[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


I wonder is there any normal way to get the plants under filter sprouts?


You mean, without mixintos ? It’s difficult, because “sprout” plants have “stockpile_plant plant” as tags, herbs have “stockpile_plant plant herb”, saplings have “stockpile_plant plant tree”… There’s no tag (yet) to differentiate them from others types of flora.


Thank you very much @Shinsaka! :jubilant:


Sorry, did’t explain well. I mean, how can I get those things in the game without using the stamper?


Oh okay sorry. Seems you can obtain them from traders or quests.


Hello Shinsaka,

First of all thanks a lot for your awesome work, your mod is vital to me :wink:

I have a small question ; I play with Chabonit’s mod and is it possible to make an addon for this mod to be able to store all the items it produces. (especially the new leader class products)

Here is the link for the download

Have a nice sunny day and thanks again.


Hello @ValekVK and thanks for your message.
Chabonit’s Mod is supposed to be compatible with BS. Do your hearthlings have troubles to store its items ?


I’m trying to find out actually all the items i have trouble to stock correctly…(playing with many mods).

Here are 2 screens to help you figure out.

I’ve created a stockpile to allow everything i couldnt store to come (some items from Charbonit even didnt move)
Some of them finaly moved to this stockpile but as soon as i changed something in the filter (even putting all set to allowed) some items arent considered to be allowed in this stockpile.

You can see on the background the items from Chabonit laying on the ground and the items in the stockpile that are strangely not allowed anymore.

Here all the items in the stockpile that cant strangely go anywhere else or have strange storing behaviour.

I’m beginning right now a list of all the troublemakers and will post it later.

Sorry for my poor english…hope to be comprehensible


After a bit of sorting and managing…the main problems are :

Mod Wizard not compatible (every items go only in a all allowed stockpile)
Items produced by the leader of Charbonit arent allowed at all.
Corn Mead from Brewery mod strangely same behaviour as Wizards mod.
Tomatoes form Brewery goes crazy too…so maybe its other mods conflicting…


The items produced by the leader are not tagged so they cant be stockpiled. The thought was that you cant produce hundreds of them without messing your town. If two or three are lying around it is nice.
Use them after crafting is the way i want it to be.


Thanks for the Answer Chabonit, i’ll play with that in mind :wink:

Shinsaka, i’ve told the autor of Brewery and he’s fixing the storing of tomatoes, but may i ask you to make an add-on for Wizard mod? Here’s the link.

Thanks for all again.


Please patch for A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04


Hello guys, just to say I’m back and I’ll work on a new update for compatibility with Wizard, Chabonit, and maybe other mods. Stay tuned!


Hiya @Shinsaka :slight_smile:

I am currently playing as Rayas children and it i noticed that outfits and armor is not being placed into any stockpiles.
Maybe it is in the original RC version or maybe just gamemechanics, but i thought that it could also be your mod, so i wanted to give word to you.


EDIT: Added a screenshot of the issue… And it seems like its only the workers outfits that have this problem.


Awesome Awesome mod! This may be silly, but could we get a gold stockpile? I’ve always wanted a pile of gold just lying on the floor.


I have a suggestion, if it’s even possible to do.

Is it possible to make it so that you can specify how many of 1 item should go in the containers?


what would be really useful is being able to save a filter list so that I can swap between “none” to move items and then right back to the filter for that specific chest.

for instance I want to put all the wood and stone from this area of the map into this chest, but I want all the gold and gold ores in this other chest etc many many chests. now I would toggle the filter of both chests to “none” so that they are moved back to the main base. except now I don’t remember every filter I had because I am too organized.

this would save me the trouble of having to remember to set the filters on those chests again.
is it possible to add something like this?


This modification is very useful! Like it!


I would like to suggest renaming this to Better Storage… Since storage regroups chests/urns and other storage methods along with the stockpiles.


@Fornjotr Thanks for the report, Rayyas Children items will be fixed in next update.

@garrthepirate Check MaraRose’s Container Mod ^^

@BlueWaste & @genboom These are good ideas but they require scripting far beyond my current skills. Maybe someone else could do that.

@Jvalleyep That’s a good name ! Thanks for the suggestion.


Greeting Hearthlings! Better Stockpiles is now updated to… Better Storage 1.0 !

This is a big update with many fixes and important changes. Here are the main ones:

  • New name! Thanks @Jvalleyep for the suggestion.
  • No more independent patches for mods! Only one smod file to rule them all!
  • French localisation / Traduction française !
  • Many bugs with Frostfeast, Candledark, Rayyas Children, Settlement Decor, Brewery Mod and Stonehearth Cafe are fixed. Yeah!
  • Wizards Class Pack Mod is now compatible.
  • Storage window is resized to a more vanilla height, so it will not collide with the new Alpha 23 unit frame and the Town Monitor mod. The scrollbar is back!
  • Ore and Metal Bars categories are reverted back to simple filters. Check the poll in first post about this change.
  • New Quest Items filter, merging the filters from Stonehearth Cafe and Frostfeast. The Dusty Tome and the Flutes are now stored in it.
  • Eggs, Crops and Honey filters are merged into Raw Ingredients.
  • Gears filter is renamed to Components, and includes some craftables items from Wizards Class Pack Mod.

I hope you will enjoy the new BS, and I thank all of you for your support.

Happy Holidays!