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Okay! So my internet installation has been delayed till next friday…


So I revisited the image and didnt like how it left side and back area was going. Decided to focus on what I wanted to do different, got rid of the wheat farm since I have a habit of putting them in images to fill space, didnt want to do that this time and switched it to a simple shipping yard and work space. Kept the right field but made them berries.

I was looking at the blue house and saw just how much work I’d need to put in to detail a building just to have DoF take alot of that detail down. Switched it to a tower plus a castle wall along the back to fill some empty space!

Mostly simple but I like the small things. Custom made deck, bridge and dock, roped log piles just alot of simple custom for this project. Hope you enjoy it! I will be posting this to patreon as well and will be having another image up (possible an original) sooner or later!


do you have still the image of the roped log piles? they are pandestic! - i want to replace them with the original files via the mod ^^ or are they just photoshoped?^^


They are done in 3d within blender, I dont actually know how to make static animated objects but once my wifi is online I’ll learn and let you know when they are ready :slight_smile:


what do you think of this?

just a quick try and im not an artist xD


I <3 your cleric, @Pandemic. I feel like she could be in an Ace Attorney game. :smiley:

Makes my week to see another of your beautiful renders. :smiley:


I didn’t even notice that at first, but that “Objection!” pose is great. There’s so many small details I didn’t see. It really adds a lot of life to the image.


I love the tie down! Maybe a bit more contrast on the dark bits of the ropes? I think they might be a bit washed out looking if I view them from a distance.


im honest i have tried it but i dont see any difference ^^ like i said im not an artist :stuck_out_tongue: if you show me two pictures and let my decide which i want: for example a picture of new art (10mill) and an realistic picture of an building (5 dollar) - i would take the picture xDDD


It’s a combination of very subtle effects – cleaning up the edges of shapes, improving the colour saturation and softening some colours, as well as improving the contrast on some finer details. Then of course there are the additions of new models (e.g. the lumber piles, but also things like the crate of carrots under the market stall.)

All of these effects are “side effects” of rendering the scene in a different program, rather than using in-game screencaps – long story short, while Stonehearth does a pretty good job of rendering the scene there are some programs which are just better at every aspect… but of course they don’t have to run your town in the background at the same time!

To use your analogy of the two artworks, this would be like the difference of viewing that building picture on a super-HD screen or print vs viewing that same picture on a smartphone screen. Not only is the HD version bigger and able to print crisper detail, it’s physically easier to look at because there’s less “interference” (artifacts and blurring from conversion processes.)

It’s a lot of effort to go to for a result that’s rarely visible – most human eyes actually can’t tell the difference unless they’ve been trained to, and even then only on a pretty good screen. But if the image were to be used for, say, a large gallery print then the still render would be the one to go for; since even though our eyes can’t see much difference on the screen those differences get magnified through printing (especially if the size changes) and the associated image conversions.

I think the main reason, though, is that it allows @Pandemic to play around with custom models without having to mod each one into the game individually, hahaha!



I started a new render. Reason? Well as some of you know I’ve been working on a bed for the past 3 years… wait… Yeah 3 years… wow. BUT just this past weekend I purchased a desk and chair and can now work comfortably!

With that awesomeness aside. Throughout this huge hobby of mine I’ve always had one goal. It’s the same kinda goal that people do with minecraft or other simplistic games or animations. Push what fits, and to keep in the style while doing it.

For me it was the fire particles, the ropes, the tied logs, many other custom assets that were indeed in style, but used in a different way. Today, for me next render I will be returning to an old one.

This one to be exact… Why? This one has some of my very first attempts at custom assets. Such as the Stall being made FOR this render and used to death till a official model was added to Stonehearth as well as the Back Later sign which was literally voxel lettering on a deformed crate… not kidding. Was terrible. I had a grand view for this one and I couldn’t deliver. THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT!

Since the release of this image, I’ve learned particle effects, and many many large leaps into the Stonehearth art style through Blender. I’m hoping to push the envelope on this one and will likely fail so bare with me. Here’s the tease for it!

Please keep in mind, this is a functions test with objects made within blender alone. I do have a plan on how to use this with voxel models. I will rework the render to fit into where I saw it going when this was first on concept stage and I’ll come back to you guys with a start soon!


I suspect the description here is wrong (?).



Just a bit… I will change it when im Home


I totally forgot a cart was even in FEP…


Also, why does the small bookcase smell of bacon? I feel like I’m missing something there.

@SirAstrix In Starbound a cart is used by the Glitch as a bed. Guess you would get along nicely.


sooo i have fixed it ^^


Hey guys! Would someone who has experience modding monsters contact me either here or on steam? Have a small idea I’d like to test :smiley: Thanks


So it’s been awhile. I’m thinking about opening a “Art Dump” thread. I dont have the time to make mods but I have alot of ideas for models and such, this would be a thread that I would post groups of models all of similar themes, armor, weapons and such for public usage.

Let me know what you think.


Free models? Always welcome!
I remember this post OpenSource Models where the guy throw a few models around, and I even end up using his hat for the captain in the Archipelago, yet the guy simple disappeared from the forum after that, no idea why.
Considering your previous works, I bet this will all be nice models


This is a wonderful idea!!! Your models are amazing and there are some modders like @BrunoSupremo that are all about the coding and prolly wouldn’t mind some help on the art side of things. In fact…oh he beat me to it…lol