Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]

Ok well I will give any other ideas I have most of my ideas are going to come from The Last Samurai and I ain’t at my house right so you know whenever I get there I’ll be looking for ideas and jotting them down so not to bombard you

When is the new update I can’t wait to play

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would love to see this mod, is there a a14 version to try before the a15?

I hope there will be a alpha 14 test

I don’t know the status of the mod, but welcome to the Discourse @Snuffel1!

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It’s on a small bit of a break. @Avairian and I are rather busy as of late


Modding Shogun! What a title!


Onna bugeisha, a group of women who fought and trained just as samurai

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Hey everyone. Haven’t really worked on the mod much the past few months.

There was a new Kenjutsu course started last month and I have been working on catching up on the recorded sessions of those since I can’t attend in person. :frowning2:

I’ve been lurking around though and it seems that Alpha 16 is shaping up quite well, this sort of combat update is something I have been waiting for so you might see things pickup more from here.

Kanpai! :sake:


This is definitely something I have in mind. It will most likely be shown by the fact that both males and females will be able to be upgraded to samurai (for simplicity sake), However I would like to bring that idea into some of the lore. :smile:


By the time my Stonehearth starts working again (hopefully very soon!) I will be able to see some of the new content in this game, making me even more hyped for this to finish. Again, take as much time as you need since everyone needs time to rest and achieve said goals. :relaxed:

alpha 16 will have combat roles…

Well… You know what this means…
You’ll have to make combat roles!

So much potential content!
So exited!


Ok I need a17 pls
I didn’t have stonehearth before but I do now and this is the mod I really want please update

Would love to know how development is going, if there has been any due to the Kenjutsu catch up.

When I took my idea of interacting story I had to learn a who new
programing language

Reading the replies. I am a bit confused. Is this a completely new race, with buildings and terrain? Or a reskin? I love Japanese lore and culture. This mod sounds amazing. I just needed a bit of clarification.


I’m not really sure @Domino He hasn’t given us any updates

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i believe that when @Avairian started it was originally going to be a reskin, as there weren’t multiple races yet but now that there are it will be as an entirely new race/biome… could be wrong though.


I believe @8BitCrab is correct


@8BitCrab probably had to re-make the whole mod when said things were added such as the additional professions and the different race option, thanks again for being there when my launcher was not operating properly!

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Well my intentions for this mod at the beginning was just to reskin the game. Now that you are able to add kingdoms I was in the process of converting the mod into a Nihonjin Kingdom hopefully with it’s own biome.

However I have not been able to touch the mod in months due to work and now a new semester…