Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer 🐾


I have a fix ready for this
Just a couple more hours and I will launch an update fixing that :slight_smile:


The last update didn’t help for me. Or should I make a new re-embark party?


A new one will work. Sorry for the trouble.


I don’t think it’s fixed. I deleted the old parties, made a new party from an old save with the swamp mod enabled, tried to mix with another race than the RC, and it crashes. This happend with the goblins, but also with the NA.


I see, it is still a problem with ace. I will check.


Omg, those people from ACE!
Damn troublemakers… tsk tsk




patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Fixed error at start of a new game.
  • Fixed Spirit Walker incorrectly requiring level 6 Shaman. It is now level 4, like that talisman crafting level.
  • Fixed error when using (or reembarking) golems (crickets, harvesters, miners)
  • Fixed journal entry error [str(entity.teacher)]


  • Added Curtains Door
  • Moved armors recipes and a fiber decorations from Shaman to Bonesmith
  • Weaver-like stuff will now be under the Bonesmith. Shamans will keep focus mostly on magic and health (talismans, food, herbalism, etc…)
  • Beast Tamer traps effect nerfed from 1 hour to 45 minutes
  • Big Wolf added as level 6 summon for human Beast Tamers. It is similar to the goblins Dragon summon.
  • Nerfed Dragon health from 3500 to 2500. (Same for Big Wolf)
  • Reembarked human workers to the goblin kingdom will have a new uniform, different from their old kingdom clothes


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


Previous (skipped) Update:


  • Fixed varanus not dropping items
  • Fixed Beast Tamer summons appearing in pet traders


  • Varanus nests spawn interval increased from every 8 hours to once a day
  • Added Goblinpedia and its interactive manual
  • Added chest
  • Added input bin
  • Added ground shelf
  • Added wall shelf
  • Added crafter output storage
  • Added fiber rug
  • Added pole banner
  • Added window plant box

New update (feb16)

  • Added certificate (wall decoration)
  • Added potted cattail
  • Added potted giant flower
  • Added cattail seeds
  • Added giant flower seeds
  • Added vanilla seed recipes to shaman
  • Updated door model
  • Updated window model
  • Updated hammock model
  • Updated signs thumbnails to face the screen
  • Cattail, flower and mushrooms can be undeployed and stocked


Hi there! I’ve just started playing with this mod and I’ve been having lots of fun. I really like the condensed crafters and workers doubling as militia, and the whole egg mechanic/hungry babies is great. I ended up having to build a strategically positioned dining hall because my baby goblins were starving because it took too long to walk from the food store to the houses that had chairs in them. :upside_down_face:

Some feedback for you:

-The swamp biome runs super slowly. It was at 100% LUA and my goblins started idling after only a few days and plenty out outstanding tasks. Also dropped frames constantly, even after switching to fallback renderer. So most of the following feedback is from playing on the basic forest biome, which had no such issues.

-Shaman needs to be able to cook varnus meat.

-Possible to make shaman be able to make a mushroom plant from a harvested piece? Or some other option somewhere for veggies for all the veggie recipies, because berries from berry bushes are not veggies.

-Options for larger storage? Boxes that only carry 24 are very limiting.

-The three house templates look great and provide good workspaces for all my crafters. :+1:

-Obviously an antagonist questline (humans attacking!)/town progression/access to the bunnyfolk questline would alll be cool, but I think you’re already working on those.


Hi! I truly love this work :smiley: I really enjoyed how the mod was created. My favorite parts of this mod are the new jobs, Beast Tamer and Spirit Walker. I really loved their summons and how they can be interacted by your settlers. I also love the part where you need the max level of the two of them to be able to summon a spirit dragon (personally, I am a big fan of dragons hahaha).

Anyways, I wanted to make a suggestion, if I may. Concerning about the dragon, I think it would look more awesome if it was more translucent like the goblin spirit that the spirit walker summons. This way, it would seem more of a collaborative effort between the beast tamer and the spirit walker. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if you had this in mind before hand but I just wanted to suggest in case you didn’t :sweat_smile: In any case. Well done on this mod!! Keep up the good work :+1::+1: I would like to suggest more, but for now, I’m more intrigued on where this mod is leading to :smiley:


Yes, it is a combination of too much water with complex shapes (archipelago has more water, but it is just a big, simple blob) and too many objects. There is around 3 times more objects here than in the temperate, which I’m always trying to lower while keeping the map dense enough.

Yes. Should be fixed on next update. I need to organize those and create a few new ones.


The idea was that their starting would be less organized than common hearthlings, with the bonesmith doing all the low tech stuff. But better storage will come in the future as earthmaster recipes.

A fight with hearthlings will happen as a small starter campaign. Undeads will be the main antagonists.

Yes, at first I tried an aura wrapping it, but failed for some technical limitations. To keep the mod progress flowing, I set that aside and just used the vanilla dragon model without any effects… I will revisit this later, probably a white dragon would be better too.