Mod Warhammer 40k


Thanks, I like them too because I take a lot of time to keep the vibe of the game and have a model which seems to be a Tau =P


Hi, can I ask on when will this mod be release for download?


is this mod dead?


well from what i understand @Didis is hoping to get back to working on it, but at the moment its “dead”


yes you’re totally righ and I plan to get back to the mod in the next few weeks. The only problem is that there isn’t in the game the archer so I don’t have access to a function to do damage at distance.

So I will focus on bring the races to the game and try to make a different gameplay so I have to think about it^^


glad to hear that, lets hope the archer gets added soon!

perhaps you and @NobodyPro could do a warhammer colab mod, seeing as your both working on one…


is he working on a warhammer 40.000 mods or just the fantasy version?
Yes I hope too because I don’t want to make a function which will be added in the future.


he’s working on a 40K version,


Hi guys! I just want to tell you that I will wait until the game releases to continue the mod. I don’t have time to redo with each version of the game and I want to really work on a proper basis.

So if you want a W40k mod quickly I think you should go for the mod that 8BitCrab linked above.

Sorry for the news but I don’t to make you waste your time.

See you soon I hope, maybe in the game =P


Is this mod still in development? would very much like to bring the Emperors finest to stonehearth


No it is not for the moment, I wait for the finished game and I don’t have time for it. Now I focus on the tabletop game (I need to paint all my miniatures) and finding a job =P

And maybe the Emperor will be dead and reborn as the Starchild or a Chaos God when I will resume the work on the mod! =P


Well best of luck i will hold hope that one day you will be able to return to this grand mod indeed if and when you finish know i will download :smiley:


I hope too because I have great ideas and now my animation skills are better than ever.
One day the Emperor will illuminate me with his light and the game will be finished too^^


You don’t have to wait for the full relase of the game. The developers apperantly stopped working on it and there will be no more updates coming anytime soon so feel free to continue your work on the mod ;3 (Even if they magicly would come back to the game I doubt many people would just let it update to lose a mod they were waiting for soo long) Best of luck and have a nice day.

601st. Steel Legion.


What are you even talking about? Development is still going on.


Considering they joined the forum purely to post that, I’m pretty sure they are either very ill informed or a possible troll.
But if it’s the former… @Soviet_Birdman here is a link to the most recent Development blog as of Feb, 14

As for On-Topic. I look forward to this mod being completed someday. :slight_smile:


I think it was a joke to push me to continue my work on the mod ^^ but I don’t have time for the moment, I’m learning new software for modelling, texturing and animating.

Have a nice week-end all of you =)


hey I love this and the amount of work has go into this. When this is done is it going to be able on the steam workshop


Being you necro-ed this post from a year ago when the developer made the comment they were too busy for it, it’s safe to say this mod is dead.


You sure?


I made up a rule for me, which is: “If the mod doesn’t have a download link, it is dead”. I’ve been right 100% of the time in my experience, and probably 99% of the time in general.