[MOD] LocksofManyHair + LocksofManyClothings


Ohhhh! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for the heads up! :laughing:

I will see what I can do about curly hairs and bring it to this topic later.

Kitty's Design Corner

Most I can remember about curls, was Sheep & I never quite getting them to work out very well…


Well, you inspired me to take a stab at it. I hope you’re happy :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t gotten very far yet, but here’s a first glance:


OMG I’m soooooo happy!!! This is SO CUTE!
This looks promising! I feel like a muse!
"3D me like one of your French girls!"
Hahaha Thank you! :kissing_heart:


The two current completed curls hairs are in my Design Corner, if you saw them there. Might still play with another one or two ideas tomorrow, just ran out of steam :slight_smile:


I was planning to show you this later, but since we’re here:

This is my attempt to sketch curly hairs and try to put the feeling of Stonehearth into it. My models are my boyfriend, friends and myself. (I have the tendency to portrait me and my loved ones on every game that I play that has some sort of character customisation. Yeah, I have The Sims Syndrome.)


Update of Lomh and Lomh-nc -> Now with two new curlhairs xD


Thank you @Kittyodoom and @Wiese2007! <3


This is soooo me!



New hairstyles and luxery for lomh and lomh-nc AND Kitty has taken her first steps in coding and github :smiley:

sooo a big applause for @Kittyodoom


ok there was a little issue with one of the female hairstyles - its now fixed ^^


Will there be support for the mod for further versions of the game?


It still works. I alter my personal version of it all the time.

-edit- Sorry, Locks of Many Hair does, and I’m intending to overhaul the mod at some point once I figure out how to do so.

Locks of Many Clothing likely does not, and I personally am not interested in updating it. If Wiese has the time, awesome, but he’s a busy guy these days to my knowledge.


Hmmm … Damn! Where? You can link?


Top post has the links for the Alpha 22.5, which also works with unstable Alpha 23 if I’m not mistaken.


All is well. Understood. Excuse me.


Strange. You’re sure you grabbed the right version the first time? I’ve made that mistake before


??? ok last post i dont understand ^^ does it work or not? my last tests with unstable 23 havent shown any issues - but i will check locks of many clothing if i find time ^^

and theres still lots of files from kitty which i must transform … can we alter the days to 48 hours?^^


I just checked your file (I didn’t catch that you had included it the first time).

That is indeed the wrong one. You need the one that has Alpha 22.5 next to it, under Alpha20; yours is the one from under Alpha 21

@Wiese2007, dear, could you change the Alpha 20 to Alpha 22.5 to prevent future confusion? And maybe remove the Alpha 21 entirely?


removed :wink:


Update LomH and LomH-NC for A23 (added eyecolors)