Maxim's Spell Book of Creations


Salutations adventurers!

Last moon day I decided to go on an adventure. But before I went on the adventure I did some studding on this hero, who is named Gilded Dragon.

The name comes form a dragon who had black body and gold scales.
The dragon saved this hero from grips of death and trained him in dragon arts.
After long while the dragon decided it was time to let the hero go he was ready to enter the world where dragons can not dwell. But before the dragon let the hero go he decided to give a hero parting gift, a sword which was forged from the dragons breath and armored with golden dragon scales.

(Skipping to page 123)

In Cruso of 896 this hero was praised for defeating the Xanor Empire.
Xanor Empire was vast and ruthless, It killed anyone who stood in its way.
For whatever reason The Gilded Dragon decided that he would challenge the war leader Nemar one on one, he won the fight.
Shortly after he defeated the Xanor Empire, he disappeared, and left his sword, no one knows where he went.
After some time people decided to build him a crypt.

(Now skipping to page 256)

Let me tell you about the crypt.

Now I am going to brake it down a bit for you, lets take a closer look at the casket shall we?

If you look carefully you will see that there are ribs on each side, that my adventurers are pins that hold the casket down…each rib represents a clan that The Gilded Dragon lead in to battle to destroy Xanor Empire. There are 30 ribs, that includes the claws. The claws represent the generals who helped him organize the army. They say that when he lead the army it was formed in to a body like of a dragon.

Now lets take a closer look at the sword…

As you can see the sword was designed for easy access as well as for looks, he always wanted to see his sword to make sure it was sharp. On the inside of the sides of the sheath there is a special rock that always sharpens the blade when he pulls it out.

I am going to pull it out fully and show you something…

If you look closer you can see the Red Diamond, yes that’s right I said Red Diamond, as I am sure you have guessed that it is the most rare gem in the world, it was created from the dragons claws. This sword is a very fine one, it is always sharp and it cuts the enemies and burns there body’s, it said in the history that there was no body’s left from the strike of the hero sword.

Now that is the history lesson for you! enjoy

Thank you for reading!

-Wizard Max-


Not only can you use qubicle, you can tell a story!



Thank you for taking the interest in reading my “history”

Do tell me when you have time, about your adventure story, I am always interested in hearing the adventures!

-Wizard Max-


Wizard @Maximus You really have a most wonderful Magical Collection I really think you should conjure up a module for the Game when it comes out!!!
P.S. Keep this Gallery Going PLEASE!!!


Salutations good friend!

I will most certainly do so!
Stay around, my next creation is going to be …dark!

-Wizard Max-


P.S. Sorry I just needed to do that :smile:


Salutations Dear Wizards, Adventurers and other sort of people…goblins?

Firs off I will have to say I am sorry, I have been so busy with creating things that I forgot to show them!

Now that’s out of the way, lets get started!

I for some time wanted to dive in too…the dark arts!

Now, now, I know what you are thinking OH NO he is going to be a Necromancer!!

I say nonsense! I am not a necromancer…but I do like exploring all sort of knowledge be it good or evil!
Knowledge is knowledge, if you are a true student of knowledge then you will not let some sort of gossip about how Necromancy is evil to stop you from exploring all sort of magical property’s. The only reason people frown upon this subject, it is because, they are too dim witted! (or just very scared)

I was reading an old book I found in some guys back yard…apparently his plants kept dieing and his chickens keep going crazy. he asked me to look in to it!
Turns out it was this…

A book that belonged to a Necromancer? titled as "The Book of Bones"
Now this was interesting!

Now before I can go on I will tell you this, I have a friend, his name is Skully. Skully is a necromancer. Good friend, we always have competitions as to who can create the most ugly looking creation that you ever let your eyes on! but he would always win. well NOW I have some back bone! I can now certainly win!

on chapter 3 page 36 named "Leftovers"
it talks about a skull guardian and how to create one!

anyways this is what I came up with…

It also talks about a staff that can control them (I have some how miss placed it) but for now this will do, keeps the annoying kids away during the Halloween for trick or treating. Poor old people (like me) can not get a peace of mined with the darn kids running around ringing the door bell, do they ever get tired?


Also, do comment, I like when people post there stuff on here and comment about there work as well as my.

