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So I’m back! This time with pretty WIP pictures of some neat stuff I’ve been trying!

This is just a quick environment test I made to try to see how some of the cloth stuff would turn out. Of course still work in progress but it’s looking good. might be able to some some fancy stuff with this!

Stay tuned!


huhu do you upload the mod in the workshop or shall i?


Actually @Kittyodoom has offered too as well :slight_smile: Thank you though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, just need to sit and chug through the data this weekend :slight_smile:


Okay, at long last, I can finally say that it should be up to date and working!
Turns out I still forget that “effort” was a thing added to recipes in A23. Woops.

furniture_expansion_plus.smod (282.1 KB)

If you find anything missing appeal, variable quality, or an effortless recipe, let me know so I can facepalm myself an fix it!


Or anything you want added :stuck_out_tongue: Would be happy to make it up


SO Here’s the situation! @Avairian being the troublemaker he is managed to get me back on the Stonehearth Art Wagon.

I’m looking for features or situations you guys would like to see as renders! I’ll also be making a new Promotional Art image for Nihonjin! It’s gonna be gorgeous.

For now I’m gonna be working on some original stuff until I have some suggestions or I come across an idea I love :slight_smile:


Well if you are offering I could do with a render for use of a custom race :stuck_out_tongue:
(nordlings, not to be confused with norselings, no relation laddy!)


We’ll see. I do the modeling for Nihonjin, so the situation is a little different although I will consider doing so :slight_smile:


Thanks for concidering either way :slight_smile: (also, nice work on nihonJin!)


@Pandemic it is good to see your triumphal return. Is it a coincides that it coincides with my own return ? I think not!

Below is a scenario that should please @Avairian:

A Japanese garden with a pagoda and cherry blossom, maybe a pond with carp and a little wooden bridge. A girl walks over the bridge with her paper sunshade.

My demands are small and reasonable :smiley: