Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]


Link down? Says 404 when i click DL link.


ow thank you, Im new here, so thanks for the heads up


@Rhuse yes. Currently the mod is discontinued.


I’m such a horrible person :frowning:
Well… busy that is. Ive been shifting some priorities around so I’m waiting for that to settle, then I’ll finish up the Alpha 10 upgrade. (or Alpha 11 if I take too long xD)


I only just found this game and read like the first 150 comments…then i skipped to last comments to find this mod unavailable. I would like to offer any help in updating this for future versions as i enjoy feudal japan very much and are looking for a game/mod that really does this era justice.


Thankyou for reprioritising this mod. Please do not rush yourself.


Welcome to the discourse @jubez great to hear there is another Japanese history enthusiast out there. I’m sure @Avairian could use all the help he could get.


I am now also expire this game and i’m a big fan of the feudal japan. And therefore i hope the mod continues. Good work @Avairian :thumbsup:


This is the only mod I’d want to for my stonehearth to be complete. If possible please finish it. I’m sure many people out there are still waiting for it. Thnx! :man_with_gua_pi_mao:


well this is what @Avairian said in other thread,


Just in the character description put, “he’s a very good swimmer.”


Awwwh thanks :heart: I spent sometime working on it this morning actually. Still have a few things to do. I won’t promise but I’ll try to have it up later this week. :smile:

Hahahahaha it’s possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Those are some great news indeed.
I am also eager to have this added to my MOD folder.


R.I.P download error 404 :frowning:


that might have something to do with the fact that A 5 was the last compatible version :wink:

but have no fears, @Avairian (and @Pandemic? ) is still working on this behind the scenes!


Just discovered this thread tx to Akai_KTS’s bump. This mod seems to be excellent! You guys really rocks at modding!


I really do hope they finish this, it looks like an enjoyable mod :smile:


+1 I am waiting the Mod updated for the alpha 10.5 ! :slight_smile:


Now Alpha 11, right?


most likely wont be released for either of those :wink: