[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


Would be awesome!
Thanks for the fast answer and keep going!


After analyzing the Settlement Decor mod, it seems that many items have wrong filtering tags. So the problem is not from Better Stockpiles, but from the mod itself. I’ve signaled the issue in the mod thread, and I’ll work on compatibility after the mod author fix the tags.


@Shinsaka I have a suggestion, would it be nice if maybe you can add a feature where you can limit the number of specific items per stockpile? Like for example in this chest you can only limit 32 pieces of wood etc. I’m new to stonehearth so I don’t know if there is already a mod for that but the reason I thought of this is because I’m trying to separate my carpenters and blacksmiths etc. but they all go to one source of wood and it makes them a bit unproductive since they take a while just to get wood from a chest that is still a few walks away.


This is a good suggestion, but i think it ain’t a feature this mod is supposed to have.
Your request is mostly related to gameplay improvements, since you’d ask your earthlings to manage your stocks by saying them “always keep 32 wood in this chest, and put any overflow of wood in the main wood storage”.
Not sure i am right tho, but i think it’s been mentioned already in the suggestion section.


Right, that would require both deep UI and AI changes that depend on each other to get it working. Shinsaka’s mod is pretty great, but it really doesn’t make any deep changes to the game, nor does it need to.


Sorry but for now, this kind of gameplay change is out of my reach.

By the way, I read here that the Radiant team is thinking about a priority system for stockpiles. That would be great.


Oh yeah didn’t realize that :sweat_smile: thanks for the link :slight_smile: priority system would be a good enhancement.


Is this compatible with alpha 20 or just 19?


For now, Better Stockpiles 0.19.0 works with A20, but the texts and tooltips are broken. Still wondering why. It don’t prevent the stockpiles and chests from working. Waiting for the next A20 update to see if it’s an issue from Radiant or from me.


Finally fixed the broken strings in Alpha 20 ! It was just a simple issue with mod name in manifest files. Download the update now from github or dropbox!

BS 0.20.0 is compatible with Alpha 19 and Alpha 20.


Thanks for fixing your amazing mod and keep up the great work!


forgett this the other mod guy is working on it ^^


Any idea why the firepit is not stored unless the filter is set to “Store any”?


The firepit doesn’t have a stockpile category assigned to it.


In fact, the entity firepit_ghost has the “stockpile_decoration” tag, so it should be stored in Construction > Decorations. I don’t know why it doen’t work in your play.


Because putting that tag on the ghost file is the wrong place. It has to be categorized in the normal file firepit.json, because the firepit.json file overwrites the material_tags entry.

I can confirm that if you only set a stockpile to “decoration”, it will not add the firepit to the stockpile. This is a bug on the part of Radiant as it occurs even without your mod installed. :slight_smile:


Thank you both for this bug report :slight_smile: Maybe we should signal this to Radiant, not sure how.


You could ping @Relyss and ask her to forward it to the right person on the team… which I just have done hereby :grin:

Recap: the firepit has some missing storage/category tags in its json file and is therefore not stockpiled correctly.


Bug filed! :slight_smile:

New player, have multiple questions

Check out MaraRose’s awesome container mod, a must have if you like to use Better Stockpiles :slight_smile: