Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]

I’ve kept the mod compatible for the most part (the new building system is hard-coded so re-adding my building pieces is kind of difficult) so it is technically ready for release. . .

However I haven’t really added much new since the last release and am waiting on my own time to tinker around with a few things and for Pandemic to have some time to model some ideas I have.

Those two things have kept me hesitant on releasing until the mod has a little more. . . . pizzazz. :laughing: Though if there is this much of a want for the mod, maybe I’ll think of releasing it as is. :wink:


Link not working? alternate download?

This all looks amazing, nice work!

Is it also inspired from Total War: Shogun 2? (it probably has lots of reference material)

I don’t think it is. As much as I try to get @Avairian to play Shogun 2 with me, he never has.


Ah well, one day :), i’d offer but i don’t have the time :frowning: maybe one day :slight_smile:



No I’m not dead :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just always so terribly busy. However I am taking some time to update Nihonjin this week and could use some help…

Would anyone want to be a tester for Nihonjin before it is released?

If the answer to the big bold question above is “YES!!!” then shoot me a message. I’m looking for someone to help test out the progression of some of the mechanics I have in play here along with catching any issues I might not see myself.

The next update will mostly be updating the previous content to work into Alpha 12. However there will be some new content so don’t worry.


I would love to try this out!Please give me the download link!I’ll help you test it out.

I really want too…I just am super busy tomorrow night. Maybe the night afterward though.

If it’s about gameplay and Co. I’ll be your woman. :grin:

I’m currently playing it everyday and am totally pedantic about issues and bugs.
So don’t worry about things not being found out. :smiley:

test??I think I can help test the pre-release version :smile:

I’ll add you few to the testing later tonight.

I’m going to be going to be doing some training for work this week so I’ll be a little busy until this weekend. I’ll expect some lengthy testing feedback by this weekend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


understood… master.

#Progress Update
Helloooo everyone! Still not dead. :wink: I’ve had a couple insanely busy weeks but I have been tinkering around with some things.

I also may have hacked the game…

The release of Nihonjin will be delayed at least until Rayya’s children is out at the least as I am going to change the this mod into a Kingdom Mod. Might take some time to get a fewthings sorted out, but I have a few cool things in the works. :blush:

Kanpai! :sake:



…But… I thought Japan was traditionally isolationist.

(Ah. I see what happened…)

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I think adding Nihonjin as a new kingdom is a very good idea! :wink:

Have fun, Kyth


I’ve just had a look at this mod and it looks amazing, keep up the good work! :blush:


Hey. Hey @Avairian you should update the people. It’s been awhile. I will pester you till you update the people. You should REALLY update the people. You know of all people how bad I can be. You probably should update.

… He’s probably going to update really soon.


Yeah… He’ll update soon.


Ladies and Gentlemen!
Boys and Girls!
Hearthlings of All Ages!
Due to popular demand -cough; pandemic… I am finally here to put on a show that will wow the socks off of y’all. :scream:

An Update Topic

-plays price is right music; :musical_note:

As stated before, we are turning Nihonjin into a full blown kingdom mod. Showcased above is the rough draft of the kingdom selection render designed by @Pandemic as well as a WIP description of what the Nihonjin are really about.

Pandemic has been working hard on choosing a color palette for The Nihonjin that gives it a unique appearence while also staying true to the style of Stonehearth.

With the next image I would like to make an announcement. Please welcome @Hyrule_Symbol to the Nihonjin team! :smile:

Hyrule did an outstanding job on drawing out the samurai and the young lady that will represent The Nihonjin in starting your journy. I am personally in awe of the drawings Hyrule is capable of and absolutely love the full colored image he has designed for the mod. Hyrule will be joining us on the team to do some of the drawings and possible some other tasks in the near future.

As you can see we are all hard at work creating more content for the release of Nihonjin. There is still quite a few rough edges but I am already really excited to see how this mod is shaping up!

I will be updating you guys more regularly at our process pandemic has threatened my life if I don’t . I hope you all are as excited as we are :smile:

Kanpai! :sake:


i have no words to describe how excited i am about this! :open_mouth: :heart_eyes: :dolls:

welcome to the Nihonijin team @Hyrule_Symbol, i look forward to your contributions to this mod, and i must say you’ve done an amazing job of mimicking Allie’s art style!

i look forward to future updates… and hopefully more frequent updates… :wink: