Maxim's Spell Book of Creations


Greetings my good wizards!

As you may know from my previous post, I have been working night and day on this QR-Crystal armor.

Finely lady’s and gentlemen it has been done! it is now finished!

so take a look!

While I was working on the armor, I decided that I will add some accessory’s if you will…

Do comment!

-Wizard Max-


It looks a bit too square so maybe you should make the body a little bigger just to get rid of the fact that the head looks too big


im not sure the head is too big… maybe the feet need to be bumped out a voxel or two though, to make him look like he wont topple over…

i am really liking the new sword and shield though! definitely intimidating… :wink:



Thank you for your comment, but I like the way it looks at the moment, and if you look at the Stonehearth soldier, you would see the the head is bigger then the body.

But do keep stopping by and comment, I like when people interact!

Also, perhaps I do not understand what you are trying to say, would you like to make one and post one on here just so I can get the general idea? While you are at it, if you would be so kind as to add a grid version to the post, I would like to see your creation in detail!

Thank you good friend!

-Wizard Max-


Well at least his face is protected now, it’s a good model, and would the crystals on the armor be the critical hit areas?


As a thought, the back of the helmet seems a bit plain personally, but I wonder how it would look if you hard-pressed some runes into it (since scratching won’t have any effect) ?


Whilst I have nothing of value to add to the current thread, I just wanted to say thankyou for maintaining this level of enthusiasm and performance as Wizard Max …

That is, unless you’re a real wizard…


Salutations Geoffers!

Thank you for your complementing words!

I am Wizard Max, (or Artist, whatever small detail) I also think that you are a Wizard (Artist) your self! be you know it or not.
We are all Wizards in some form or another, if you can create something in some form, then you are Wizard in my book.

As for the Question, more or less. "That is, unless you’re a real wizard"
I wish I could escape in some way to another world where wizards reside and dragons are real, don’t we all? I wish WE all could escape to a world that we created as a kid, (though you may have forgotten it) where misery and sadness does not dwell, only adventures.

-Wizard Max-


Salutations my good Wizards!

At first I will have to apologize for my unnoticed leave if you will, I have been very busy with things on my end.

Now I am back more or less, I am excited to share with you my new creation, though I was gong to release it on the Friday of the 13, however unfortunately I did not get it done till after the 13th, do to the fact that on that day my unfortunate fortune happened, like that fact the all the souls that I have collected for my experiments have escaped.

Now before you start saying things like, “you are tormenting souls? what is wrong with you!” I will let you know that these souls are evil, yes indeed they have killed countless Wizards! well, something of that sort, also before you ask “why are you experimenting with evil souls?” it sort of happens by accident in which I am not in liberty to discus.

“BUT!” no buts, my statement is clear! and that is the end of the conversation young Wizards!

Anyways, I could not just go out of my way collecting thousands for souls, so I created this…

On Chapter 55 page 666, (I know what you are thinking, page 666? I did not write the book whoever did, seems to have some sense of humor ) anyways, it will take a while to collect them back, but, I implemented a soul in to it so it can sense souls around too capture!

Do tell me of my creation, and do not be shy to post your own collector!

I am also having a dilemma with my tower, you see I am tying to put in some new walls in my tower but I just can not decide do I want it red or blue?

-Wizard Max-


I can’t believe I am just now finding this thread. You have me spellbound Wizard @Maximus. I look forward to hearing about your next adventures!


Blue! The color of magic in my opinion.



I’d be interested in this reasoning for having thousands of evil souls around for experimenting. Hmm, maybe that’s where those collectors get their souls.


Also the color of lightning and energy blue is.


Salutations, splicepoint, Scroching Raider and Xavion,

I am most thankful for you wonderful feed back. I am glad that you have stumbled upon my thread, it is always good to see new faces!

-Wizard Max-


Salutations my good Wizards and others (such as adventures and princess)

I am Wizard Max.

Now I am sure that most of you know about me, but some who are new, I would like to welcome you to my Spell book of creations.

Yes, indeed, when you click on this, you have been transported in to my magical spell book. With that said, I will also say to those who do know of me, that I am so happy to be back with you, my wonderful friends.

Now that is out of the way, I will also apologize for my absents, I did not mean to vanish with out a word, you see, I have unfortunately had to deal with death in my family, my grandfather has passed away, and so I could not bring my self to come to you with my grieving heart, for I might have just started creating and transforming you, in to strange objects.

With that on your thoughts, I will now present you with my new creation, more or less, a part of it.

You see on the chapter 107 that discusses nature property, I have decided to create a nature element out of an old mana tree, or, well, a head for now. (boy does it get annoying when it does not stop talking about the weather) So here it is. Enjoy.

I am also sorry in advance if my creations have lost some “fire to them” as they say, I am still dealing with another death that has taken my Dog. Two actually.

I will try my best to express my creations like I used to.

-Wizard Max-


Welcome back Max, and I am truly sorry for your loss…
But on a brighter note, I’m really loving this head. The leafy goatee is a nice touch. Can we expect to see the rest of the body anytime soon? I think Stonehearth really could use some Treant titans, or even a treant overhaul.


Salutations my good friend, Paranundrox.

I will most certainly, finish my creation, I always do!

Also I do thank you for your wonderful comment, and a heart warming sorry.

-Wizard Max-


Greetings! Good Wizard!

Your Tales have been as Entertaining as the Knowledge is Bountiful itself! n.n

Perhaps we can exchange spells some time, I am always looking to upgrade my Fire Arsenal for those times when the situation demands a little more oomph

Anyways, I, too, have been researching the Divine Magics of this world. I am studying the Polytheistic Manor of Elementalism over on the book right over yonder, so maybe you can join me sometime if you have the time!

I suppose I must go now, it has been a pleasure, and by the way, I have placed a charmed bookmarker to let me know of future updates, I look forward to them, untill next time!


I like to dabble in the arts myself sometimes, you know. I wasnt always a talking dog with a human brain, Sleeping in the alley next to the pointy hatted people’s college was a very BAD idea. I must know this spell, It would be so easy to just magic up a tree to pee on instead of having to go look for one.


God Bless ya my Friend @Maximus I wish the my most solemn apologies to ya. Also Great creation my friend.