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I have a few ideas for new stonehearth renders! Though some art lighthearted and funny, I have a few more serious topics and ideas floating around in my weird brain. Would you guys like the funny ones or a mix to be shown here?

The serious ones are gonna happen but they’ll likely stay to Patreon and Deviantart and wherever else I post.


I think i’d prefer funny.


a mix of both sounds pretty good to me


Can I just say how insane this post is…1283 posts, 60.2k views, 5.6k total likes and most amazingly 92 likes on the starting post.


thx for the reminder ^^ ok dropboxlink still works … anyone issues with the furnituremod in alpha18? havent checked it xD totally forget that im hosting this also (to much mods or fixes on my hands) xD


Are there 8 people who haven’t seen this yet somewhere?


I just added a heart :3


lol because of the statistic i have now check my profil xD

882 days visited
14d read time
51.2k posts read
6.8k hearts given
101 topics created
2.6k posts created
2.7k hearts received


Update for 3107 is up :wink: Becarfull its not compatible with Alpha17 anymore


Thank @Wiese2007. Youre the only reason this mod has lived this long xd



I got my laptop back! They managed to track it down! Sadly the rest of my stuff was stripped or sold, never been so happy to have a terrible laptop!

That being said I do have projects on the move, making a new mascot one (Gotta think of a name of it…) and I just got a new Stonehearth Render idea! Gonna head into blender now to start roughing it out!


i’m so glad to hear you got your laptop back! a pity you couldn’t get the rest back though. i hope everything goes smoothly for you from here on.


The thread just hit 100 likes on the starting post. Crazyyyyyy


wow, 100 likes, if i’m not mistaken this is the first thread on the discourse to hit that many! extremely well deserved @Pandemic! :smile:


Wait seriously? We hit 100? No joshing? No clowning, flimfamming, hoodwinking, stradegeming, tricks, ploys or anything? YAY!!!


Yes? What is it Pandemic?


Hey guys! So I’m just here to let you know I may be popping up on a friends stream every now and again! It wont be Stonehearth, will be design talk though. So for those of you who are interested in how my process goes or how I do what I do, you should go follow Twitch . I’ll be starting up a stream as well soon enough for Xbox One content so keep an eye out for new stuff soon!

EDIT: Got myself a Capture card today! Gonna do lots of cool stuff soon!


I’m so happy for you @Pandemic i right now am suffering the pains of laptoplessness and I’m glad yours have gone away :sweat_smile:


Gonna be doing some modelling for a new render! Will be doing a test stream on Sunday and seeing how it fares I’ll be doing more in the future!

gonna be streaming till the model is done! From block out to detailing! I’ve realized I’ve been neglecting this hobby for too long and recently had the desire to swing back in with a vengence! Hopefully I see some of you there!


oh man, really wish i could make it, but i’m generally too busy on sundays to even check the discourse :disappointed_relieved: i’ll try to stop by for a bit though. i hope everyone that does make it has fun :smile: