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once again the latest! Did some natural working today and yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:


Not that I want to pick but a couple of the trees seem to be floating. Love it so far though. Can’t wait to see where the goblin thief will be hiding this time.


Im aware :slight_smile: they’ll be lowered as I go


No chimneys with smoke coming out, to make everythink look more cozy? :sob:

But really, really nice renders hear, love 'em. Even took one as my new background ^^

Can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece :smiley:


I have a more on my DA and Patreon, i havent posted all of them here :stuck_out_tongue: But thank you!

and I’m currently redoing my chimney. Didn’t like the old one, and I’ve learned that fire and smoke are done later due to performance dropping. No promises they’ll be in this one.


What do you use to create and render? Blender?


I use Blender, and Qubicle Constructor 3.0


Hi @Pandemic, I’m translating the mod into traditional Chinese.
And when I’m testing the mod, I can’t find where to craft the following things:

  • Wooden Chest
  • Linked Chest
  • Piano
  • Shelf


heyho im the hoster of the mod and they are all in the localfile? just checked and all (with receipt) are inside


I do see those items in the en.json, also, I can put them on the ground using the stamp tool.
But I just can’t find them in any craft panel.

I suppose those are the carpenter’s work, but they aren’t here. (I have also checked other jobs’ craft panels.)


ohh you have right the receipts are not anymore included ^^ good catch xD


Oh, I missed one, Training Dummy is not craftable too.

And I have also found some texts that I think they are wrong, maybe you can correct them and check all the texts again.:wink:

"barrel_chair": {
    "barrel_chair_ghost": {
        "display_name": "Simple Wooden Stool",
        "description": "Simple way to waste half a barrel."

"bookcase_small_recipe": {
    "recipe_name": "Small Bookcase",
    "description": "A chest of drawers for storing clothing and personal possessions.",
    "flavor": "Step 2: acquire personal possessions..."


training dummy i have found and also updated ^^ barrel is correct but small bookcase wasnt correct - update is uploaded. THX


For future reference, I’m not updating or adding to the mod. All credit for the mods progress or updating goes to Community members who took it upon themselves to update or modify the work done, notably @Wiese2007 .

Sorry for the absence, I got promoted at work and it’s been killing my energy and freetime :confused:


and thats why i havent accept any promotes at my work (expect that teamleader just get 1 euro per hour more and thats not worth it xD)


No kidding. I have a good 50 pictures on my phone for inspiration for more
stuff but just dont have the time :confused:


Well, congrats to you, @Pandemic anyway! :jubilant:

Hopefully there will be time in the future.


Bug report:
Plushie Toy Meowth should go to category ‘Decorations’. :smiley_cat:


ohhhh NO! how i could forget meowth … please forgive me!


updated xD


Hey guys! I just finished moving ad will have wifi in 2 weeks. Been doing a lot of work and at least one completed image will be posted here then!