Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]

Nice i cant wait to the soldiers in action :smiley:

Thanks @Pandemic and @DragoKen! :smile:

I updated my samurai model last night so maybe i’ll get a test file in game fairly soon.

Spent some time working with trees and such.

Not sure exactly what I’m going to do about sakura (cherry blossom) trees but i did a color swap on one of the oak trees. Also spent spent some time creating a rough draft for a bamboo forest. They are obviously way to big as the game scales up the image and the colors need to be more of a bright green, but luckly that’s what tests are for. I do think I’m liking the bamboo cluster idea though.


Bamboo would be awesome! Any ideas for use? Will we be seeing pandas as mounts? :wink:

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Bamboo could be used for many things, furniture, fences, building material, paper, etc. . .

Pandas aren’t native to Japan, but maybe a Chinese merchant may arrive and trade you one as a pet? :wink: (Module Idea?)

I know, I know, but just imagine watching your little people riding pandas into battle! :wink:

Would I take it then that you plan on using bamboo as perhaps a variant of wood? Perhaps the choice of ‘Wooden Fence’ or ‘Bamboo Fence’? Or would wood be perhaps of lesser use in your mod?

Yeah I think that it’ll be a wood variant. You won’t be able to make everything out of bamboo but some simple things such as fences, gates and some ornamental objects may crafted using it. I’ve also read that bamboo is also used for shingles for houses, so maybe bamboo can be used as a roofing material along with thatching and clay tile.


My wrist is starting to act up a little bit again, so progress will be slow for the next few days. Just wanted to give everyone a little update on what I’ve been up to. Hopefully I’ll have a basic mod up within a few days.

Mod Progress:

  • First go at the male and female worker and carpenter outfit re-skins
  • Three female hairstyles done and being tested.
  • Two male hairstyles done. One being tested.
  • (I’ll give you a hint: Seen Samurai 7? Trying to make Katsushiro’s hairstyle) :wink:
  • One small oak tree color swap.
  • (Not final. Original tree artwork to come, once I figure out how to actually make a decent sakura tree. xD)
  • Samurai model updated and being tested.
  • Trying to figure out a good fruit to use in place of the current berries. Most Japanese fruit are citrus trees. -.-

Haven’t even attempted learning to un-compile the Lua. o.O I’m a programming noob. xD

Oh and if your on Twitter and/or Youtube I’ve created my own accounts for future use.



The trying to find a fruit bush thing was really bugging me and instead of resting my wrist I decided to try and solve it. I did some research and ran into the Quince, a pear shaped fruit that grows on a type of bush.

Some modeling later and I came up with this bizarre looking yet adorable bush:

(Someone decided to run into the picture to show off a top secret hair style -.-)
Once harvested the settler places the picked quince and places them into a nice (lazily recolored) basket. The “empty” bush then changes to show some nice flowers. :smile:

This is my first actual attempt at making a decent plant, so let me know what you think about that and the hair!


I like the top secret hair style :smile:

I love quince but you should do Akebi they are so cool looking


great job on the quinces :smiley: they look awesome.

@Gridnick holy crap that thing is weird looking


I know thats why I said it should be and it should already be cut half open if Avairian does add it

Thanks! It was one of my first female hair styles, I was worried it wouldn’t look nice in game.

Thanks! Being my first plant model I was kinda worried I over did it. haha

I was thinking about that before I chose the quince, but they don’t have much of a spectacular taste so they aren’t a super popular fruit from what I hear. However after further research they were foraged quite a bit in the past, so they’d be perfect for one of the starter foods. :wink: I’ll have to make a model soon.


Nope not at all, i think your mod is coming along nicely. Can’t wait to try it out in the not too distant future.

Glad to see some people are excited. After work today I’ll be fine tuning some models and will try to get a simple build posted. Nothing fancy, but it’ll at least give something new to look at as you play. xD


Definitely, I’m loving the Mods that are already in development. I have been watching yours progress for sometime now.

Looking forward to it, so long as i can figure out how to get it too work :stuck_out_tongue:

Will definitely be downloading this when it comes up! Bushes look nice, especially the quinces themselves which look impressively distinct considering you worked in a seemingly 3x4x3 area. Akebi would look pretty dang awesome, and I’m sure could be used also as alien eggs if you decide to really put a spin on your mod. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, include an installation text like @Miturion did. Isn’t too hard, just make a backup of the stonehearth.smod and do a little unziping, copying, file over-writing and reziping. :wink:

Took me a good twenty minutes just to design them. Wasn’t easy, thought they were going to be too big, but this is SPARTA Stonehearth so I think it fits with the overall theme. haha


wait, wait, wait… wait… how did I miss all these updates? your progress looks fantastic! I want those fruit bushes! :smile:

get well soon my friend… lots and lots of potential here … :+1:

When farming comes along, I assume you’ll add some traditional Japanese crops? Rice and soybeans, perhaps? They could be used to make things like sake and miso, respectively.

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Mod Available For Download

I am happy to inform everyone that an early test build, Avarian’s Japanese Reskin Mod, has now bee uploaded!

Download Link

Let me know what you think! Not all models are final.[quote=“UlyssesKnapse, post:161, topic:2289, full:true”]
When farming comes along, I assume you’ll add some traditional Japanese crops? Rice and soybeans, perhaps? They could be used to make things like sake and miso, respectively.

Most definitely! I was just thinking about making a few food related models and was researching the rice harvesting process today. :wink: