[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


It started working again so i removed the comment :slight_smile:


Yes I heard about that, but I couldn’t find where to download the new version, so I dropped the compatibility. If you give me a link to an updated build of Frostfeast (and Candledark?), as they are “official” mods I will add them to BS.


Sure, and here it is: Frostfeast 2016! moar frost, moar feast



Thanks @Golden ! I hope Frostfeast and Candledark will be updated in 2018.


Better Storage 1.2 for Alpha 23 Release 784 is now available !

  • Fix for Log Pile not properly stored.
  • Fix for Fine Dresser not properly stored.
  • Changed “Worker Outfits” filter material tags from “stockpile_equipment worker_outfit” to “stockpile_equipment cloth”.

The compatibility patch for Frostfeast is back! To use with BS 1.2 and Frostfeast A23.

  • Added “Vapour Rub” and “Cough Syrup” filters to “Consumables” category.
  • Added “Fig Basket” filter to “Raw Veggie” category.
  • Added “Pig Meat” filter to “Raw Meat” category.
  • Added “Figgy Pudding”, “Pumpkin Pie” and “Frostfeast Cake” filters to “Prepared Veggie” category.
  • Added “Frostfeast Ham” filter to “Prepared Meat” category.
  • Added “Ginger” filter to “Ingredients” category.
  • Added “Pig Feed” filter to “Animal Feed” category.
  • Added “Offerings” filter to “Wealth” category.
  • Ginger Bread is stored in “Bread” filter.
  • Pumpkin Soup is stored in “Veggie Stew” filter.
  • Winter outfits and hats are stored in “Worker Outfits” filter.


Hey just wondering if it’s possible to make so that the menu does not jump around after you click one of the categories in the middle?
It’s quiet annoying but it could also be related to how stonehearth handles these things?
I miss when this menu was not a slide menu it felt a lot better and faster to me


Yeah, I noticed this annoying bug since A23. It’s a problem with Stonehearth, not my mod.
I can’t enlarge the storage window to get rid of the slider: the window could overlap other UI parts in some screen resolutions, and there’s too much categories now anyway.


hi, Just wanted to let you know that the bees and drinks are not adding to stockpiles.


You should probably post this in the Cooking thread so Froggy can make the mod compatible with BS.


Seeds in A24.4 are stored in stockpiles only when stockpiles are set to “All”. Disabling any category prevents them from being stored.


Same thing with Slab of Roasted Varanus (raw Varanus meat probably too).


Better Storage is now available on Steam Workshop !!!


The Workshop version is a pre-release of BS 1.3 for Stonehearth Alpha 24.5. I’m still working on it. A full release of 1.3 will be out when Alpha 24 is stable.


Some more items from A24-unstable currently not processed:

  • Bacon and eggs
  • Potted Berry Bush (+ probably other potted trees, like Potted Acacia Bonsai)


@MelOzone Are these items available in normal game ? For the food, it’s says “Coming soon” in the cook recipes.


it’s possible to buy the ingredients for the “coming soon” food items from one of the traders, so you actually can make that stuff currently.


The “coming soon” label is a lie. You can buy them. And all the new decorations are buyable and unlockable through the town tier progression quests.


Ok thanks for the infos :slight_smile:


Hello Shinsaka.

Our mods are currently mutually exclusive to each other due to your use of overrides instead of mixins. Not sure why you chose to do it this way, but I’m guessing it’s down to legacy?

Despite common misconception its not actually possible for writers to ensure compatibility with BS. Specifically those that require changes to stockpile_filters.json. Because you’ve overwrote it, we cannot inject in to it. You are basically mandating the filter types for anyone wishing to use your mod with another.

Yes it’s possible for mod creators to add the filters to the entities for compatibilites sake, (so that they filter in to your stockpiles - a reasonable request.) but not if those filters dont exist.

I’ve included 2 files below that make changes to BS so that it uses mixins instead of an override. This will ensure that BS is compatible with all mods (not just café) that wish to make changes to stockpile_filters.json.

The first is a tweak to the manifest so that stockpile_filters.json is mixed into, rather than overwritten.
The second is an updated stockpile_filters.json that uses the mixintype remove to get rid of the default SH entries that you do not require.

fix.zip (4.5 KB)

I’ve done some provisional testing and it seems to work fine. I hope that you choose to incorporate this in to your mod so that people will stop bugging us about it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Please be aware the manifest.json is from the smod, and doesn’t contain the name_space and steam id.




Thanks Froggy! I also tried doing the same thing before, but stopped because there was too much work.
Except it does not work. I mean, we can finally add our own filters again, nice. But anything that is not cataloged in the mod filter will not be accepted as usual.
Here I uncheck the cogs just for the sake of removing the “all” filter. It immediately stopped accepting my modded items and even some vanilla items

For me the main problem is that the mod is basically turning the stockpiles into input containers.
Because the mod filters are actually filtering specific items (like how the input filters are), whenever a new items appears (even vanilla) it will not have a filter that it fits into. For example, if we suddenly get dragon meat, well too bad, there is no dragon meat category. While before it would be stored in the meat category.
Why separate a poyo from a mutton? (My seafood items can’t be stored) A brightbell from a frostsnap? (My new herb can’t be stored) etc…
If it is for making sure that the correct item can be stocked in the correct place and not in other random stocks, why not use input containers?


Woh thanks a lot @Froggy ! I’ll try to implement your fix asap. I choose overrides because it feels logical and more practical at the moment (“why mixin if I change everything ?”). But now I understand the issues it causes.

@BrunoSupremo That’s a good debate. I started to detail more after the popularity of the Refined Metal category, and after the introduction of the input containers which are all detailed. When updating for A24, adding all the new meat things, I was wondering if I’m doing it wrong.

Now that input containers exists, does stockpiles need to filter specific items as well, or be more generic ? Any advice on this matter is welcome.