Mod Warhammer 40k


You taunt me, Why do you do so?


Because I like it=P but I have Space Wolves so it will be the first variant of my space marine with beautiful pelt=P


NICE! love the TAU, Bro!


Thanks Lele99 I 'm working on the dreadnought but It’s more difficult than the Terminator I hope I will have a good rendered. I will show you it normally the next week =P

So I present you the dreadnought (see below =P) :


wow your work is progressing so well. This is gonna be an awesome mod.


Thanks I hope =D I think it’s time to do some animations to prepare the arrival of the combat^^ And I have to finish to do all the weapons and their iconic version for the space marine.


Wondering if you are still working on this @Didis. I’m a huge 40K fan myself and would love to see more. If you need any help feel free to let me know.


Sorry but with my studies in 3D I don’t have the time now to continue the game but maybe during the holidays I could continue it. I told my self that I wanted to wait that the game is advanced enough I think maybe after Alpha 11-12 it will be good.
Ultimately I wait them to make the archer because without them they will not have the bullet so it will not be W40K.

I promise you that I will continue at a moment. Soon or later =P And now I’ve a better understanding of 3DS Max so it will go quicker and they give us the script to get the animation in the json file so It will help.


I definitely understand where you are coming from. I was just curious about any progress. Good luck with your studies!


Okay I’m happy that there are people which always are interested by my mod. I hope I could go back to it soon =) Thanks MindlessMe =) Normally at the end of June I could continue the mod.

So for now let’s go back to draw and modelize^^


well i am also definitely interested in this gem :smile:

i wish i had discovered this sooner than i did, but thanks to @MindlessMe this got bumped to the top of the modding category and i saw it :smile:


I’m really glad of it =D The last time I work on the mod I was doing some animations but I couldn’t import them but now I can because they give us the script =P and now I will make better animations thanks to my studies.


thats awesome! im always happy to see people advance and get better at things :smile:


Yes it’s great =P I can’t wait to make the animation when the space marine or scout shoot =D
I did it but it was a bit tricky because the character need to place his feet to take the recoil but I think with time I could do a great animation.


Awesome! Feel free to take your time. We still have a while before full release so you have plenty of time to work on it.


Yeah it’s why I take time to focus on my studies =P
I should try to make a 3D fan art (not voxel art) of Stonehearth so I will combine work and hobby.

I think for me the best time to make my mod (combine all together) will be after the holiday when the game will be really playable on the long term.


Awesome!! Looking so forward to playing it!


Love the tau models, as a player for the greater good I think they are the best of all the models.


Xenos scum…