[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


Playing Alpha 21 and noticed when I consolidate wheat into bales they’re not being picked up and moved into storage with the Ingredients ticked. It’s still taking regular wheat just no bales in containers or open storage areas.

Oops forgot to say this mod is incredible and makes life so much easier. Thank you for all the hard work!!


I too noticed this about a number of items especially while other mods are installed


@Logo Thanks for the report (and the praise ^^), too bad I’m not at home, I’ll check A21 compatibility next week.

@Kitkat_Matt With the current stockpile system, compatibility with others mods is complicated. I have patchs for a couple of popular mods. You can ask me if you want a patch for a particular mod. You are even free to make you owns patchs!


Heh, no rush just figured I’d give ya a heads up. I just place em out of the way and problem solved lol. If by “not at home” ya mean you’re traveling here’s hoping ya have a safe trip and have fun!


Can you make a patch for settlement decor mod ?


Very good Mod!! I like a lot!!


Hello hearthlings! Big update today!

Better Stockpile 0.21 is now available, with Alpha 21 compatibility, bug fixes, new filters arrangements, and a fresh new compatibility patch for the popular Settlement Decor Mod!

Before rolling the patch note, I wish to thanks everybody for your support and endorsements! You have clicked 2.3k times on the link to github, that’s crazy! BS is my first publicized mod for a game, and I’m very proud of its success. Merci à tous !

Version 0.21 for Stonehearth Alpha 21 stable 703

  • New filter icons.
  • Slightly larger stockpile UI.
  • Added “Kibble” filter to “Animal Feed” category.
  • Moved Kibble to “Kibble” filter (obviously).
  • Renamed “Refined Goods” category to “Refined Craftables”.
  • Renamed “Cooking Ingredients” filter to “Refined Ingredients”.
  • Renamed “Fruits & Vegetables” filter to “Raw Foods (Vege)”.
  • Renamed “Meat” filter to “Raw Foods (Meat)”.
  • Divided “Cooked Foods” filter into “Cooked Foods (Vege)” and “Cooked Foods (Meat)”.
  • Divided “Defenses” filter into “Fences & Gates” and “Traps & Turrets”.
  • Divided “Decorations” filter into “Decorations” and “Light Sources”.
  • Fix: Moved Wheat Pile to “Wheat” filter.

Added compatibility patch for Settlement Decor 1.14

  • Added “Plant Parts” filter to “Plants” category.
  • Moved plant pods, slimes, pollens and stems to “Plant Parts” filter.
  • Moved lanterns to “Light Sources” filter.

Updated compatibility patch for Stonehearth Cafe 1.7

  • Updated to the latest mod revision.
  • Added “Food & Drink Sources” filter to “Construction” category.
  • Moved Well and Apiary to “Food & Drink Sources” filter.
  • Added “Crops” filter to “Ingredients” category.
  • Moved Potato and Rice Harvests to “Crops” filter.
  • Removed “Quest Items” filter, and moved the Queen Bee to “Trophies” filter.
  • Sorted prepared foods into “Cooked Foods (Vege)” and “Cooked Foods (Meat)”.

Updated compatibility patch for Brewery Mod Alpha 18

  • Updated to the latest mod revision.
  • Removed “Sugarcane” filter, and moved Sugarcane Bale to “Crops” filter.
  • Fix: Moved flowers to “Herbs” filter.


ooo yay need to redownload. so will this work now for honey and water etc so we dont need to do all categories for them to be stored?

Out of curiosity i havent figured it out. what is honey vat stored under? they dont seem to want to put it away >.> xxx


Honey vat is stored under Ingredients -> Honey.

If you didn’t see that filter, put the Compatibility Patch for Stonehearth Cafe 1.7 in the mods folder and it should work.


hmm maybe i downloaded the wrong thing. thank you very much for that. do you know if this is updated for rice aswell? as that seems to not want to get stored with the one i have too XD


As for rice,Ingredients -> Crops.:wink:


tyvm for the help all sorted. didnt realize like an idiot that i needed to download the individual parts. makes alot of sense doing that tho XD


Thanks @dalabo, Better Stockpiles 0.21 is part of the Traditional Chinese translation mod!


hi :grinning: is this compatible with stonehearth cafe and beweryMod? thanks


If you look in the first post under downloads, there are download links to the compatibility patches for those mods.


I need the two patches right?


Yes, both of the patches, and also the main file!


thanks for the help :jubilant:


All three in the mods folder?


Yes, all three .smod files in the mods folder. :slight_smile: