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and 13 Days later I’ll update you guys on stuff!


So, I’ve been absent again for awhile. I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I’m not finding much reason to continue doing image renders or mods for Stonehearth anymore. It’s not that I don’t still love the game, or it’s progress. More along the lines of I just keep running out of ideas or they are just too big.

I do have some ideas for Renders but they wont be my traditional style, and after that my future in the community will be played by ear. The renders will be simple, as much of them are. I’m worried my stance atm with the community will cause alot of the people who like what I do but only stay for Stonehearth content will leave… Honestly I wish this wasnt the case it does happen.

Stonehearth content may still be around, just won’t be so common place. I do want to start uploading my world projects… when I do them. I also still have some ideas for animations… which I’ve been practicing. So keep an eye out.




So, I’m not gonna share much info about this project but I am looking for a coder. This will be the first mod of its kind but I won’t share much info with anyone but the coder working on it. IF you’re interested, message me on Steam! I’m in the Stonehearth community page if you dont have me already or message me here! This is an awesome that I would love to come to light!

Secondly! I’ll be doing another render. Already have it in my head and prototyping models for it! WIP soon!

EDIT: A Candidate has stepped forward! Come on folks! Still need help!


Just gonna leave this here…

So… It’s Star Wars day… so If you dont hear from me just assume I’ve ventured to a Galaxy far far away!


Wow nice animation :smiley:



So I got my coder for the project! As per @sdee’s challenge (more of a “go ahead” than a challenge, but I’m taking it as a challenge) @thelegorebel and I will be trying to bring the Calvary to life! Starting with Goblin stuff! Like that ogre I shared yesterday… The problem the dev’s were having is the same one that has stopped me, it’s 2 different entities of 2 different scales. Putting them together in Blender is fine, which is why the animation works, but put a goblin on a wolf and things change.

The way the animations are made, both models must be the same. Even if they are animated separately, there may be issues having the goblin spawn where he needs too to make it look right and with every new mob the entire process must be repeated with hours of adjusting, which in dev terms is “Too much time to use on a small feature” which I thought was a bit of a cop out. But now…


That being said. I have a alternative idea that will take extreme amounts of time which is to try make a “saddle” matrix and add it to the models I want to change. I think I’ll only need 2 saddle, one for standing mounts like the Ogre and another for 4 legged animals, like wolves or horses. Of course I have no clue how to make this work yet but I will do my best to make it work.

Now then, I will be making a Ogo Render about the raid that occurs in the game. I think this is a great point to make a render of because it’s a story that can be altered in every manner. No matter what town, area, biome etc it’s always the same story.

So expect that in a week or two and tune into my Twitter for more updates on this render and the mod.


Updated to Qubicle 3.0 with the Mesh Exporter! What does this mean why let me show you!

The Goblin on the Left was exported from Qubicle 3.0’s Mesh Exporter, which lowers the face count and optimizes the model. The one on the right is the same model exported last year for the first Goblin Camp render. To get to the point here are some numbers!

Goblin on the Right has 3,072 faces, it shows every block placed in Qubicle.

Goblin on the Left has 551 faces. I don’t think I need to say how much this’ll help with performance in Blender for my renders considering in Oakridge city, I had over 5 million faces. If I had this plugin, if my math is right would’ve been 900,000. Which being said is just as much as a about 15-30 trees.

So good job to @Tim for once again making my life just a little easier and more fun. Keep it up!

Keep an eye out for the Calvary render because it’ll be the first one using this new Qubicle!


Oh man, that’s crazy awesome. Is this a setting somewhere I didn’t know about? I just exported something in Qubicle 3, and it was still super high.


It’s part of the Mesh Exporter DLC thing, When you go into your export settings as your exporting, if you bought it it’ll have None, Non-Manifold and Manifold under the 2nd menu. I use Non Manifold since animation for Stonehearth is matrix based and not mesh based, it’ll save the most faces when exporting :slight_smile:


Ah, its an extra purchase thing? Cool, definitely worth it to reduce the polycount ; ). I was thinking it was something I could script myself… I’ll have to check the price.


Oh weird, it looks like it bakes down textures as well? So textures aren’t collections of single colors anymore?


It’s 21$ CAD so more 25$ for Us


No they arent but it makes no difference. If it’s still a batch of colors its just a opimization method. It all works the same way and I’m happy to help anyone having issues :slight_smile: Wasnt too hard to figure it out either


Awesome thanks : ). I’m prolly gonna end up buying it - it’ll save a bunch of time.


Thats why I bought it XD



The Ogo Battle Render is being made currently… of course I underestimated the amount of models I have and the amount I need to export with the new mesh feature. Keep an eye out for more on that!

I have uploaded my review of Qubicle 3.0.1 up on Steam! Those of you interested can go check that out!


“I r8 8 out of 8 m8” - Pandemic’s official review



Sorry for the lack of meaningful updates. I’ve been sucked into Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and painting and losing blood assembling Warhammer models! (My hands have gotten cuts… alot of them)

Been working on a new environment for Cut Away, a game project I’ve been working on! Stonehearth Ogo Render is following progress right behind it! Hoping to have something to show for it tonight!

Edit: BTW shout out to @Xynariz for liking 20 posts yesterday… quite the surprise! Only 12 likes away from the first 100 likes on Post one on discourse! If you haven’'t already go like Post #1!


I’ve been behind on a lot of things. I just finally decided to start catching up. Naturally, when I visited Stonehearth Discourse, the first thread I read was this one (I was months behind). Glad to have caught up!


Hey guys!

So I’m still super deep into exporting into OBJ format to allow my renders to be made!

But, there is a few things I wanted you’re input on. For instance I’ve received quite a few help requests around Stonehearth modding and Qubicle 3, would you guys just like a Ask Pandemic Thread so everyone can access some help with such art things?

Currently I’'m just working on a “Goblin Forces” background like the old Goblin/Goblin Rider Desktop background Radiant released after KS, Then if I can prevent Blenders Memory Leaking I’ll be making a “The Skullbonker Battle” render :slight_smile:


The Ask Pandemic Thread would be great for budding artists. I say go for it.