Maxim's Spell Book of Creations


Greetings Wizard Untrustedlife!

No, I am not making it in unity, perhaps later down the road, but for now, I am using a Magic tool that is similar with RPG MAKER, but for online.

Meaning you can make where other people join your world (mmo)

But for the most part, I am not going to continue doing it, though it would be fun, I am at this moment out of time, or short on it. So I am not sure as to when I will resume my creating on this world.

I hope this answer will suffice.


-Wizard Max-


I have been looking around and seeing everyone who joined around the same time as me having nicknames/titles…Now I am alone…Stuck among the newbies :frowning:

Damn it @SteveAdamo!


Salutations again good Wizard Newf

I am sorry to say this, but that would be incorrect regarding what you said about the opinionated, one can use facts to provide the contradiction, much like in philosophy most everything contradicts is self. Yet one can still argue with another regarding the topic, with facts.

I will give an example though this might not be a rely good one, but I will try my best for that.

Example: Life is worth living, one might say that, providing facts for it. However one might say this, to contradict the others statement also with facts. If life is worth living, how come people take there own life?

Though I know this is more with a question, but, most debate about philosophy I think start with a question, and one also contradicts the other with a question. (if that made sense)

Still, I do not know if you are interested to converse/debate about magic or not.


-Wizard Max-


I am interested but as to the how and when is what I am curious about. Skype hates me and @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 will hate us if we use the forums


that is rather telling, isn’t it… now, back among the common hounds with you! :dog: :dog2:


Pardon me good Wizard Newf!

I think I have completely misunderstood your statement about opinionated.

Are you talking about the rule tow, regarding the influence or your opinion of? (so to say)

If so, I now understand what you were referring too.

Sorry in advance if that was the case, if not, then you can discard this reply.

-Wizard Max-


Perhaps Killer of Unicorns? Maybe?


Greetings my good Wizards!

Now I know that sometime ago I said something about fire elemental, unfortunately I have been doing other things, and I forgot to create one!

Well, actually I got tired keeping up with the fire when I set up camp for the night, during my travels. Not only that, but I also got tired of cooking chicken over the fire, when the fire just goes out! so I decided to make my own fire…elemental.

Needless to say, the scribe who wrote the ingredients, decided to for get an important one, so when I created it, it apparently told me that it can never go out! Yes indeed, it is permanently there. I shouted “WHAT” so loudly that it got scarred, and ran, burning everything it set its…unmmm foot on? It burnt everything, including the forest that I was in, and my dinner, so now I have burnt chicken to pass me over.

Of cores,I had to make great efforts to chase that fire and calm it down.

So here is what it looks like.

Unfortunately since I made this fire to be alive permanently, I really can not get rid of it. So I decided to make it work for me, that way, instead of nonsensical fire, it gets to have a reason to be around, aside from the fact of cooking my chicken, well, lesson learned, read before create. Also check who did write it, seems like the scribe lacked the wit to put the last ingredient in.

Anyway, who would have thought that the fire elemental was sensitive?

I hope you enjoyed my adventure!

-Wizard Max-


I felt a disturbance in the universe, so I came running!


Greetings my good friends, it certainly has been a while hmm? Yes, you see unfortunately, I got sidetracked by a Pogoloth. Now for those that do not know what a Pogoloth is, it is good that you do not. They are like imps, but with more…character and have a bit more…bite to them.

Unfortunately a Kingdom was overrun by these horrid creatures that for whatever reason, really like…cardboard, So they set up a cardboard fortress. Now I know what you are thinking…a Knight should have been just fine taking care of this, but I must inform you, that is not the case. You see, a lot of knights tried! OH YES, they have…but every time one goes they never come back…EVER! Do you know why? EXACTLY! They did not ether, so this is why they called me.

