[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


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Well I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find the private message button, so I’ll post it here, it’d be nice if you could check compatibility with this mod: A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04 all of the gems are not being moved to stockpiles or storage-item. I’m not entirely sure it’s an issue with BS but thought I’d ask here in case it is.
Thank you!


You can click the person’s name, and then there should be a blue “message” tab that’s in the upper right corner.

Alternativly, you click your profile picture in the upper right of the screen, then the one that looks like an envelope. There should be a blue “new message” bar to the left side.


I keep coming across this error code when playing with better stockpiles and the cafe/brewery mod. I’ve already checked in with Wiese, who tested and code checked to confirm it wasn’t an issue on their side, so I’ll copy and paste what I had over on that thread to this one.

I have the compatibility patches installed, so I’m unsure what else to do at this point.


Make [Better Stockpiles] for [Chabonit`s Mod - Jeweler Mod]. Please!


@MakiabelMFE and @Lienhart_ElRozen : The next update of Better Stockpiles will include compatibility with Chabonit’s Mod ! I’m just waiting for him to do some fixes in his mod. This update will also include compatibility for the latest revisions of Cookmod and Settlement Decor.

@Kitsame I’m sorry, but I ran some tests, and my Hearthlings harvest the roses and alliums and collect the pots without any problem or error. They also place and undeploy the pots without issues. I tested with the latest revisions of cookmod/brewerymod, and the current version of BS.


New version 0.21.1 for Stonehearth Alpha 21 stable 707 released !

  • Renamed “Tools” filter to “Talismans & Workbenches”.

Updated compatibility patch for Stonehearth Cafe 1.9:

  • Updated to the latest mod revision.
  • Moved Rickety Well to “Food & Drink Sources” filter.

Updated compatibility patch for Settlement Decor 1.18:

  • Updated to the latest mod revision.

@Chabonit’s Jeweler Mod is now compatible with BS and will not need a patch!


Just came here to ask if you could make a patch for it… you’re pretty fast with your work xD

Ps: keep up the good work^^


Sorry if that question is the worst question that you ever read but…

Is it intentionally that potatoes (from the cookmod) only can get into the stockpile if “all” is checked? Because I have a big stockpile with everything checked on “Plants”, “Food & drink” and “ingredients” that is NOT full but the potatoes from the fields didnt get collected till I made a field for Everything.

Sorry for my awful english



Potatoes are supposed to go to the “Crops” filter. If you don’t see this filter under the “Ingredients” category, that means you forgot to install the cookmod_bs.smod patch. If you see it… well, that means there’s a bug I need to fix somewhere.


Jup, you were right. I just didn’t understand that I dont need an extrapatch for the jewelry mod but for the cookmod xD sorry^^ but thanks in advance



After Chinese, BS is now in the German Translation Mod! Check it out!

Maybe I should check for a French translation…


I’m not sure if you know this, but you can add the french variation in your own mod instead of waiting one of the french language mods to include it.
That’s what I did with Archipelago, it has both english and portuguese in it, so if someone is using the portuguese language, it will support that. The language mod does not need to keep up with my changes, I do it inside my mod myself.

What is your favorite combination of mods / modpack?

@Shinsaka Could we get a filter for Jerky in the food and drink group? Would be really helpful. Thanks


Jerky is already stored under the “Raw Food (meat)” filter.


@Shinsaka Could you please take a look at this?


Thank you for bringing this up @MelOzone!

@Shinsaka I just ran across this since I hadn’t used BS with Rayya’s Children before.


New version 0.22.0 for Stonehearth Alpha 22 Release 729 is available !

  • Added “Sprouts” filter under “Plants” category.
  • Moved Berry Bush, Brightbell, Cactus, Foxlily, Frostsnap, Pear Cactus, Silkweed and Sunflower plants to “Sprouts”. Brightbell, Cactus and Frostsnap flowers are still in “Herbs” filter.

Updated compatibility patch for Brewery Mod Alpha 18:

  • Moved Allium, Blueberry, Mushroom, Rose and Strawberry plants to “Sprouts”.

Updated compatibility patch for Settlement Decor 1.18:

  • Removed “Plant Parts” filter.
  • Moved Ember, Foxfire, Litso Grass and Sunflower plants to “Sprouts”.
  • Moved plants pods, pollens, slimes and stems to “Herbs”.

Please report any issue or item not stored by Hearthlings.


random question but does anyone know if candledark is still maintained?? or is it compatible with the latest build of stonehearth?


Not sure, when I try candledark I have text errors in the first quest. It will be certainly updated next Halloween. Same as Frostfeast next Christmas.