[MOD] LocksofManyHair + LocksofManyClothings


ok im honest i have no idea what you mean with this xDDD


change their job to a regular worker (demote) and then change them back to a carpenter (promote) :slight_smile:


Dude, I LOVE this mod. Thank you!


@Wiese2007 I wonder if it is possible to make workers don their hats only when crafting?
Or have their face masks lifted when they are not crafting?
I don’t think it’s easy, just throwing the idea in because I’m sad I can no longer see the face of my blacksmith.


nope sry thats not possible


Let me start by saying thank you for making this mod, it’s a really great mod, and I’m loving making new characters now.

One thing I have noticed that kinda bugs me with this mod however is the facial items, glasses scarfs, and other such things, they just don’t look as astetically pleasing me to, the hair ties are pretty and I like those, over all this mod is awesome, and I’m not trying to knock it down.

I do hope that you could maybe upload a version without those facial items, if that’s possible.

I love this mod and will this continue to use it ither way, thank you for making it. Props for this.



sry thats not possible because i handle already 3 mods hair with colors, hair without colors and the clothings … im honstesly dont want to make a fourth one (expect that are no little changes because i must change the complete outfits and remove items like the scarfs etc.) but the most of the items are only additions which you can remove with the homf mod


I could probably take a look at the latest version and give you directions on how to turn them off; I was changing/disabling things in my personal copy all throughout development, heh

Frankly, if I knew how, I would separate the accessories into something like LocksofManyBling or so, but I relied on Wiese for that aspect of the modding.


first at all - its all broken now :stuck_out_tongue:

luxury and acessoires are dead - until i find a new way with radiant :wink:

and i have not to check lots of other mods ^^ so 3 mods for this are honestly enough xD

sooo here lomh for a21 (im working on it since 4 days) - lomc still works and lomh-nc i still need todo xD


Edit: here is now lomh-nc



I think you mean unglaublich xD


@Wiese2007!! Wieeeese!!

Our hairstyles work with the new hearthling generator!!!



I know ^^ Because of this i have changed the complete codes - still missing accesoires and luxury … ^^


You the best keep it up! I will try them right away! :smiley:
But can you update the ones on the top ? Or tell for what alpha they are? :smiley: Thanks!


Sooo LomH doenst work at the moment - and i cant find the issue - sooo its on Hold until i have found an solution


ok i have fixed it … or better i had it already fixed but i had forget that i have another mod who overrides something … dedimm xD Download is in the first xD


is there any status on the locks of many hair NC update? is there a way of removing any colors we dont want to use?


ups thx for the input xD i will update it today ^^

ok its uploaded - but i cant test it … stonehearth doesnt want to load anymore - looks like i must reinstall my whole pc - all other works - but not this month ^^


updated and it works ^^ so have fun ^^


Just a noob question ('cause I roll the topic from head to tails and couldn’t figure out):
Ingame, I was trying to recolor my hearthlings hair and only got the vanilla colors. Where’s the pink? Purple? BLUE! Did I miss one of the .smod?

Also, I notice that @sheepasaurusrex mention curly hairs. As a deep user of curly hair myself, I only wonder if she still thinks on going on wt the project, cause I have MANY hair design suggestions. I’m a graphic designer, and just now I got hooked up wt voxel/pixel art, and I was planning to do curly hairs by myself. Maybe, if she still interested on the project, can we work together?
Sorry, too many babling on this reply. :sweat_smile:


if you get only vanilla you have installed lockofmanyhair-nc this doenst bring the new colors :wink: you need only locksofmanyhair and i dont know there are two hairstyles from him but no curly hair (like i remeber it was to difficult) xD

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