Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]


Could change the title of the thread from [Being Updated] to [On Hold] at least to give people some idea of what’s the news on the mod.

Might make people disenchanted and upset but it will probably cut down significantly on the “What’s up with this mod?” questions.


Whatever he does. I can wait for this. Better he gets education out of the way instead of working on this all the time. But this looks promising. Let’s just see if new updates makes this easier? I do like this. Reskin or new race. I’m excited either way!


I’m glad to hear that it is not discontinued and life tends to get in the way sometimes do don’t sweat it @Avairian we are patient enough besides great things come to those who wait


This thread will never die! Hey again, it’s me, I see that this is now on hold, also glad that it is not discontinued. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Frostfeast this year!

Festive wishes from Pringles :gift:


still keen to help, been playing around making custom assets and things in Quibicle.


Hello guys, im new on this game, and suddenly see this forum and a lot of mods, i think this one is the most awesome mods entire forums.
but i was lil bit confused, is this mod can be downloaded by now? or still un released?


Pretty sure due to the fact it is now on hold, I doubt any downloads are available unless you personally ask the mod creator yourself if you could have a preview/download. Speaking of which; I hope everyone here is having a lovely day!


Patience is a virtue and I’ve waited years at this point. :slight_smile:
I know it’ll be a wonderful mod and take as much time as you need!

Ganbatte! FIGHTING! :ok_woman:t2::muscle:t2:


Glad to see that there are still people here supporting this mod, thought others gave up hope but good to see that it get replies every so often :smile:


Hey everyone. I’d like to give someone a quick update. :grimacing:

Over the past year I haven’t really gotten a chance to touch the mod to be honest. Last semester had me taking 18 credit hours which ate up all my time, which was rewarded with 5 A+'s and one C. :smile: This semester is my capstone which requires my group to develop a rich software prototype, so I will have no time as well.

If all goes well I’ll be graduating at the end of April! FINALLY! :tada: So if all goes to plan and I get time to adjust to a new job, I’ll most likely be picking up the mod this summer. :sun_with_face:


WOOT! I can get back to making fun samurai stuff :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: @Avairian


Summer? Good! Hopefully by then the new building system will be already implemented and I will have some practice with it. I’ll be able to help too :wink:

Have Fun, Kyth.


If you need some sound editing or maybe a music track or two, feel free to message me! @Avairian


Hi Avairian, Hopefully you have been graduated, I’d like getting some news about the Nihonjin Stonehearth Mod. Could we get a release date for it ? Please hold us on !! ^^ @Avairian


More importantly: did you graduate :)? Can we celebrate?


Haha yes I did graduate! I was offered an amazing job as a software consultant and have been training for the past month. It’s been intense, haven’t even hooked up my PC yet :sweat_smile: Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll find time to sit down and modify more :slight_smile: 14 more weeks of training to go!


Good luck man!, and woo! Party :slight_smile:


That is a Yumi my friend, it is a Japanese bow designed to be held like that


Correcting a message from 2013, that’s some high level necromancy :jubilant:


Even I don’t have a necronomnicon that magical :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s things going over on your side @Avairian?