Maxim's Spell Book of Creations


Salutations my good friends.

First of all, I am going to thank you, PyerStarite, Newf, and KingMooCow, for such sincere comments, and replays.

Now that is out of the way, I have teleported here, to let you know that I have created some body and legs for my nature elemental, (great, now he walks and talks about the weather, when will he ever stop, I am getting a splintering headaches!)

Here it is…

Do tell me what you think of my magical creation!
Also, do not be afraid to suggest some things, perhaps even your own creation of the nature elemental.

-Wizard Max-


I have tried this spell out already and his legs are like twigs!!! The ent I summoned’s legs broke when he took his first step, they were too thin and weak. Also while I like the touch I think he may look better without the hole in his chest (I suffer from something like it and not only does it prevent lady friends but its also the reason some teenagers cant swim because they are too afriad of taking their t-shirt off) I think the chest would look better flat (Including the removal of the bit of leaves below his ‘hole’)


I swear Maurice was a cat…


But have you ever heard of Gaspode?

I have been messing around with parallel dimensions and upon using a new spell I was sucked into a swirling purple vortex (Portal) And I plopped down in another dimension where I found this lovely lady, The Magma Baker

The almost exact opposite of the Magma smith, She was willing to follow me back to my own dimension (We dogs are quite persuasive), I have trapped her in a cage and have been studying her, She seems to bake delicious cakes and goods and then uses her ‘Magma Mittens’ as I call them to pull them out of the fiery depths of hell where they are baked.


Kinda late but sorry for your loss Maxim.


Salutations my good wizards!

I have been doing something more then creating creatures, so I am going to apologize in advance for my absence again.

I will still creat some creatures from time to time, but my time is sort of divided. You see I have been…well, I have been creating a new world, (a game).

I am just stopping by and saying that im a still alive, but I have been doing some other stuff, so, no new creatures yet, but do not fear! I am a wizard after all!

I am right now decideing as to what to use for my next creation, It seems I have not created an Air element, yes I think I will start with that.

Oh, I almost for got, I still need to finish my nature elemental. That will have to be done first.


-Wizard Max-


Salutatioins again my good wizards.

I felt really bad about leaving you empty handed, so I decided to show you my, creation, not so much as a creature, more of a statue of me, an elegant one!

Ofcorse I also got tired of creating just creatures, so I wanted to creat something that is not living, I hope.

So here it is…

Now I know what you are thinking, (who in the world makes a statue of themselves?)

I will asure you that I am not a selfish as you think I am, well I hope not.

Also you might want to know that this statue hovers, so that is why you do not see legs. And also becaue when I made them, they walked out on me. I know, I know, I was frustrated as much as you are right now. The story goes like this, I wanted a different pose to see what one I would like best, so I casted the “alive and kicking” spell, unfortunately the spell back fired and they became a lot more alive and a lot more kicking then I wanted them to.

You should have seen my expression when they walked out. How dare they walk out on me? I just about grabbed the news paper and smaked the legs, but they ran. Since then I could not find them, unfortunately.

Who knew that rocks have there own minds?
Now we can not say the phrase “dumb as a rock” becauce now we know that rocks are actually intelligent.

(walking out on me like that, mumbles mumbles)

Thank you for reading.

-Wizard Max-


Tell us about this new world oh great wizard!


Salutations, my good friend Newf!

All in time, I will tell you about it when it is done, or close to it. Unfortunately it is, a secret.

-Wizard Max-


I cast a spell of Telling Secrets, You are now forced to reveal all your secrets!


Max my Friend you’ve out done yourself once again Congratz!
also my Good friend have you thought about makeing a murloc?

Feel bad for the murloc.
Also Save the Murloc’s!


First Cows, Now Murlocs


Sadly your spells have no effect.


I turned myself into a dog didnt I?


I thought it was the men in the spiky hats?


My fault I went near those guys, Therefore you would say I got myself turned into a dog.


Oh Wizard Max it’s lovely to see you again!

It’s a shame your statues went missing, perhaps you can use @Newf to track them down? I hear dogs have a great ability to find things, although @Newf’s abilities are yet untested so … it might end badly for all involved.

Keep us updated fair wizard!


I can smell bacon on the other side of the globe, Pants not so much.


Salutations my good Wizards.

I must say, I did not expect ten reply’s, thank you so much for the feed back, my good friendly Wizards.

Now then, since you all are so of interest on to this world I am creating, I will tell you this, I have unfortunately encountered a problem. My word fell apart, do to the fact that the foundation(engine) was not built well. I will tell you this though, I am going to have to restart the building, and I am OK with this. Since before I had no idea as to what I was doing. I now know how to start, faster and better at this world. Now then, I will tell you this as well, the world is all based on magic, that is the only hint I can give you. This world is going to be free to roam in. You will have to buy nothing. It is all free, since I did not create the engine. I hope you will enjoy it, in the mean time, I am going to as well make some new creations out of my spell books, yes indeed, I am still a student of magic, despite the fact that I have mastered everything.

NOTE: I did not build the engine, but I did buy the upgrade license for it.


Can’t wait for some more models and some more details of the world you’re creating