Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]

wow, nice! trapped on the phone right now, so pardon the goofy question… simplest way to load the new models?

you snooze you lose i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Pft i’m sure even I can’t screw that up. Sounds good

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There is an installation.txt file along with the mod. All you do is unzip the stonehearth.smod file, and combined the unziped mod file with it, overwriting when it asks then return the combined file it to the smod format. If that’s what you meant. lol

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Working well… i think :smiley:


Haha it’s nice to see a screenshot of it that isn’t my own. :smile: I hope everything looks well. I’m up for any constructive criticism, always looking at things to improve!


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i’ll keep you posted. I didn’t get much time today to mess around with the mod.

Edit: i’d like too say it was because I was busy and important. But the reality is That FF XIV is starting to demand more of my time. :disappointed:

@Amlin oh you poor sod :grinning: but hey everytime you take a 20 minute break you can squeeze in stonehearth to hunt for bugs eh? :smiley: Just que up all kinds of work and put in a maintain order in the carpenters workshop and yer golden.
Now lets give my citizens that nippon look shall i :wink:.

Oh don’t you worry, i’ll definitely be investing a significant amount of time playing stonehearth.

New Download File

Updated the file to a smod file for easier installation for those who were having issues. Just download, add to the mods folder and rename it to stonehearth.smod and enjoy!

Download Link

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Despite the seemingly unbelievably simple process, it still doesn’t work for me :disappointed:

Hmmm. . . not quite sure what’s going on then. Are you using the newest Steam version of the alpha by chance?

@Miturion and I need to figure out something to do about getting a video tutorial going. . .

I should have thought of that!

No, I don’t think it is. Despite being on High Priority - Always auto-update this game ASAP (I’ve just checked and it is set on that), it’s still on r10 (says it at title screen, so I’m pretty definite). It did this at release too; took a couple of hours before it updated and oddly nothing seemed to trigger it when it did, I didn’t reboot or relog into Steam or anything. I’ll try again when it actually updates.

p.s. When making videos, if you just want screen capturing software and commentary, would you use software like OBS or FRAPS do you know? I know you were asking about the two of them, and I really ought to see if I could make a tutorial on how to translate Stonehearth, if I can get it working first (not failed yet, just still working things out). :stuck_out_tongue:

Reinstalling the game should trigger it as well. That’s what I did.

Yeah I’m pretty sure you’d just use one of those. I totally forgot about that topic. o.O i better go check on it

headed home from the gym… will give this a go, and report back!

Sounds good. :slight_smile: I’ve just encountered a fun little bug with one of the heads. :laughing: Will be fixed in the next update.

well, good news is, i loaded the .smod, no problem! bad news, i didnt have the new banner or fruit bushes… hmm

Hmmm. . . Did you try loading it again? I’ll double check the file, it should be exactly the same as what I used to test.

Update: Just downloaded the mod myself and tested it, works fine here. Anyone else having any issues?

Works beautifully on r14! (smod replacement version)

havent tried it a second time… but i literally just 1) downloaded your .smod file, 2) renamed the stonehearth.smod to stonehearth(copy).smod, and 3) replaced it with your .smod (renamed to stonehearth.smod)…

i didnt miss a step, did i?

Nope that should be all. I’m wondering if it’s just a core game bug? Every once in awhile when I load the game and place down the flag the firepit will be missing as well as the settlers. Let me know if restarting the game helps.