Maxim's Spell Book of Creations


Bob-omb!!! Where’s Mario when you need him?


Good afternoon everyone!

I have decided to release my old creation or summoning whatever, miner details. I summoned, The First Daemon, it took me some time conjuring up this…thing

I needed it for some ingredients that only daemons can get. Time was short so I had to make a decision ether get an elderly woman to do it (yes they can get the stuff as well…but we know the rules don’t talk to strangers when they are elderly, they could be a which!) or summon a daemon…it was easier to summon a daemon then look for and elderly woman! (believe it or not)

Anyways here is what I summoned…


massive, massive improvement! his arms look like they belong to the torso, his hands look more intimidating, and those eyes are a huge improvement… such a difference one voxel makes!


i see you caught the demon,
but is he still a danger for us?




Yes…I did decide to take your advice…after all wisdom can be acquired through others!

Thank you for such complimenting words!

Stay tuned next creation might be a bit scorching, I have to go on an adventure to get “scorching heart”

-Wizard Max-


you are quite welcome… certainly looking forward to next week’s heat wave… :smiley:


Salutations fellow wizards and some other people!

I am Wizard Max! (I am sure you already know that)

After a long search, I have finely acquired a dragons tear, looking through some spell books, I have found one about water dragons, It seems that you can make interesting things with a…Oh forget it, me boring you with my intelligence is like telling someone that you can win 1Million dollar lottery if you start shoving magical mushrooms though the lottery machine.

(pleas don’t shove any magical mushrooms through the machine it does not work…I have tried it… )

anyways here is what I made…

Just don’t ask me how I made the dragon cry…

(Seriously how do you even make a dragon cry?)


i dont have a clue what he is, but i like him! my initial feedback would be in regards to the coloring… i realize he’s a water being, but if possible, perhaps incorporate some deeper shades to add some depth… or even something in the green spectrum? and there is something a little off about his hands… while certainly imposing, they seem to have some extra bulk… really like where this is headed though… :slight_smile:



Yes…I do think his hands (or something of that sort) do look a bit bulky, I will have to go back and rework the spell!

(Great…you make people a water elemental and they complain about his hands!)

I also for got to mansion this in the description that he is a water elemental.


Yesterday i traveled to the deps of mordil,
i saw lava everywhare!
i finally found the old statue of a fire god,
i could take his sword and leave!

As soon as i toke it the ground started
shaking and things came out of the lava!

My firepowers didn’t work against them,
My magical arrows did just break against their
stone body.
I had to just get out of there.
I made a run for it,
i saw the exit,
the ground was still shaking,
i made it out and the cave-entrance
collapsed right behind me.
So now i have an awesome firesword.
Tell me some of your adventures wizard maximus.




Yes…I will have to tell you one some day, but for now I am recreating the water elemental.

I do so love your adventures! pleas do proceed to tell me more!

(The fire sword and the firepower looks great, let me know when I can exam its magical properties)

-Wizard Max-


Talking about elementals,
i found this magical photo of
an earth elemental that i fought years ago.

I have to find my diary before i can tell the story.
And i can’t wait to hear some of your stories maximus!



The water elemental seems to have grown a second pair of hands under his core, they look like tiny raptor claws. So adorable!


Salutations everyone!

I have ran in to a problem where a solution was a must!

The water elemental could not keep it self together…and the flood insurance is really expensive!

After some pondering on how I can improve my water elemental, I have come to a conclusion!

It turns out that I had the dragon tear backwards!

anyways here is how I improved it…enjoy


Greetings Chickenfried!

It can never go bad with extra pair of hands!

(OK, maybe you will get ridiculed and laugh at but hey! you can now shake four hands at the same time!)


Salutations Wizards!

After a long journey and dealings with the elemental I decided to take shelter at Black Hallow Marsh, where one of the gnomes took me in, of cores I had to shrink myself but it worked out quit well!

This is the…err…house that he resides in…

NOTE: I will be staying with him for 3 days or so…I will see you on Thursday!


Finally found my diary!




Ahh…yes I see this must be your profound works that you keep track of!

Well done! I can learn much from your travels!

-Wizard Max-


Salutations everyone!

I have returned!

I am sure you all know, that I was staying at the gnomes house in black marsh for 3 days.

As I was staying there, we…encountered rather troublesome problem, apparently my invite was not random!

The gnome knew me and of my magical knowledge, so he took the opportunity to invite me in.

The gnome was having problems with Blue Flame Ghost, It hunted his house and took things like candles, chairs, books, his wife! (no wait, scratch that out his wife already knew how to hover)

The house it self would hover for some time!

The poor guy could not go to sleep with all of that noise . So I thought…what could have such behavior as the imps do!

As we stated earlier that it was a Blue Flame Ghost!

This is what they look like…

Looking thorough some of my spell books I found a page about this sort of entity.

After a long chase and running around we captured it, turns out they are lost children’s souls!

I decided for all the trouble that it made, I would put it to good use…

I made a wonderful staff, don’t worry he is more comfortable then it looks.

It will serves me until it is sorry for its behavior! (you would be surprised of how much pride he has, he would rather serve me then apologize…oh well)

Now I will never need a torch or build a fire!

The flames never die out!


Salutations everyone!

I have decided to release my first Old Book Of Elements!

Be advised that this is to be used for education purposes only! I am not responsible for what you summon or destroy.