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So I’m back! This time with pretty WIP pictures of some neat stuff I’ve been trying!

This is just a quick environment test I made to try to see how some of the cloth stuff would turn out. Of course still work in progress but it’s looking good. might be able to some some fancy stuff with this!

Stay tuned!


huhu do you upload the mod in the workshop or shall i?


Actually @Kittyodoom has offered too as well :slight_smile: Thank you though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, just need to sit and chug through the data this weekend :slight_smile:


Okay, at long last, I can finally say that it should be up to date and working!
Turns out I still forget that “effort” was a thing added to recipes in A23. Woops.

furniture_expansion_plus.smod (282.1 KB)

If you find anything missing appeal, variable quality, or an effortless recipe, let me know so I can facepalm myself an fix it!


Or anything you want added :stuck_out_tongue: Would be happy to make it up


SO Here’s the situation! @Avairian being the troublemaker he is managed to get me back on the Stonehearth Art Wagon.

I’m looking for features or situations you guys would like to see as renders! I’ll also be making a new Promotional Art image for Nihonjin! It’s gonna be gorgeous.

For now I’m gonna be working on some original stuff until I have some suggestions or I come across an idea I love :slight_smile:


Well if you are offering I could do with a render for use of a custom race :stuck_out_tongue:
(nordlings, not to be confused with norselings, no relation laddy!)


We’ll see. I do the modeling for Nihonjin, so the situation is a little different although I will consider doing so :slight_smile:


Thanks for concidering either way :slight_smile: (also, nice work on nihonJin!)


@Pandemic it is good to see your triumphal return. Is it a coincides that it coincides with my own return ? I think not!

Below is a scenario that should please @Avairian:

A Japanese garden with a pagoda and cherry blossom, maybe a pond with carp and a little wooden bridge. A girl walks over the bridge with her paper sunshade.

My demands are small and reasonable :smiley:



Heres my thing. The Game has been out for years now. Literally.

I have yet to play since the Trapper was first introduced because my computer couldnt handle it… well… yeah…

I upgraded! Finally!

So tomorrow I’m going to be testing this new computer with some basic Qubicle Streaming :slight_smile: ! Gonna be concepting some robots and Stonehearth stuff now that I can actually play the game I’ve been making content for for the past few years XD I’ll drop a link tomorrow before I go live!


Stream is going live in a few minutes! Starting with some mascot project stuff moving onto some Stonehearth Mod Work later on :slight_smile:

Have a few ideas if this goes well! Stop in if you like :smiley:

EDIT: Stream ended! Had alot of fun got some cool things modeled such as an amazing Lamp Shade hat for the hearthlings! Hope you see you all next time! There is a video on the archive for those who missed it!


SO! I was thinking I could do a Stonehearth Style Modeling Stream… Teach people the basics of the stonehearth game style for those trying to get into Qubicle and make mods… Let me know if you folks would be interested in such a occasion :slight_smile:


Well someone was asking how to do it not 24 hours ago, so a little basic-basic how to add an item vid would be. Good one to throw at people that have no clue about anything yet :stuck_out_tongue:


SO! i am going to be doing a livestream tomorrow for my original scifi models then the following stream will be a Stonehearth Style Mod Asset Tutorial stream! IF there is a modder who would like to have their models critiqued on stream I’d be happy to do so for the tutorial, as well as remaking them for the tutorial (If needed)

Private Message me on Discourse with the model attached!

WARNING - To those who wish to have their models shown and critiqued, please be willing to accept positive and negative comments… That being said it will be my own opinion based on the models fit in the games art style NOT if its good or not as a whole.

I may start attempting my next image on Stream if you are interested in seeing it! With that I’ll get back to my business! Let me know what you think!


STREAM IS LIVE :smiley: :smiley: Working onsome original work! Stonehearth stuff next time!


does that mean there might still be some time to submit something ;)?


There’s always more time to submit models :slight_smile: I am thinking of making it a thing in my livestreams after the Tutorial



So… Been a bit… not gonna lie I didn’t expect a lot of the past few weeks that as happened. Stonehearths production is coming to a close which is extremely surreal for me, I had my appendix taken out (That was fun), and I started modding and renders again… but that first one really hits me.

Well to celebrate the long awaited arrival of Clan Amberstone and the Geomancers arrival in the game, I decided to make a new style of image. Something I’ve seen around and it seemed perfect, doesnt take too long, can show everything within an idea, as well as show off every model I feel needs to be in it and its function within the game, while I can include some visual flare here and there kinda like the Goblin Temple Render I did a few years back (Damn,… its been that long.)

Here it is:

It’s smaller than my usual ones. I do have a full size available and will be doing a turntable video for my youtube channel! I loved the amberclan models since the were first shown, during the desktop tuesday I just fell in love with the golems as well. Now for the breakdown!

The Amberclan Rabbit is a basic body with the Geomancer job, I had considered adding a human Geomancer as well but I felt that the idea of compiling nature would be nice as there are no models in the render that are industrialized or not made by Amberclan. The Stump he is standing on is actually a modified Stump Hearth Model, removing the metal and filling it with the wood colors… a relatively simple modification.

I used a V Shape green stripe to make the grass patterns as well as a darker green square scaled to various sizes for the addition detailing. The blue backdrop is kinda like you’d find in a photography studio, a cloth type material flowing in a singluar direction for a shady gradient. I also added some bird feathers to the headband of the Amberstone… thought it was a good idea and I stand by it!

I’ll be doing more of these, Likely ones for each profession and a few home designs for templates in game. Now onto Mod news!

FEP Will likely be getting another expansion pass! Recently done a good amount of modelling for it. Here’s a peek at the lastest of the models made:


Really enjoyed making this. Was a challenge to get the globe functionality in there without breaking the style. I’m hoping to add a static animation to it so its on an angle instead of it being still. Will have to figure that out though!

On the topic of Stonehearths Development news:

I’d really like to thank everyone at the team… @Sdee and everyone else working on Stonehearth. I made a massive leap forward 5 years ago with my first skeleton render… I remember someone sharing it on stream and seeing Tom’s reaction to it and the great community response… I just had to keep going.

It’s because of this game, and the people around it that I found voxel art which I only got because someone was kind enough to give me a Qubicle Home Version key here on the discourse. A style of modelling I’m comfortable with and the confidence to make my own models and ideas and work towards them. I learned general 3D modeling in Blender because of my want to be better, I learned how to analyse and replicate art styles before this game even released.

This game as a whole has literally altered my life in way I never thought I could ever do, before this game I was just would of high school with no passions or ambitions to do anything but what life required of me… now I’m a future game developer and writer.

So again. I deeply thank and appreciate every drop of sweat, every long night, every second of very day the dev team has put into this magnificent game. Although they didnt have the chance to fulfill everything they set out to do, they have managed to effect someone enough to change their life. I wish the dev team the best in their future projects, and that they find every ounce of success that they’ve had passion for what they’ve been doing here. I hope you find a least little happiness knowing this game has made a difference in at least one persons life :slight_smile:

Thanks for a great 6 year Radiant! Wish you all the best!

Stay Tuned for more Renders, Livestreams and Mod Content!