Mod Warhammer 40k


Don’t forget the plan for Stonehearth proper is for 4 playable factions (inc dwarves), so the tech to implement Tau as a playable race will certainly exist*. They could also have some quite interesting mechanics with their ubiquitous use of drones rather than actual workers.

*Not that anyone should play a bunch of heretical xenos scum mind you :stuck_out_tongue: .


I think that all races should be fed to my Thunderwolves! So that they might become stronger!


Yes I thought about the future playable races but before they implement the 4 factions we have some time to wait^^ So maybe before that I could make the models for different races. Now I have models for Imperium (Space Marine and Beginning of the Guard Imperial) and Orks. In the future, I will add all the races but I think the Orks or Chaos in first after the tau and after I don’t know=P

But yes it will be very cool to have different races with their own perks. But I have to do the models first=P and after wait for the implementation of the Race’s choice.

But Newf I don’t see any Thunderwolves here=P


Thats why we must bring them here!


Maybe but we could take the wolf which are in the stonehearth.smod and bring them here =P


That is the plan…Now all we need to do is wait for them to be implemented


Maybe in a couple of weeks or months=P


ok sorry for not getting back to you didis i am working on the chaos stuff, but im not likeing how its turning out, trying to find somthing thats still stonehearth cuteness but still chaos as well… harder than i thought.


Okay I hope you could give me some preview because I want to see how it goes =P I didn’t do much things since 2-3 weeks because I had to do a lot of homeworks^^

Next weeks, I will do new models for the space marine and try to finish almost all the Space marine’s models. Maybe I could try to do new models for the orks or for other ennemies.

And I wait the team to implement the combat system to begin to add the models and make my mod because I think it’s a waste of time to add my model without the combat system.


I am actually working on a Space marine helmet right now. Very interested. Can’t wait to see hero controls, and eventually MOBAs coming out of the modding crowd.


Okay when you want you could show the helmet =). Yes we could control heroes and I hope we could make squad because I love it in Warhammer 40K Dawn of War. For the MOBA I think it will be hard to do it now =P but when the multiplayer and the combat system will be implement it will be easy to do it.
But for this mod I prefer stay in the same type of game and have a better RTS side. Maybe for another mod=P


So now I’ve done almost all the basic tech tree of the Space marines, I have to do the dreadnought. I also change some things on the old models of the space marines to have a better look. So I redo the terminator because the helmet was a little bit weird. If you want I can show you the last models I’ve done, the techmarine, the archivist and the apothecary,

Now I will do some different pieces for the armor and maybe other weapons or try to do some models for a new army=P




Yeah I have to do the Big Boss!=D Thanks =P


And I did two models for the Tau just for the fun I’m pretty nice about the rendered. Now I’m going to make the Big Boss and the Dreadnought I have some work to do=P


Nice bro… the TAU… they are not even in any 40K video game that I know of… hmm maybe the dawn of war ones… but at any rate… they are hot… keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what you came up with. :0)


Thanks I hope it will be awesome when I will implement the mod when the combat will arrive =D Tonight I will show you the new models I’ve done and maybe a preview of the dreadnought^^

I hope the combat will arrive soon I want to run the implementation of my model into the game=P

So now it’s time to show some models=P

Below, it’s the beginning of the dreadnought as you can see there is a lot of stuff to do=P I made it as bigger as the terminator and after I will enlarge it.

Now I show you the space marines :

Here, there are, left to right, the assault, the devastator and the terminator space marine.

After there are the archivist (with a bonus head and some weapons=P) and the apothecary.

And the techmarine .

And to finish with a new race, the tau =P. You can see, left to right a member from the Pathfinder team and an other from the fire warrior team.

So it’s just models but in the future you will be able to play with. I really want to see it in game now I have to do some other models and wait for combat =D

I hope you like it =)


I like the new models. Especially the new tau and the dreadnought. :thumbsup:


You put this in the game or I will hunt you down and put you 12 feet under…


The dreadnought needs more work as you can see but I’m happy to hear you love it and the Tau =D Yes I will but I wait the implementation of the combat. Maybe I should try to make some Space Wolves but not now=P