Maxim's Spell Book of Creations

Salutations everyone!

I am Wizard Max.

I decided to look through some of my old spell books and I came across…

Well I came across something do to with Rock Elemental.

Though it requested a rock to be thrown through someones window…but that is miner detail.


Rock Elemental


i like this guy… not much in the way of constructive feedback, other than perhaps bring in the arms a bit (make them a little more snug with the torso)… i love that they are over-sized though…

and maybe tweak his eyes a bit, to really make them “pop” from the rest of his face? make them a more menacing purple perhaps? :smiley:

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Yes…his arms do tent to fall apart when they get too far apart from the crystals…that left arm almost killed me!

Thank you for taking a look at my creation!

I will have to go back and rework that spell.

-Wizard Max-

ahh… indubitably! should you find yourself running short, here is an extra eye of newt…


Salutations everyone!

Last Friday I decided it was time to harvest my pumpkins, on my small magical farm.

We all know that most wizards have farms.

The task became too dreadful, I can not stand here and harvest all day!

I came to a conclusion…it is time that I create a harvester!

Looking through my spell books I came upon a spell that lets me manipulate pumpkins, who would have thought?

Anyways I created this…


They are a bit annoying to work with…but they keep those pesky crows away! (yes crows apparently eat pumpkins, if it is a magical farm)


I took the liberty of transferring this to Stonehearth Kingdom. You are welcome.

he looks awfully intimidating… :slight_smile: is he carrying a scythe?

and i like how you have integrated the green from the stem in the rest of his body…

Loving the work Maximus, will add this to the Qubicle archive shortly.

That rock elemental would sit nicely with @Pepe’s [url]Ice Djinn [/url]. Keep it up!

Love your creations, although I feel like I should ask you for the models without the grid. To see what they’ll look like in the game? :smile:

Salutations Ghost!

Yes perhaps I should do that…although I saw most creations to be posted in grid form…I will compromise

I Do not talk to Ghost that often but when I do it is always nice to hear the history of there lives.

Oh I do so love dealing with Immortals!

Salutations everyone!

Unfortunately I could not get the Rock Elemental arms back together, It has something to do with weak crystal connection.

The good side of this is that I decided to recycle and made a wonderful back scratchier, or the most destructive staff in the world that I have ever created… you pick.

As requested from Ghost
Here I posted the wire version so you can see how I made it…just don’t ask me to get you the crystals, it was hard as it was to get them enjoy. (something to do with gnomes taking over a mushroom village)

(mumbles something…I will have to…yes I will have to reprogram the rock elemental…that thing destroyed my nice china cabinet)

-Wizard Max-

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Salutations My Friends lend me your ears and your eyeballs!

I was in the forest observing this particular plant. When out of nowhere a poor traveler came out bleeding and bruised!

He started saying things like (stop them…they have taken my wife)

As a good matured Mage I decide to help and heal him.

time moved on, as I was helping him, he said he wants to bring wrath on the people who took his wife, but he does not know how!

I Said to him…not to worry! (his name is will) I shall help you get your wife back…though I will not go with you, I will create something for you!

so I created this…


Wrath of Nature

lets you summon anything with nature property’s, whether it will help you or destroy you I do not know…good luck with that! (I probably should not have given him that sword)


Thank you my good friend!

-Wizard Max-

Something that magically moves:



Greetings everyone!

I decided to go back and take a second look at my old spell book Chapter 6 page 24 Rock Elemental.

Apparently if you do not hit some one when you throw the rock through some ones window…the rock elemental just goes crazy!

Anyhow here is my second attempt… enjoy!


Battle Mode

Oh! I managed to add a battle mode to him…but now this pile of rock is annoying he wont shup about battle mode If he can see it its a threat…(Rabbits, Gnomes, Dogs, Cats, etc…)


This could be an evolution of the first one.


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Yes…looks magical…just so long it does not start walking in my house and blowing things up!

-Wizard Max-

You could make a 3th evolution of this monster but
make it come alive far from your wizards tower,
just in case he’s evil.


Yes…perhaps in the future…but for now I am preoccupied with some…problems…someone let a daemon out and I have to go do something about it.

Honestly…you tell everyone you are a wizard and they come crying to you when they screw up with the spells!!

-Wizard Max-

Here it is rotating!