Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer 🐾


i still dont understand the hunting thing though. (the smoke thing i do get ofc, and is not game breaking)
just thought there might be other problems.


If you have nordlings, hunting simple doesn’t happen. Northern Alliance archers will not try to shoot animals near them, trappers will not chase them, and Firefly hunt is also disabled. Without nordlings, everything works. You spawn near an animal and immediately everyone rush to attack the animals around


yeah i get the problem, i just dont get how my mod could cause that. as far as i know the while hunting behavior or not is defined in the kingdoms description file, and i dont even know what other file or AI pack looks at that… :confused: and i dont mix anything into any other kingdoms description file…


So, Bruno, I set out to play with the Firefly clan :smiley:

release-949 (x64)[M]
c++ exception: ‘swamp_goblins’ has no alias named ‘traits:scavenger’ in the manifest.
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘load_json’
radiant/modules/resources.lua:34: in function ‘load_json’
stonehearth/components/traits/trait.lua:31: in function ‘create’
radiant/modules/commons.lua:300: in function ‘create_controller’
stonehearth/components/traits/traits_component.lua:11: in function ‘add_trait’
…th/services/server/population/population_faction.lua:1101: in function ‘_add_trait’
…th/services/server/population/population_faction.lua:1069: in function ‘_assign_citizen_traits’
…th/services/server/population/population_faction.lua:355: in function ‘regenerate_stats’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:428: in function ‘_randomize_citizen’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:418: in function ‘_regenerate_citizen_stats_and_appearance’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:400: in function <…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:394>


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Fixed babies growing and not being added to the town workforce.
  • Fixed a trait error.
  • Fixed firefly essense not being stocked with other potions.
  • Fixed summoned animals/spirits being stuck watching the firepit/hearths
  • Fixed crashing when importing hearthlings at re-embark


  • Added healing tonic to Shaman craftings
  • Boosted Shaman xp gain
  • Removed the ability to attack animals for now, to avoid they chasing them through the whole map



This bear spawned with two smaller ones. The smaller bears were fine, the larger ones were wonky. I had 2 separate sleuths spawn and the largest bear in each group had this issue.


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Fixed Healing Potion not craftable
  • Fixed bear without texts and descriptions
  • Fixed Multiplayer!!! (If you find any other problem, please report detailed)

Edit for v19.1.23

  • Fixed hearthligns being naked and useless in multiplayer
  • Fixed lilys spawning all in the same direction
  • Fixed bad goblins (spawned to attack hearthlings in multiplayer) not being targetable as enemies by the firefly players
  • Fixed Beast Tamer requirement telling that its talisman is crafted from shamans instead of carpenters in hearthling kingdoms
  • Fixed landmarks spawning on top of other landmarks
  • Fixed swamp water not applying its defuff when someone goes into it


  • Added Big Firefly Essense, compact 8 Firefly Essense into 1 item
  • Orcs and Kobolds are hostile again
  • Added Small and Large Firefly Totems replacing the placeholder totems
  • Added seeds as drops from the Giple Flowers to reproduce them
  • Added small in-game explanation about how to get more goblins

Edit for v19.1.23

  • Laying eggs task moved from job to haul category
  • Huge swamp generation “diet”, lowered the amount of generated entities from ~11000 to ~8000 (for comparison, the desert has around ~2500 entities)
  • Added a small bit of the “select your starter banner” campaign, with two banner options
  • Added 3 new landmarks, updated old ones.
  • Added firefly versions of the barricade items, replacing the old ones
  • Changed talismans crafting level requirements. Should be easier to get them.


I really liked this new update, it does not show any errors, but my daily update and my campaign are not working


Daily update for the Firefly Clan doesn’t exist, make Egg altars (sp? I know it’s wrong, but am too lazy to start the game just to check), and order a Goblin to lay an egg.
That’s how Firefly gets new workers. (but, the babys eat 5 times as much food, better have truckloads)

Now, if you mean that it breaks daily updates, and jobs, for the other three groups, then you aren’t alone. (Rayya’s, Ascendancy, and Northern, all failed to get a daily update, even on an save from before installing goblins, and all had goblin jobs instead of their own)

I’ve simply made a second install just for Firefly Clan and the Swamp-biome, since I actually like using them


I started a new game and after a few days, the campaign appeared saying “you’re ready” and two flag options. And right after that a little message saying that I could get new egg goblins I thought great.


