Mod Warhammer 40k


Mmmh I don’t know!=P But if I follow your idea I should create a dice and It’s too many works for me=P

I think you love the Thunderwolf or maybe you’re the Thunderworlf? =O because You really want to fed him^^


Yeah, I think that’d work better Didis :slight_smile: . I tend to think of Marines as being rare and/or elite units, so it makes more sense to start with Guard units, at least until you have a decent population etc.


Yes for sure! But You will start with Space Marine so you can’t defend well your self!=P So I have to modelize the guards imperial and their weapons.
And don’t forget there will be scout too.=P So I have to think more about the mod but I have to wait a little bit to really begin to implement the mod.

And thanks It’s better to think about the mod with people


any of you who have read in to space marine law, “planets” like stonehearths world are normal recruiting grounds for a space marine chapter. i always thought it would be good if u were offering up your best fighters to become space marines, and in exchange you would get resources and eventually protection and “hero” units of space marines. this would make finding space marines out in “events” not just useful but a early reward for those that risk exploring. then with further development you could be come a successor chapters home world, and fortress monastery. and be tasked with defending the worlds around you (other worlds has been mentioned b4) so no starting as a guardsman and becoming a space marine…no.


Maybe I could the idea of send the best fighters of our city in exchange of ressources and after you could have some heroes who will come in your city to defend against the Xenos. But I think I will keep the idea of a planet to explore and conquer and a threat of Xenos to eradicate. Because I want to permit you to manage your city not just to breed Space Marine or fighters for the other chapter but Maybe create your own and manage the defense of your city and the conquest of the planet and the other planets.
I could introduce the Chaos Space Marine with the other planes of the game and the magic.

So you will have to do choices but not just a Fortress Monastery.


So during the last week I managed to use the new Stonehearth’s API and the changes on the way to promote the citizens is better because I can add many new professions I want.

So I had 3 classes : the Imperial guard, the Scout and the Space Marine (just some changes). And I used the script to move the unit where you want.

You can see the 3 classes below

The planet seems too cold^^

So now I have to do the recipe’s icon of the different weapons to promote the citizens.


and they look great! awesome to see that they are utilizing the existing animations (i know its to be expected, but still cool to see it “in action”)…

love the unit name box in that first image… “Abi Northpoint … Marine:smile:


Oh no you see a bug =P I change the name to Imperial guard now^^ I will do some unique animations for the different classes but I need monsters to kill=P But maybe I will try to do functions but I could wait the Stonehearth’s functions which concern the combat.

But I will try to do an animation with a gun.

So now I have to do LUA functions or just try=P


I didn’t know it was a bug… I was just trying to illustrate how cool it was to see the new class associated with the unit… :wink:


Yes but normally the name is Imperial Guard. I just forgot to change the name^^ I hope the team will add the monsters soon because I want to add the orks in the game =P (I will have to do animations for them^^)

I want to allow the Space Marine to kill sheep (if they have hp^^), It will be fun^^


Seeing a marine sitting down by the fire like that is just… so wrong XD .

Love the artwork though - very nice stuff there :slight_smile: .


Yes I know but I have to test the model. But It’s very funny to see a space marine acts like a worker^^


I’m liking these models quite a bit, especially the guardsman and the scout.My only real problem with the marine is the size of his helmet. You do know that not all marines wear their helmets all the time, right? Also for armor perhaps you could have the different marks for better armor. I need some beakies!


The size of the helmet is not a problem because it needs to cover all the head of the citizen and if the helmet was shorter, it will be weird relative to the head of the citizen.

And they will be different parts for the armor of the space marine you could add different helmets and armors. But I wait the implementation of the Citizen’s inventory and the different parts of the Citizen’s equipment.

Because I don’t want to work on a function which will be available in the future.

And I will try to do that the helmet which don’t cover all the head will let the hair of the citizen…


I can see why it’s necessary to have the helmets, it’s just they really look odd on the little body’s of the citizens


Maybe but it’s a part of the art style and I want to keep the art style of the game.
As you can see here the helmet is bigger than the body.


Whoa, someone ELSE had the same idea I did - making 40K-Hearth!

Admittedly, I have no api/modding skills, but I had planned on making Tau ‘models’.

I don’t suppose Tau would be high on your to-do list?


Great minds think alike. =P The Tau are the second ennemy I want to do because I love them and the new figurines are so beautiful=P And I make progess on the ork models.
If you want you can make the Tau models and I could add them to my mod. Because I begin to know well the modding api.^^ Do you try to make one? And for your models do you want to keep the art style of the game?


Well, I have not even started learning Qubicle yet; it could be a long time before
I can start doing so (I’m currently moving-house).

Also, Tau as enemies? Hm. My own ‘dream’ version was for Tau to be the ‘main’ characters.
IE: in place of where your Imperium characters are now: “Tau-Hearth”.

Any thoughts?

PS: I’d still be interested in your Mod even if the Tau are never a "playable’ race.


They will have future playable races like Orks, Taus because if they are ennemies they could be playable races. But for the beginning of the mods there will be just the Imperium. For the Tau as a playable race you should wait.=P

So before you begin to modelize some taus maybe I will have some models of taus=P