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A ‘capture card’? What’s that? Guess it’s for streaming purposes but what is it? Some sort of graphics card?

Also, gald to see you back! Hope i can be there, but i can’t make any promisses


I am pretty sure capture cards are used to record and/or stream consoles I am sure, but don’t quote me on that


I’m not sure I’ve got this quite right, but here’s my attempt at an explanation:

Capture cards are put between the computer and the display and record the frames sent through them. This way, the computer isn’t wasting its power on a screen recording program instead of what you’re actually doing, and computers without screen recording programs [game consoles, for example] can also be recorded.


Doing a short test stream! Working out some bugs and working on some models! Come check it out if you have the time :slight_smile:



Is this mod working good on alpha 19?


i will ckeck it next week


Man I’m really slacking on you guys huh… sorry. Anyway! Tomorrow at around 230pm EST I’ll be livestreaming some Original and starting work on a brand new Stonehearth piece… after being so busy I had to dust off my blender/qubicle skills I’ll need to practice so come on by!

Working on a bunch of stuff now to make it pretty! Hope you see you there!



WHAT! A terrible stream and an update on a single week?! What is this madness! No worries folks! I didn’t take a walk to Mordor and back (or did I?)

I’m looking for help with a new farm town render! Gonna be trying LOADS of new things with this one, like actually having a sky. Yeah. A Sky. What up. One problem. I havent played since The herblist was first added! So I need to see how the game has progressed in terms of farming, animals and stuff like that! Send me your favorite builds for farms! IF they are yours or someone elses (make sure to tag em’) Send me some screenshots of your fields,the buildings near them or general town images with farms on them!

Also, Tell me what your favorite model in the game is! I’ve been dabbling into 3D printing my models! If I can come up with a small scene kinda a SSB Trophy then I might be able to print them!

To tide you over till next update I made a new pass of my adorable robot mascot!


Just gonna leave this here… likely with a small to lengthy paragraph describing what I want to do with it…

So its a farm town. Probably not gonna be overly densely populated. My usual standby Goblin will be in it of course, a few farmers and villagers in the more urban areas past the bridge. Also started on the basic idea for the sky, basically a UV Sphere on a emission filler so it doesnt get shadows when rendered, gives the look like its just flat but covers 360 degress.

Made the hay bales myself… idk if theres a model for that. If there is please let me know!

More to come!


awesome to see you “back in action” @Pandemic, really looking forward to seeing what you do with this one :smile:

though i love the look of your hay bale, there is indeed an official hay bale model (it’s under containers in the stonehearth files if i’m not mistaken)


ill see about finding them! Thanks, Its good to be back where it all started! got a REALLY neat project next!


Love seeing you back @Pandemic unfortunately I can’t provide you with an in game farm since I no longer have a computer.

Side point this topic has 108 likes!!!



So I’ve been working on “Crossed Circuits” this past bit! But Tomorrow I’m gonna try to stream from model progress on Twitch! I’m gonna be working on a new Stonehearth mod concept, hopefully it’ll go well now that my internet is more solid!


Going LIVE! Come by and watch me make a new hostile entity for a potential mod!

Here we go!!!

All done!


For me, the stream is very laggy (a new frame every 5-20 seconds :disappointed_relieved:) and has no audio :disappointed:
Is it supposed to be like that, or is it just me?


I have no mic… soon I will though :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it still going? because all I’ve got is ads. No stream


Nah, I think it’s offline now.


I wasnt playing any ads…

That sucks :confused:

And yes stream is offline till later for game time :smiley:



Here’s the latest!

Pretty much I zoomed out, added the house and made a custom porch! Cause only real farmers have porches.