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Sad Update:

So, Late lastnight i was finishing out the Ogo Render and disastor in the form of the Windows 10 auto update happened. Cancelled my render, corrupted a number of files and models. No idea how, no idea why but it happened. Very very displeased.

I’ll be starting over, I promised you guys a Render and it will happen just not on Friday. Maybe next month :confused:


When it comes to the Windows 10 “update”, they’ve started getting sneakier.

Now, when the “Upgrade to Windows 10” spam comes up, it’s automatically been scheduled. Exiting out of the box doesn’t actually stop the upgrade.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to be “upgraded” to Windows 10, remember you can always decline the terms of service, and that will put you back to your old OS.

Additionally, there’s a great utility called Never 10 that can both permanently prevent “upgrading” to Windows 10, as well as deleting the gigabytes of background data Windows automatically downloaded for you.


Yeah I wish I knew about this before because this update and OS is just causing nonstop issues


This is so cool!!!
how do you get the files to do this?


Alright! 12 Days Later!


SO I finished the Mascot! Posed and the whole shibang. Once I get the display render done I’ll be gping through and doing a full rebrand to separate into new things! This includes a logo and such for releases, new look and planning more later.

But I have a few days off and I’ll be pushing to get stuff done! Finally! One Stonehearth, one original planned so far! Along with the Mascot render too. I’ll be updating everyday this week! So keep an eye out! YOu can view updates here, and Twitter along with the Facebook Fan page.

Alright, so everything I use outside of my original pieces are in-game models you can pull from the game. Aside from custom models like my Thief and Royal Guard armors, along with various other bits and bobs. All the programs I use (outside of Qubicle 3) are free. So as long as you have the game and 30$ to spare you can make these images with a little know how.

Since thats all I have for now, I’ll be taking off to get to bed for an early morning start! Later Folks!


Thanks man just wanted to know because i’m working on some concept arts.



The New Mascot is live:

This is the new design! I think he’s absolutely adorable! this is being done to help me not be directly associated with Stonehearth the second people see my mascot. I love stonehearth, but I dont want to lose followers or supporters just because they get the impression I only do Stonehearth content.

That being said, the next update will be tomorrow! It will be stonehearth based (Hopefully!)

Later Folks!

EDIT: BTW I just noticed how many downloads FEP has gotten… nearing 1000! Blows my mind! I want to thank the community coders for keeping it updated and working, even if I can’t get more stuff in it as often as I’d like!


I feel like this is a combination of clank from rachet and clank and the bots from little big planet 2. Looks real nice and clean.

Keep up the good work :grin:



SO Blender is still being evil! So I’ve decided its time for a software switch! My choice? Cinema 4D! I’ve seen great stuff made in it and its a jump up from what I was using! Update on stuff will be soon!


well that’s not good…

i’ve heard some pretty good things about that one from some friends! hopefully all goes well, and i look forward to your later updates!


If you’re learning Cinema 4D, I suggest learning After Effects at the same time. The two programs blend very well between 3D and motion graphics.

New mascot is cute :slight_smile:



So, Cinema 4D keeps giving me a graphics error. I’m gonna keep my licence but not use it until I have a better machine. Until then Blender is still my go to. This weekend I’m upgrading my laptops RAM from 2GB to 16GB. According to @chimeforest I’m insane for doing this for has long as I have off of 2GB.

ANYWAY! Today I have something to show! Been thinking of doing one like this for awhile after the horrible goblin combat one I did (The first one with them not touching the ground… not the awesome one. That one is solid) so here’s the first WIP!

As you can see, something is going down. I got the idea from the Dev Stream on Tuesday! So hopefully I can get this done soon!


I’m already liking the organic motion of the three soldiers. Excited to see what you can come up with.


For those of you who don’t know! I post 2 updates whenever I update during an images production, one here and another on social media. I will always post here first, followed by another a few hours later. So if you want to see more as it happens go over to Twitter or Facebook and follow them respectively! You’ll even get to see the images I make that art Stonehearth or that I can’t post here!

Forgot to add that to the update!



SO once again I backed myself into a corner! My models textures were taking up LOADS of space and causing blender to take more resources then it needed, thanks to the efforts of @chimeforest and myself we managed to find the problem and a suitable solution. Regretably I need to re-export all models once again, meaning this render will be started over. Should have something to show tomorrow


So. It’s been a month a lot has happened, none of it is good news but itsabout time I explain my lack of posting.

I’m currently on my phone. My apartment was robbed, most of my technology was stolen. Which includes a majority of my custom models. Luckily I was smart and backed up the mascot and a few other key ones on my Dropbox.

I will have another laptop soon. Hopefully by this weekend. I’m praying it’s okay and can do some basic modeling.

Hoping things go better soon


@Pandemic wow…I’m really sorry to hear that? Are you safe?


More or less. A few bit paranoid now but nothing I can’t work around, vastly disappointed since Canada was supposed to be a nice place :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ll be alright, it was a few weeks ago so it’s past over. Just forgot to put it here so people don’t think I died XD


@Pandemic there are sicko’s all over the globe…I’m just glad your safe. I’m sorry about the tech also. And thanks for thinking about the community :smiley: I was actually wondering the other day where you were.


dang… i hope everything picks up for you mate, glad to hear you’re safe. Canada’s definitely been picking up in crime rates the last while, really is sad… :disappointed: thanks for giving an update, and if there’s anything we can do to help just say so and i’ll do my best to try and help out :slight_smile: