Maxim's Spell Book of Creations


Put me in the world! Also do you need help with models? If your using qubicle creator I can offer you some models


Salutations my great and powerful Wizards and Dog…Wizards?

First off, I am going to thank the people who have been sticking with me, I really do love striking up a wonderful magic conversations with you all.

To Newf, I must apologize my good friend, this will not being use Qubicle creator. This world only consists of only 2D like shapes. Much like the magical world of Zelda. I am sure you have great ideas, but I am more into, pixel sort of magic, in my world.

Now that is out of the way. I am going to present to you “EDT” which is a an acronym for Elemental Defense Tower.

So let me show you what it looks like…

Now I am sure some of you are confused, so then, let me explain what this would be used for, my good Wizards.

First off, this creation is going to be my first practical one, for practical use in the Stonehearth world, meaning my first mod. I want this to be implemented in to Stonehearth when it comes out as a mod. Now what this mods does for you?

Well before we answer that let us ask ourselves this. How strong is your defense system? Now let pretended that the world somehow got taken over by Goblins, yes indeed, they are a dumb creature. however let us say you build your nice little town and then built walls around it, I am sure that would be the smart thing to do, however, what do you think will happen when Goblins suddenly learned how to climb over the wall? I am sure you are now thinking, well, I will just build a bigger wall? Very well, that seems reasonable defense system, but then what will you do if they suddenly can climb longer then you anticipated?

This is where EDT comes in, EDT is developed so that If anything gets to close, it will get zapped by the manna that is concentrated to one point. making it very dense and then it is projected through the rune. Creating a lighting bolt like effect. I am not going to get in to this complex reasoning of this magic, since you all will have to study it eventually.

**NOTE: **This is a detailed explanation of the EDT system, please read before you scrap my idea for mod.

Now let us take a closer look at the EDT. As you might have notice you will see that there are some holes at the bottom of the tower, they are extra slots for different runes, as you might have guessed (for all the smart Wizards) It is based on four principles of magic. The current rune that is in front of the tower, is a basic rune of WATER, the other sides will fit, FIRE, AIR and EARTH. Yes, they can be all in the sockets at the same time, creating unimaginable power, that I do not even want to explain. However, you will have to know what it is that you are doing, if you have for example, Water and Fire together, it will create a new element, STEAM, steam would be then concentrated in to a dense point and projected, creating fog which then, fills the longs of the goblins with water, killing them. or you can quickly use the lighting, to zap them while they are wet so to say.

This works very well for every creature that wants to hurt you or destroy the town that you o so hard worked for, to build.

Note that it comes with the water crystal standard, but the rest you are going to have to mine or create.

I will later explain how to create the crystals that you will need to use for the tower, later. For now this is the basic concept of magic at the finest.

I almost forgot to say this, I created RDS Inc. A compony that needs some people who will help me to get this creation in to the world of Stonehearth. Like someone who knows what a souls is(code)

NOTE: RDS Inc. Is Runic Defense Systems Incorporated.

Sincerely, and with respect.

-Wizard Max-


Well, My dear friend I thing this is a beautiful idea but I have to say I do not believe in this manna and what not because I am a firm believer in Terry Pratchett’s laws and other such that he has discovered with his magical experiments.


Very well, but, there are several ways of obtaining the knowledge of magic, and there are several ways of manipulating, Magic. The theory’s of Magic can be explained many ways, obtaining manna is one way.

-Wizard Max-


using void magic may not require mana, and can even defies other basic laws.


Ignore them, whatever system works for you, you follow it, and may Ignis watch over you! erm…sorry, are you a follower of Gabrielle perhaps?..


Greetings again, good wizards.

I am follower of no one, I created my own theory of magic, that is all.

-Wizard Max-


But the question still remains, Would you have had any influences from the known publications of Great Wizards such as Terry Pratchett, George R.R. Martin, etc.?


Greetings Dog/Wizard Newf.

No, I have not had any influences from, Terry Pratchett, or George R.R.

I will say this, to clear things up. I had no influences from any Wizard, to form my idea about magic.

-Wizard Max-


Salutations my good Wizards.

I hope you all enjoyed the Alpha 1 of Stonehearth as much as I have!

I would love to say thank you to team of Stonehearth for working so hard at making this game come to life!

Now then, I have a small solution to people who have encountered a problem, where your workers stop working.

If you have this problem, press f3 I do not know what f3 does but, It in some way, resets them, to start working again.

NOTE: Sorry it seems to work sometimes, but sometimes it does not.

You are welcome!

-Wizard Max-


Salutations my good friends, and wizard!

Now I know that it has been sometime since I have showed any sort of my creation. The only thing I can say is, I am sorry, do to unfortunate circumstances, I have been doing my own worldly things.

I am sad to say, but the world that I was going to create, is going to have to be put off, unfortunately I am not the Wizard with the skills that is need, to create my own world. I will have to study more.

But, I have been traveling other worlds, though most of them have magic, some do not.

The name of the world that I have been visiting is “The Name Of The Wind” (book)

This world was created by Patrick Rothfuss, if anyone was interested to know.

I have also been visiting other worlds, that I can not even began to describe!

I suggest for all that likes books, to try this world out, it has a fascinating concept of magic!

On that note, I will now present to you my new creation!


Created from fusing a element called Sezaden, rare sort of element which is found in the heart of lava.

I fused the element with Carpa stone, which then made a half soul, meaning that it can not form its own thoughts, but it can obey commands!

It was on the chapter 40 titled The Automation of Wizards (subject alchemy)

Not sure if I am going to sell it or not, quite handy around my treehousetowermushroom, if you remember that.

Now that is said, I am sorry to say this, but I do not know as to when I will post my next creation, I am sorry that I am keeping up so slowly with this Stonehearth world. Now off to my other world, I am a busy Wizard!


-Wizard Max-


My dear gut sir (see what I did there), You are absolutely fine, we may be anxious, though we can wait, so do take your time our dear master of the magical arts. although I was wondering if you could make this scene pix-elated… cow sleeping in the street, delhi, india … Is it not adorable!!! it is so Cute! :blush:
P.S. @SteveAdamo put your kids in these and make it into pixel art! XD


take your time my good wizard… we’ll be here waiting patiently! :smile:


Your creations are amazing Wizard @Maximus
I also love the little stories.
Keep it up, I’ll be watching…maybe at some point I will show you some of my magical creations…once I learn how to use magic (aka quibicicle)

However I am gifted at the Use of magical codes to create anything I think of (I am a avid programmer) I am curious as to what brand of Magic(Programming language) you are making your world(game) in.


Ah! But Romulan 5th proved otherwise, In which demons who themselves have the tiniest fraction of a soul can form even more tremendous thoughts. Yet they have to obey their summoner. I would watch that Automaton if I were you, Ever wonder what happened to the foreign Dwemer in the far away land of Skyrim?

Those children look extremely unhappy…@KingMooCow Have you been kidnapping children again and dressing them up as cows!?


Salutations good Wizard!

I am always impressed with Wizards who understand the property of souls (Programing)

I wish I was as skilled with that art as you are, unfortunately I am not that sort of Wizard, and thus my skills are not as good as yours, actually, not good at all.

I am not using any sort of magic that requires soul mending, though I could use a wizard that can do so.

What I am using is a alchemically and soul mended tools that I did not create! Another Wizard or I should say Wizards that have made them. Made it possible to create your own world, with these tools. (program)

But, I am going to hold it off for now, until I have a better understadning of what I am doing with the soul (programming)

But, to speed things up, I could use a new Wizard who can understand that sort of magic, like yourself.

I did plan on making this world with three Wizards.

(Red Wizard) would be myself in charge of the wonders vibrant colors (graphic concept of the world)

I will also need a Wizard that can spin a world with literature! meaning he will assist me of do it himself or herself as they see if. Over all I have the general concept for how this world is going to be.

And the third wizard would be in charge of the soul mending (programing)

You can pick your own Wizard color if you would like, in short, I am sort of inviting you to create this world with me. Though I would say, that one would have to agree with each other in order for this world to be made.

Unfortunately I am not sure how much are people willing to donate there time for it. I see a world that is full of magic, I am just not sure other will see it, they way I do, and thus making a disagreements and nothing would get done.

The world is going to be started out with 2 dimensions for now, though we can later move to more of 3 dimensions. Perhaps using other magic tools (Unity and Qubicle as well as other 3D programs)

I in vision a world only based around Magic though there are going to be swords among other things.

I hope that sort of helped explain my concept of magic based for this world.

Right now I am still looking for personal Wizards (friends) that are close and I can interact with.

Sincerely, and with all respect,

-Wizard Max-


Salutations my good old friend Wizard Newf.

I most certainly see what you are saying, however this is where we provide the limiters, meaning, how much of commands you can provide as well as how much commands it can take.

Also, if you know how to modify the soul, you would know that half soul is not the same as full one.

Since I know how wise you are, I will look closer at it. Also, you must note, that if one does not have a heart, one can not rebel. You must have a heart for that to happen. One forms strong thoughts based on ones feelings from his heart, such as, anger, and love.

To clarify this, we know that assumption would not be part of the heart, knowing that it forms from your head. This is my own concept of magic that I have cam to understanding thorough much of study and research if my own doing.

I would love your input as well, we shall most certainly have a great wonderful friendly argument or a debate for lack of better word, between Wizards. I am interested to know as to what your concept of magic is.

That is assuming you know how to argue properly.

But just in case…

This is also my own sort of concept of argument. Or so I think this is how the argument should be held. Not really my own.

Let us say that bob here decided to call me a name during our argument, such as “you lizard eye eater” because I have contradicted his argument.

The argument now is agents me, in which case it is wrong, because I have done nothing wrong to him. Thus nullifying the argument, because now we are arguing about me, rather then about the topic of the table, which in our case would be “Different property and concepts of Magic” In short, no name calling in our argument. That is rule one

Rule two would be, before we start the argument both party will have to throw out any influence from other concepts of magic, meaning let us say that we are arguing about religion, and let us say that we are arguing about the new one called “The Dragons Mouth” and which people believe that Dragons are real and that they guide the world through there mouth that they speak, and thus saying that things get created when they speak, making them look like gods who have created this world.

So what I am saying is, you can not have your personal feelings, thus saying that you have to throw out any beliefs for that argument about the dragons if you were associated in that religion. Because then it becomes one sided. Rather then actually intelligent argument. (I hope that made sense)
That is if we were debating about what a God is or what a Dragon is.

Rule three(though this would mostly apply in person) that you let one finish his statement before you speak, should one start talking before the other one finishes it would create problems (much like politics to day, no one lets the other finish and they always call the other names)

Though online this would be much easier since we just write to each other back and forth.

Should one of us break one of these rules, we should cease the argument.
Because then we will start arguing about the other person who broke so and so rule.

Sincerely and with all respect, your old friend,

-Wizard Max-


Greetings wizards!

Before I depart, I am going to say sorry for any misspelling, to the Wizards that I have replayed too., I tried to edit, but it seems to be not letting me.

-Wizard Max-


So you are making the world in unity?

Which soul-mending-engine are you using currently? (eg unity/Quake etc.)


This is a common mistake to make but the emotions actually despite popular belief come from the glands…NEVER. GIVE. AN. AUTOMATON. GLANDS!!!

Also I believe what you are talking about there is an opinionated debate in which the sides can debate with each other but they can use opinions therefore not breaking the terms of the definition of debate. I am not even sure this statement makes sense…take everything with a pinch of salt.