[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


Ha, didn’t need that shoutout but ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pops champagne


One of my faforite mods by far!

As a modmaker myself i always tested my mod with this and it always works just fine ^¢^

Happy hollidays!


Is it planned to introduce the priority of storages within this mod? In any case, everything works fine, thanks for the work!


release 771 gave me this.


Yes, I am having the same issue, in addition to the list being visually broken, it does not show the items you are selecting to be stored.


Hey there
First of all…great mod!
Only problem i got is that there isn’t an other background on selected storage items on A23 unstable.
Qite confusing bc i can’t see rather a paticular item is ticked or not.

Good luck in future!


@MrLuzifer normally you can see what items are ticked, but the most recent unstable release broke the mod. I am sure the author will have a fix available soon.


Whoops, just when I was wondering if this mod was going to break with the upcoming changes.

Sorry about that @Shinsaka, :disappointed_relieved: hope it’s an easy fix! Feel free to reach out for help if you get stuck.

There were some changes related to storage that got into the latest release, but the actual feature is not ready yet so it won’t come out until after new year.


A fix for Alpha 23 r771 is now available on Github. Just click the green “Clone or download” button to get it. Thanks guys for bringing up the issue! A true release will be published when A23 is stable.

@Relyss Curious to see the future changes to storage :slight_smile: The new window layout is nice, I don’t need to override the LESS file anymore.


What catagory are the gold flakes under needed for fine furniture?


Added fix on Github for Gold Flakes, thanks @z3nf1n1ty ! They have their own filter now.


@Shinsaka Ummm . . . please update your links for this mod. Most of them don’t lead to the newest version of the mod. Only the “github page” link goes there.


As @Shinsaka said “new version available on github”


Yes, but there are several github links on the original post for the Better Storage mod and only one is correct. A new player will not know which one to use.


@Golden Uh the link look fine to me… of the four github links on the first post. The two that say to use for downloads are: Releases · ShinjiSakanami/BetterStorage · GitHub which is the main releases page, which shows all the releases. The other two are marked as for the source code, the release logs, or older versions and lead to the home page of the github repo itself.


Stonehearth Alpha 23 unstable 779 is here with an all new “input/output box” system. It’s really great, it’s a feature I really wished for, but comes with a big drawback: box filters are so detailed that mod authors will need to include all their added items in it manually. So the question is: do I really have to do it at their place ? I can’t list all items of all existing mods… I need to think about it, and make choices. That’s why the next fix for A23 risks to be delayed, at most until A23 release.

Any suggestion and help for the development of BS for A23 779 is welcome.

And sorry for my bad English ^^"


Well, the output is the same as a normal storage, no changes there. It just so your crafter doesn’t need to run all the way to your main storage, he just drops the items there, and then someone else grabs it and run to the main storage.

The inputs are only for ingredients. So you don’t need to add things like, a chair or a cooked food.
For example, when I was updating my archipelago mod, I almost added the coconuts to it, but realized that no recipe uses it, so I added only the fish and crabs. (damn, now I just realized that we can do bombs with the coconuts… But it is not something you would want to store in your engineer workshop though.)
If the mod adds items that crafters should keep around, I guess it is the mods own responsibility to add them to input filters.

Because it is all json now, I would guess there would be no problem if both added the input filter, it would end up being repeated. This is what happens when I added a second copper ore filter to test:
screenshot 2018_01_14__15_09_40


Better Storage 1.1 for Alpha 23 is now available !

This version includes many important changes:

  • Storage filters are completely remade, and unified with input/output containers.
  • Many detailed categories like ores, ingots, furnitures, foods, etc.
  • Added items missing in vanilla input/output containers, like steel ingot or gears.
  • Removed obsolete icons, making the mod lighter than a Poyo feather.
  • Filters files are so much modified, they are now overrides instead of mixintos.
  • The storage window is made a little wider.
  • Removed filters for items not available in a normal gameplay, like Kibble.
  • Removed support of mods. Sorry about that, but all these mods were too much outdated. For example, Frostfeast and Candledark are from 2016 and don’t work with A23. So compatibility is useless.
  • If you want compatibility between BS and a mod, ask the mod author for it. I will no more provide compatibility patches myself. Désolé !

My Better Storage Compability Mods

@Stalck is making some compatibility patches for BS A23:


Just a note, because Max99x fixed Frost Feast to work just before Christmas it DOES work with A23. If you could add back in the storage for the unique items for that, I would appreciate it.