-Wizard Max-


@Maximus Brilliant models but the skeleton does’nt really fit in with the natural feel of stonehearth in other words I think it is not ‘blocky’ enough otherwise you have made amazing models maybe I shall have to come visit you sometime in my Private Yacht



yes, perhaps, I will look in to what I can do!

-Wizard Max-


Gratings wizards!

Took me some time too look for the staff, but it was all with out luck!

However, it does let you know, as to how to create your own, should you want to!

here is what I made…

Thank you, and enjoy!

-Wizard Max-


Salutations wizards and adventurers!

It has been some time, since I have posted anything to do with my creations and as to what I am creating.

I am sorry to have kept you waiting, on the bright side, I have something for you!

The truth is, I have been very busy creating my house…more or less.

so here it is…

Now now, I know what your are thinking…what the heck did you even make?

Well you see, as I was building, I thought to my self, I love towers…and I would love to live in one…but then I thought…I like tree houses…so that would be great to live in also…but then I thought I wanted some mushrooms…because I was very hungry…(no wait scratch that, I was not in control…you see my stomach sometimes posses me) anyways, what I was saying was that I would also like to live in a big mushroom.

So I named it Magical-tower-tree house-mushroom Or all together, Magicaltowertreehousemushroom! (try to say THAT 10x fast!)

anyways enjoy!

Of cores you can also buy this from me for say…1000000 Mushrooms! (half a mushroom is not a currency, stop giving me have eaten mushrooms, or I will turn you in to a flying book!)

-Wizard Max-


the rock elemental is awesome, all your models are really good, wish I was that good!



I have taken a look at your art and I must say, I am not sure what you are talking about “I wish I was that good!”

You are most certainly acceptable artist, and If I did not know better I would say you are A+ wizard in your creations!

I will now go back and take a closer look at that dragon! (also like everything of yours!)

-Wizard Max-


Salutations everyone!

I have decided, after further studying my spell book, that I will attempt to fuse “Red Diamonds” with a demon eye staff that I have made, so here it is…

After it became…“Alive” It would not leave me alone, it follows me everywhere I go, much like baby animals, if they see you, well, lets just say you are a mom now.

Do comment and post your creations on here, I like when people communicate and talk about there art!

-Wizard Max-


For things more evil (or demonic if you prefer) maybe add a darker backround. A necromancer doesn’t look right in solid white because you’d see him in the dark. Hey maybe (when they get a particle system made) you could always have a sort of dark shroud/fog around evil things.


Salutations good friends!

First and foremost, I have to apologize to you. I have been very busy doing all sort of experiments. And I Have completely forgot about all of you.

Now to busyness, I have been working on something interesting, I have decided to try and make a set of armor, but not just any armor, as you guessed it, it is a set of enchanted armor. One that can not be damaged buy simple blade, infarct, a basic iron sword (if it should be swung at the this set of armor) would break in half destroying the weapon completely.

So far I have only succeeded in making the helmet. So here it is…

The name I am going to give this armor is QR-Crystal. (Quick Rejuvenating)
Much like your skin, if you get scratched, your body heals that scratch.
This armor is similar (accept 4x faster at doing so) do to the crystal it has in it. The crystal is infused with lots of WILL or if you like it better Magic.
However, overtime you will have to replenish this power, a simple Wizard can do it for you if you lack the magic.

Here is the open face helm should you end having hard time to breath…

Do not worry about the eyes, they are just for the looks.

As always, enjoy.

-Wizard Max-


Nice model but you might want to make it bigger so it fits the head of the normal stonehearthian citizen, At first glance I thought you made some sort of magic piggy bank



This armor is not for the fitting of the citizen of Stonehearth, I do not really like the concept of the Stonehearth version of the armor, I think it should be a bit smaller, so I did that. In the future I will make a Stonehearth version for the citizens, when I make a mod.After I finish with my own version, I will work it out to where it fits more of the Stonehearth Kingdom.

I think I am going to try to make my own game sometime later in the future, so this might be part of my kingdom or world.

Thank you for the feed back my good friend!

-Wizard Max-


i like the helms… they sort of have a Lich King vibe about them… :+1:

my only critique would be to add some “depth” to the flat portion on the rear of the helmet…


Salutations friend!

Thank you for such an excellent comment and feed back!
I have taken your critique in to consideration, and I will add the depth to it, you see as I was making it…i ran out of metal, but no problem, I will just melt some of my forks and spoons.

-Wizard Max-