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Fixed job trees to be per character instead of per kingdom. This means that you can have two characters in the same kingdom with different job trees (so reembarking different races works). BUT, for old saves, you need to force a promotion (just change the job then back again) to update the tree :frowning: Otherwise, should be fine in new saves.
  • Fixed old unavailable items being sold by merchants
  • Fixed some landmark spawns
  • Fixed tree stumps
  • Fixed human trapper having broken outfit when embarked in firefly kingdom
  • Fixed text “Promote a goblin” being used for humans


  • Added mushroom chair
  • Added mushroom table
  • Added custom crab (from fisher mod) for the Swamp


Suggestion: Male and female goblins please?


All goblins can lay eggs. No need for them to have genders :smiley:


Ok… eggs need to be fertilized by a male though.


Not necessarily!

Let’s look for answers from the best place to get answers from… Science!

Goblins don’t exist, as far as we know. So… We kind of can’t really talk about their biology. We can talk about similar species, though. We know that goblins (like orcs), in SH mythos, come from the Snake/Alligator God. So we can more or less assume they are reptiles - or something close to reptiles.

Now, if we ask Science:
“Oh, Science! Can a genderless species of reptiles exist?”

Science will reply:
“Oh, well, of course my young follower!”

We have some cases of fertile hermaphrodite individuals among certain species of reptiles (they can be both male and female or have switched from one to another as recent researches in Australia found out with the Bearded Dragon lizard, for example) and we also have parthenogenetic species (like all-female individuals, for example: the north-american Whiptail lizard) that cross their own chromossomes for their offspring!

So yes, goblins don’t really need genders.
We could easily assume they are a parthenogenetic species of reptiles - or possess some form of hermaphrodite self-fertilization (only one goblin goes to the altar after all)

Or we could also assume that they do have different genders but since their society is much more developed and truly equal, we can’t really observe or tell, the differences are not important.

And now that we talked with Science, let’s also talk with the god of Gameplay!

“Oh, God of Gameplay! Does gender change anything in Stonehearth, in terms of gameplay?”

The answer is: absolutely nothing! Gender plays no difference at all in Stonehearth other than visuals, flair and somewhat embracing social standards (for humans). But there is no reason to embrace these same standards for goblins, as a matter of fact, it was a very nice decision (in my personal opinion) to create the goblins completely gender neutral! It’s progressive and doesn’t carry any uneeded social weights with it :slight_smile:

So please, Bruno, keep goblins gender neutral!

And finally, the magic of Stonehearth: if you really want goblins to have genders, then you can always make a little mod modifying them back to have it :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone can be happy that way!


Lol, it is just a cute new mechanic. We knew that we didn’t want immigrants (in our old lore it would not make sense) and so I made them lay eggs instead. It was inspired by the bastioneer kingdom, a race of rock people, they would literally mine a special stone and fertilize it as an egg.

And in the base game they do not appear to have male and female variants, so I just embraced it to keep things simple.


Ok you at least gave a reasonable answer… so thanks.

I just get sick of people falling back on the “it’s a fantasy game so real world physics or whatever don’t apply!”


They may have genders, who know. Maybe we humans simple can’t tell them apart. The player is free to roleplay them as needed.


I literally said that too :stuck_out_tongue:

My big reply wasn’t an answer to why there aren’t genders though - obviously only the people that developed them can answer that (you did)
it was more a reply to this statement:

Oh, and about this…

My answer was literally the opposite of that :wink:


I have the following error when I try to make a new town.

release-949 (x64)[M]

stonehearth/components/job/job_component.lua:283: assertion failed!

stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'assert' stonehearth/components/job/job_component.lua:283: in function '_old_promote_to' stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_job_component.lua:51: in function '_goblin_promote_to' ...wamp_goblins/components/job/custom_job_component.lua:32: in function 'promote_to' stonehearth/components/job/job_component.lua:112: in function &lt;stonehearth/components/job/job_component.lua:61&gt;

This is a newmade re-embarkation party, with a farmer, a geomancer and a carpenter. I played the ascendancy. It happens with the firefly clan and the RC too. What went wrong here?