[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


New version 0.18.0 for Stonehearth Alpha 18 develop 3107 released !

  • Use of the new “remove” mixintype.
  • “Ore”, “Metal Bars”, “Consumables” and “Animal Feed” filters are now detailed categories.
  • Renamed “Goods” category to “Refined Goods”.
  • Moved “Ingredients” category after “Food & Drink”.
  • Added “tonic” tag to Tonic potions, to use with the new “Tonics” filter.

There’s many changes for modders in Stonehearth Alpha 18, so to be clear:

  • This version of Better Stockpiles doesn’t work with Alpha 17.
  • Previous versions of Better Stockpiles will not work with Alpha 18.


Does this still not work properly with cook mod and brewery mod? it had issues with their items not being put in stockpile when had categories selected, would really like to use this again.


Version 0.18.0 of Better Stockpiles is compatible with Alpha 18 Stable 652, so no need to update if you already have it.

If they use the vanilla filters, or just add filters to vanilla categories, they should be compatible.


Great job on this! Exactly what I was looking for


@Shinsaka, can you make a separate category for uncategorized tag?
I was gonna say spoiled food but then again I realize that there is no such tag.
Like you know, hearthlings disposing garbage outside houses, that kind of idea.


I strongly suspect that uncategorized is not possible due to current game engine limitation (or just oversight). The “all” option is probably the only workaround for now?

I would love to be wrong on this :wink:


I like this mod, but it’s kind of annoying having the stockpile window being not quite wide enough to fit the 7 kinds of metal bar.

Here is a little mod that fixes that. It overrides stockpile.less in the stonehearth mod to achieve this, so if Radiant ever updates that file, the mod will need to be updated or removed.


This is an interesting idea. Alas, rotten and decayed food don’t have sorting tags, just the “uncategorized” category (used by merchants, not stockpiles). I could try to add a “rotten” tag with mixintos and see if it works.

Sorry but you are right, there’s currently no way to sort items with no tags. If items don’t have tags, or have tags unused in stockpiles, they are just ignored by the Hearthlings and they will not be picked up or stored. It’s the case with spoiled food.

Oh, thanks for this fix! I know this problem was annoying. Can I use your file in Better Stockpiles?


Go ahead. It’s not much more than a single number changed anyway!


New version 0.18.1 for Stonehearth Alpha 18 stable 656 released !

  • Modified stockpile UI with a larger window (thanks @Tuhalu).
  • Added “Rotten Foods” filter to “Food & Drink” category.
  • Added “stockpile_rotten_food” tag to Rotten Basket, Rotten Egg and Rotten Jerky.
  • Merged “Flour” and “Corn Meal” filters into “Grain Flour” filter.


5/7! would download


have been looking forward to an update since a18 dev (had to removed it due to a18 changes being incompatible).

A possibility I mentioned before in another thread that talked about the problems with the vanilla stockpile:

How about an external process/script that:

  1. crawls vanilla stonehearth.mod (assume unzipped)
  2. parses json files and look for “item type entities”
  3. create a register of the items and their categories/tags
  4. identify those without tags and generate mod files which adds default tags to them (and update the registry)
  5. apply some generic algo that organizes the items in the registry into categories/groups
  6. generate new stockpile UI/filter based on the categories/groups
  7. pack all of them into [Mod] Better Stockpile (v2 automatically generated).

that way, no matter how the vanilla game changes, we can just “press a button” to generate an updated “Better Stockpiles”.

I am the kind of person that prefers “if it can be done by a machine, it should.” :wink:


This is all great until TR makes another change to the modding API, or does a major UI overhaul, or similar. Automation is great, but without knowing what TR will do in the future it will only last so long. No automated process could’ve predicted the memory saving changes Yang would make in A18, so it wouldn’t have worked here. Once the game is feature complete, extending the API, automating processes, etc. will be much easier (and useful). Note: this is my personal opinion, I’m not speaking in my role as a moderator.


Totally agreed. A matter of projected value vs projected costs.
My suggestion was assuming that making that “automation” is relatively cheap, which it may not turn out to be, since I don’t have the full details.


I think xkcd: Automation has a good rebuttal of that thought.


lol. true. In many cases where it “goes wrong”. Most of the time, when people “think too far ahead”.

In the current context, a more “quick and dirty” thing is intended, which is usually more feasible because this approach looks for advantages “now” instead of “future”.

I am estimating that at least for the first part: creating the “registry” by crawling through json files, is actually quite easy. But having no knowledge atm for how stockpile filters work, I cannot comment on what happens after that yet.

I may actually try to do at least the first part if I can gather the motivation later (currently, I don’t feel like coding at home as well), if nobody tried it yet, that is. Then perhaps we can see whether it is easier to generate the rest of a mod based on the gathered/organized data.


Just for the fact, I already use a little automated C# script that parses all the entities of an unzipped smod and gives me a table of their names and tags. Then I paste the table in Excel and use filters to see items by tags, etc. Simple and helpful.


New version 0.18.2 for Stonehearth Alpha 18 stable 663 released !

  • Enlarged stockpile UI window, so every filters are visible without scrolling!
  • Added compatibility patch for Stonehearth Cafe 1.7

Yes, it’s true, a compatibility patch for Stonehearth Cafe 1.7 (cookmod) is available right now on Github and Dropbox!

Also, the Dropbox mirror for BS is back.


Gotta give this one a try :slight_smile: seems like a cool idea


Do i need both cookmod_bs and better_stockpiles.smod if i use café mod?