You see, these creatures actually are very handing with magic…and so they trapped all the Knights in a two dimensional world, and hung them on the wall, like a picture! That is right! They turned them all into pictures. So now you see, I had a lot to work with, traveling to a two dimensional worlds is not easy you know, a bit of a problem, of such a three dimensional creature as my self. What was really interesting, is that they were able to work together so well, as well as traveling between two and three dimensions. They are normally not hostile creatures! And they don’t work together so well. I tell you, someone was working behind the picture…eh…no pun intended.

So there you have it! Rest assured, I have been following this Radiant Kingdom, it seem quite big now, grown have you?

Well, for now I shall keep a…watch on, get it? No? Eh well I must get going for now, let us have some tea next time hmm?

I hope you enjoyed reading my adventure!

(Burns away like fire, leaving only this written in smoke…and also a sock)

-Wizard Max-


I am glad you are back Wizard Max, I have missed you and your tales.


Welcome back @Maximus I missed your long fun posts :smiley:


Salutations everyone!

 It has come to my attention, and I am sure to yours, that I have not been active. It is very unfortunate, but I have been rather busy with Arch-Mage sort of things. In that, as wise as Wizard I am, I still have to learn new things, in fact, we never do stop learning do we? Well, I hope you don't anyway. 

I just wanted to say that I am…eh…halfway back? And that I might post some new stuff. I am very sorry that this has taken so long.

I do hope that all of you had a wonderful Summer, and I really hope that you will have a happy Halloween!

Your friendly,

-Wizard Max-


well… this is amazing… after quickly browsing this thread i am very happy that you necro’d it!

i look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us.


Welcome back dear wizard, I am excited about your return. And I can’t wait to hear about your latest findings.


Salutations everyone!

I must say, fall is certainly in the air, and I hope you are all wearing warm stuff when the cold front comes in!

Now I know all of you…eh most of you…alright maybe none of you, have wondered were in the world could this Wizard has gone to? Well, you see, it is a rather long story…but before I start, I should introduce myself again, it has been too long, and I think it would be best to show the new readers as to who I am.

My names is Wizard Max. I am formally know as The Friendly Wizard. You see, I am Wizard that loves to create thing and thus, I have titled this: Maxim’s Spell Book of Creations. I usually share my ideas with everyone on here…well, the adventures or misfortunes that I end up having, depending on how you look at it. If you are interested to know more about me…best way to do that is to 1. Read the top of this post ( I know it is rather long) or 2. just keep up with it. You can always come here and read some of my adventures over the week, though I must admit, I am a tad bit busy. I hope you will enjoy my misfur–eh adventures. Thank you everyone for reading and enjoying my stuff!

Now that is out of the way, I suspect you are eager to know about my adventures.

Well, it all started like this, after the fire elemental, I was summoned by the Council Of Penny. Yes I know, it is rather a strange name, I assure you, they are not actually responsible for some sort of copper piece of circle. You see, this kingdom they represent was started by the Queen Penny. Yes her last name was Penny. So that is how they got the name.

Back to what I was saying…I was summoned to investigate as to how to improved The University Of Magic And Matter. This was exciting to be part of, since, I in fact, have not studied magic formally. Being recognized by the Arch-Mage of that University was equal to be be getting a castle. Well…for Wizards anyway. By the way, I will explain later the different between Wizard and a Mage. People need to know, I get called Mage all the time. I am not a Mage! I will explain that in the next post perhaps. I grabbed my Magic Sack, and left for my ship that was awaiting at the shores.

