[MOD] LocksofManyHair + LocksofManyClothings


Any chance you can add it to mod repos? I’m currently lost in time, and it’s hard to keep track of mod versions and Alpha compatibility if it’s not crumpled up into one small page.


im honest i have no idea what are repos? xD if you mean a changelog - this you will see here in the list :wink: when i change something i will leave a comment xD


I believe he means the mod repository, yes, the changelog.


How should I make the hairs so they get color? I made a hair but it shows as the base purple color
Here’s the hair.

And the hair in case you want to add it.
hair_8bit_twintail.qb (307.9 KB)


Like @Averest said, I mean repositories. Like Praise, StonehearthMods or GitHub (or whatever is the next best thing right now). Something where you can instantly see the version got updated.


Moon Prism Power!
(sorry, I had to say that)


Make up!

If i could have it working, we would be seeing blonde twintails


at first you need to take the correct basic colors xD

FC6EFE or r252 g110 b254
A438A5 or r164 g56 b165
761B76 or r118 g27 b118


Yay! Thank you so much! Gonna save that palette for future use!

Here it is for anyone that wants it. Feel free to use it!
hair_8bit_twintail.qb (461.8 KB)


little tip the name 8bit means you have used an template from @8BitCrab so first please ask if you are allowed to change it :wink: if he accept i can add it to lomh if you want :smiley:


i’m fine with it, as the hairstyle @KuroNeko87 made isn’t too similar to mine :slight_smile:


Ah okay, I didn’t know what the names meant. Now I do haha I named it 8bit because the other ponytails were with that name.


ok then its all ok and if you want i can add it tommorrow xD now im going to bed its 2.20am here xD


I’ve been in a little bugtracking frenzy lately. So here are some problems.

  1. Cooking hat doesn’t hide hair
  2. Woodcutter’s goggles make hearthlings bald! :scream:

Is this fixable?


both of those just sound like the transparency is set wrong, so they should be easy fixes, then again i haven’t really looked at modding for awhile so maybe i’m completely wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny part i have seen the mohawkissue my self … and a testround later it hasnt shown up again - so i have ignored it xD will check it up xD


Sooo at first Thank you for the great picture - perhaps you should also post it into the alpha20 topic as example for the speechbubbles xD

and second i have fixed it and uplaoded - so if you find something else :wink:


I actually like speech bubbles as they are. Perhaps the center is better more white-ish, but overall they give a nice “Ragnarok-Online-style” retro feel.

PS. Yup, herbalist’s cap has troubles, too. Need to check it in your new version, haven’t tried it yet.

PPS. The image has minimal edits. Just happened to stumble upon it. And you give my PS skills to much credit, I’m terribly lazy. Sheesh.


havent test it - must also be checked ^^ but tommorrow its 1.21 am here xD


Checked the carpenter - he’s good! However the player needs to demote-promote him to see the effect. I suspect the same goes for other classes.

Thanks for the fix!