Rockys tower.zip (89.9 KB)


While building the tower for rocky, a thunderstorm broke out and some of the hearthlings found, that standing on the highest place nearby (the tower) would be the best idea…

(no hearthlings where injured during this post)


I am looking so much forward to a working version of the new builder. I know this is the rickety build and alot of bugs is to be suspected… and there are alot of them…

Sometimes its just hard on ones patience to help test these things :joy:

At the moment i have a nonstarted building/template i cant remove, a complete building minus a bed that was in the way for a ladder (i guess that issue is not fixed yet either) that really wont complete.
Workers celebrating to their death, a wierd sound screeching when i tried to lower the foundation into the ground and i guess i have forgotten some aswell… But i love it, there are so many things that we already can do with the new builder, that the old one never could! Thank you Team Stonehearth, this brings so many hours of relaxation (hehe and a few with the oposite :rofl:)


I have been working on templates the last couple of days and i must say, that after the newest release of the builder, where we now can set individual blocks as either roof or wall, i am really feeling a kind of freedom i was longing for last year and before!
@not_owen_wilson (and the rest of the team) have really delivered here! A big thank you from me to you :heartpulse: :jubilant:

So the first building that i have made is a blacksmith workshop, for my smith Lue.
There is fireplaces, twinbeds, firewoodstorage and lots of details!
Take a look and here are the template if anyone want to make use of this building in their own games:
Lues BS workshop.zip (67.2 KB)


That settles it! i am deff going to create a Master Builder role on the discord @Fornjotr :wink: this is amazing stuff!


The next building is: The Academy! A small school run by Eric the Cleric for herbalists and clerics…

Includes a classroom, dormatory and a herbgarden!

The template:
the_academy.zip (66.5 KB)


i understand now why you were getting a bit… annoyed (wrong comparrison???) that you could not save your builds with my hostig (the other week before Client template save became a thing) :wink:


So today the construction of “The Roasted Poyo Inn” got completed! I have recorded the designprogress and will upload the video soon (it takes some time with my internetspeed) But here are the screenshots and as usual, the template if anyone can find a use for it themselves :slight_smile:

the_roasted_poyo_inn.zip (86.9 KB)


Here are a small home for one, inspired by @Wouter_Sikkema awesome small viking houses!
It has a small fireplace etc.

Its been a while since i made one of these small A frames, but i think i pulled it off.

Unfortunately, my current town is now so cluttered, that it was hard to take any good screenshots, without stuff littering the place…

The lonely cabin:
the_lonely_cabin.zip (26.6 KB)


Looks really good!
Now to see how it would look in wood :slight_smile:


So i have uploadet my first template to the workshop today :merry:
Heavily inspired by all the awesome new rabbititems that we got now, i made this “Inn/herbalist/hang out spot” Called The Rabbithole.

Go take a look at the workshop on this link:

Here are some pictures:


that looks really cool!
…did you make those beds and doors? or did i miss new features :open_mouth: ?


You missed new features, they are clan amberstone things :slight_smile:


Today i added The Rabbit stonecutter to the workshop:



Damnit @Fornjotr why are your buildings always so inspiring :’)
In this case because I’m definitaly stealing those walls :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally masons got some love in the furniture and decoration department. :merry::rabbit: