[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


Yes you need the three files : better_stockpiles.smod, cookmod.smod and cookmod_bs.smod


@Shinsaka I have a chart that might help.

does this look correct?


@Geokhan Yeah seems correct. Btw I’m working on Brewery Mod to see if it needs a compatibility patch.


@Shinsaka Hi, I encountered a problem where the hearthlings won’t store sugarcane, which is from the Brewery Mod. Is it under drinks or raw ingredients…? I can’t seem to make them store sugarcanes any where. Some advise is much needed. Thanks for the great mod, and glad that you’ve made it compatible with the cook mod.


Hi Thanks for this mod.


Yes, Brewery Mod is not compatible yet. Working on it!


New version 0.18.3 for Stonehearth Alpha 18 stable 663 released !

  • Moved “Meat” filter to “Food & Drink” category.
  • Renamed “Raw Food” filter to “Fruits & Vegetables”.
  • Renamed “Grain Flour” filter to “Cooking Ingredients”, with a new tag.
  • Updated compatibility patch for Stonehearth Cafe 1.7
  • Added compatibility patch for Brewery Mod Alpha 18

The compatibility patch for Brewery Mod Alpha 18 is now available!

As Brewery Mod is a companion mod to Stonehearth Cafe, you need the three mods and the two compatibility patchs for everything to work. Your mods folder should contain the following files:

  • better_stockpile.smod
  • brewerymod.smod
  • brewerymod_bs.smod
  • cookmod.smod
  • cookmod_bs.smod

I’ve updated the food filters for better compatibility. Now the “Food & Drink” category contains the edible foods and beverages, plus rotten foods, and the “Ingredients” category contains the inedible foods, only used in cook recipes. With SC and BM mods, the new “Cooking Ingredients” filters contains Flour, Corn Meal, Cocoa Powder, Yeast, Sugar, Potato and Rice.


@Shinsaka This is a good mod. However, perhaps, does it exclude worker_outfit_2 and worker_outfit_winter from light armors? :sweat_smile: Hearthlings can’t carry these wears to anywhere, thus all of them pull their dress off and throw it to the floor. :joy:


Thanks for this report, @VoQn ! I indeed missed out this two armors with “worker_outfit” tag. I’ll add a filter for it in the next update.


New version 0.18.4 for Stonehearth Alpha 18 stable 663 released!

  • Added “Worker Outfits” filter to “Equipment” category. Upgraded Worker Outfit and Winter Worker Outfit are now correctly stored by Hearthlings.

Updated compatibility patch for Stonehearth Cafe 1.7:

  • Corrected bug with Fancy Cook Outfit and Fisherman’s Rod.
  • Fancy Cook Outfit is now stored under “Worker Outfits” filter.


Created an account just to thank you for this mod! This design is really how is should be in the vanilla game. I’m sure the developers are getting there.


actually i’ve talked to @yshan about how the stockpiles work;

doing something like this actually puts MORE load on the computer, as, iirc, whenever an item isn’t in a stockpile, it is than checked against ALL stockpiles, to see where it can go, and than which stockpile is closest. by further increasing the amount of filter, you’re increasing the amount of checks that an item needs to go through.

this was a long while back though, so i’m not 100% sure if i’m remembering that explanation correctly, or if i’m paraphrasing it right.


Happy new year everyone! A new version of Better Stockpiles is available!

The previous version was working fine with Alpha 19, but this new revision has reworked mixintos and add compatibility patches for Candledark 2016 and Frostfeast 2016! I’m sorry for releasing these patches so late, I didn’t played Stonehearth much these months.

Note that you will need the latest revisions of Candledark, Frostfeast, Cookmod and Brewerymod, or this new version will not work as intended!

Version 0.19.0 for Stonehearth Alpha 19 stable 687:

  • Reduced files number with more common mixintos.
  • Renamed “Worker Outfits” filter to “Outfits”.

Updated compatibility patch for Stonehearth Cafe 1.7:

  • Updated to the latest mod revision.

Updated compatibility patch for Brewery Mod Alpha 18:

  • Updated to the latest mod revision.

Added compatiblity patch for Candledark 2016:

  • Moved Ancient Healing Tonic to “Tonics” filter.

Added compatiblity patch for Frostfeast 2016:

  • Added “Pig Feed” filter to “Animal Feed” category.
  • Added “Medicine” filter to “Consumables” category.
  • Moved Cough Syrup and Vapour Rub to “Medicine” filter.
  • Moved “Ginger” to “Cooking Ingredients” filter.
  • Moved Winter Outfits to “Outfits” filter.


Awesome looking mod, but quick question on this. Does this mean if you use the other mods you have to have the newest version, or does it mean your mod won’t work unless I have all 4 of these?


If you use the other mods, you have to have the newest version of these mods ^^


a lot of strange names for things in the storage after Alpha 20 :slight_smile:
Thanks for amazing mod!

Need an animal feed category under food

You’r welcome ^^
Seems all strings are broken with Alpha 20, and I don’t understand why. Does somebody have a clue?


Some things really should make it to the core game. Like separating fibers from alchemy ingredients.
Me likey!


Great mod.
Is there any compatibility with the Settlement Decor Mod yet?
I am having an issue where all items related to this mod stay on the floor and my earthlings don’t want to stock them anywhere.


That’s certainly because they use non-vanilla filtering tags. I don’t use this mod but I can do a patch in the next update.