Now I know what you are asking. Would it not be better to summon a dragon to ride on? Or a carpet? For the last time, I am WIZARD, NOT A MAGE! We can’t just summon things at of thin air. Magic does not work like that. Anyway, I get to my ship on time and everything, I get on…and BOOM! Out of thin air, a Necromancer appears! I thought I was getting delirious! But no, there he was! Not only that, but he demanded to take over the ship! Great! Just Great! Not only do we have a Necromancer, but now we have Necromancer Pirate? Yes, indeed, for a short time, I was kidnapped by these guys…

I fought them with everything I had! Unfortunate I was teleported to a strange realm. The realm was made out of strange puzzles that I had to solve. I encountered a Quizzical Goblin. Yes, this Goblin was there to test me. Should have I answered 3 out of 5 questions wrong, I would be burned, or turned into a chair! One of the questions was, What is Nothing? Now I know this seems like a simple question to answer, but I assure you, it was not. You see, I started the argument that the existence of nothing is something. The Goblin laughed and asked what? That is preposterous! Long story short, I told him to think of two spheres. One sphere is filled with slimedogs. (Goblins love slimedogs) The second sphere has nothing. You see, in the first sphere we have something, he laughed and said well of course! I went on… but the second sphere is still a sphere. Making it something. He thought about it…and thought about it…then thought more about it…scratched his head…then his scraggly beard…then he finely gave up. He opened up the portal and now I am back. It seems that the time has passed a lot faster then it did in the realm!

Now I have to still find my ship, no doubt that they have decorated it. In fact, I would like some help from you readers! I memory is not as good as I would like it to be, and I would like someones help in remembering what it looked like.

I will give you the details as to what I can remember, but you are going to have to draw up the thing yourself.

What I do remember is a white ship with gold trim all around the sides. It had two sails and a big wing fan on the back.
I am most sure that it also had dark wood for the floor, you are going to have to pardon me, I don’t remember what sort of wood it was. I hope you can help. I do need it back, it was a special ship to me. While you are all doing that, I am going to have to write up a big apology letter to the Council. Explaining my long unfortunate absence.

(I want to establish a small competition, I would like someone to design a Necromancer Pirate ship! There is no set time that this needs to be turned in by. We will just have a vote based on how many likes we have for the ships. I would like to have 10 likes. I hope to see some of you trying to make the ship, it would be most fun!)

Thank you for reading, without all of your likes and comments, I don’t think I would have had as much fun as I do. You guys are great!

Your friendly,

-Wizard Max-


well that was a very pleasant read, @Maximus, i’m glad that you were able to come back to this lovely community, and i cant wait to see what else you bring with you!

well there go’s the rest of my week! i’m assuming you want a voxel model of it, correct? now i’m no master at ship building… or voxel modelling… but i’ll do my best!


Greetings 8BitCarb!

Yes! That would be wonderful! I can’t wait to see all the ships! And I hope that others will join in!

Best of luck!

Oh I do hope I will find my ship.

-Wizard Max-


Salutations again everyone!

While I was writing my professing apology letter to the Council I was not quite sure how I would sent it! After sometime I decided to look into my Alchemical LAB. (Lamas At the Beach) I was sure I had some spare pidgins somewhere! After what seemed like an hour of looking, I stumbled upon my old project! Long time a go, I acquired some bat wings and a body, now before you start asking all sort of questions, yes, the experiment was safe, there was no harm done to the bats, the bats were already dead you see. I decided to make my own personal Pidgin Bat! After sowing the bat wings on and some soul melding from a lost Pidgin into the Bat, at last, my creation is alive!..

And now I will set him out to deliver the important message with hopes that it will return.

This was an old creation, I sometimes forget to share them, I do apologize. While I was away in that strange realm, I learned a few things and this is just one of the things I learned.

I hope to see you all soon!

Your friend,

-Wizard Max-


Salutations my good Wizard!

Today I decided to try out these Selfie Crystals that these new age kids doing, did not go as well as planned…

What? You thought because I am old I can’t do this?

Wizard always has a Selfie with his trusted staff!

I got so into it…

And that was the end of Selfies, because on that one, I actually hurt myself and my staff is unfortunately broken…
Well, that should say it all, I think I am going to leave the selfies to the new age…no more Selfie Crystals for me.

(Mumbles, dumb Selfie Crystals, who even invented these)

Thank you for watching!

-Wizard Max-