Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]


It’s that festive time of year again! Sorry, I just want to keep this thread alive, hope things are good on your end Avairian! :gift:
Edit: Damn, just realised that this is one of the most visited posts on this forums!


Hey everyone. Things in the real life world are going great, though this is distracting me from modding. :sweat_smile: I’ve finished my job training and immediately got thrown on a huge client for two months, allowing me to spend a month in California on business :sunglasses: I’m now on an accelerated onboarding track for my new job position, so its been keeping me on my toes. Add that to the adjustment of having a big boy life and job, it’s been a fun filled and busy adventure. :blush: Hoping things slow down after the new year so I can pick this back up again.

Kanpai ! :sake:


Yaay he’s not dead! It’s good to hear everything is going so well :slight_smile: hope to eventually see more of you avairan, but beyond that good luck on the big boy life XD


Fantastic! Good luck on this career!