Mod Warhammer 40k


Yes it’s dead, I’m sorry. I’m doing a lot of work to enter in Games Workshop and becoming a miniature designer in the future. And also Stonehearth has changed a lot since the beginning that I would have to rethink about the mod.
I think I will shut the post down and come back when I will have something concrete.

Again, I’m sorry but I need to create beautiful minis and it takes too much times to learn it and also I have a lot of miniatures to paint (My Orruks
Warbands for Shadespire awaits my brushes to
finish them) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Best of luck with your miniatures and getting into Games Workshop!!!


NO problem, but could you upload the mod files somewhere and give your permission that others might use it?
Maybe someone might want to continue it some day.

And good luck with your career :grinning:


Can you at least provide a file with all the models in it once i learn how to mod I would be more then happy to continue your work and I will give you credit since you were the original owner of this mod


Yes I can, if you want I will send you a message with a Google drive link with all the files. I just need to find it now on my old laptop^^ And don’t bother with the credit, I didn’t do much.

And thanks all :smile:


No problem mate


Any luck yet Didis?


Not yet, I had a busy week-end. I will search the files tonight and if I don’t find them I will ask my brother to go on my old laptop.
Also I had just graphic assets so if you have qubicle or another software, you can begin to build the assets because it’s quite rewarding.


Ok take your time no need to rush and i do have qubicle


hey Didis just wounding what version of qubicle did you use to make the warhammer 40k stuff


I use the first version which was not as good as the last^^ And here, it is, I didn’t sort the files but there is all the models and the version of the mod I used, I don’t know if it still work but at least you have something =P


@Didis thanks


@Didis how does one get the home edition of Qubicle Voxel Editor


I think they transform the name to the basic edition that you have to pay (you can find it here).



ok thanks


If you do buy it, make sure you actually try to make a little model with it, and try to do so within 2 hours of getting the program, otherwise you lose the chance to return it. You may find that your $20 demo is not useful for working with stonehearth, and you will have spent that money on nothing. If you want working software, you will need to cough up $80 for the full version.


i have the basic version since release and thats all what i need for all my mods? so i dont understand what you mean?

normally you can also do it with freesoftware like voxelshop, magicavoxel etc. - but for the hearthlings and the correct positioning qubicle is the best.


I used the basic edition for an hour before returning it. I won’t hide my bitterness. I expected that for 20 dollars, I will get a piece of fully functional software, not one that locks most its options away behind grayed out buttons. I can’t even select and move voxels in a rect without paying another 20 dollars, are you kidding me? How is VoxelShop free, but more full-featured than Qubicle? Yes, perhaps I’m saltier than usual because I waited for two years for Qubicle Basic Edition to make Qubicle affordable, eager to start making mods, and what did I get? A spit in the face is what I get.

I feel that the creator of Qubicle is milking modders for their passion for the game. As such, I hold a grudge against both him, and the program. In addition to this, I felt that the program was not worth 20 dollars in the shape it shipped. I discourage people from using it for these reasons.


i dont know what version you have get but with my basic edtion i can create, paint, move, export etc?