Behold, the bringer of life! (Aka the Summoner/Ritualist) (version 0.8)

Early work in progress

Hey guys, this is my first qubicle creation! I mostly stole the mage’s model and tweaked it a little bit!
I haven’t got a weapon yet, and haven’t got summons yet either! It’s just the summoner himself!

It’s still 0,8 because I’m not happy enough with the whole robe… I need to find a pattern for colours or something!

Supportive criticism is welcome!

The purple crystals on him are like power crystals! And I gave him these eyes because I thought that would give him a bit of mystery!

Mutliple minor edits : grammar mistakes and typo('s)

Edit: better render gif and images (imo)[quote=“Froggy, post:6, topic:2040, full:true”]
I like what you did to my hood.

I totally forgot! The credit of the original mage model I used goes to Froggy ^^ Thank you!


keeping this one for summons

Options in mind are at the moment:

  • Small flying ghost/spectre
  • Bigger chained/bound spirit (like the ritualist in Guild Wars)
  • Or a weird idea that occured to me is that he might find a dead enemy, like a goblin / elemental and he scribbles something down in a book (see post about weapons) which makes him able to summon that creature.

and this one for weapons

At the moment I’m still thinking about what kind of weapon I should give him!
These options are playing my mind :

  • Two handed staff
  • Wand in one hand and a closed book in the other
  • Open book in his hands/floating in front of him

Suggestions are welcome :smile:

Interesting… But he looks a lot like a Warlock.

excellent first effort @Ghost … i like the color palette for the robe too, but agree you need to break it up a bit with an emblem/pattern, or perhaps use some of the lighter purple elsewhere?

i think he might have something other than leather gloves and boots as well… something more in line with his lofty station… :smile:

I like what you did to my hood.

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hmm, and what do you think I can do to make him/her more … unique and summony like? I was thinking about that purple… and yes I get what you mean… Might make it a bit more blue-ish… but then I’m afraid it might look too much like a rip off from the ritualist in GW.[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:5, topic:2040”]
i think he might have something other than leather gloves and boots as well… something more in line with his lofty station…

Yes, I was thinking about golden gloves and boots? hmm?

@Froggy I totally forgot ^^ I edited the first post to give you credit ^^

Thanks! As I said in my PM to you, I’m grateful for the mention. I made those templates so that people like you can get started in Qubicle. Qubicle can be a little bit daunting at first so having a template to tweak and fiddle with really helps learn the ropes, as it did for me with the Carpenter template that was uploaded many weeks ago.

Quick question! I made the tail of his hoody a bit longer… but does this make him look too much like Majin Buu?

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I think it is a bit too long now, especially as it is flat starting from where it leaves the head.

Regarding colors you can try a tool to define complementary colors, like this one. For me that’s always nice to get some ideas around fitting colors.

@voxel_pirate thanks for the advice! I’ve been working with that tail for ages but can’t seem to get it right… Still in-experienced I guess haha :smiley: I’ll work with the short version till I figure something out, hence I like it alot when it’s a bit longer

What if you move the lower part of the tail more towards the neck, so it is less an extension which is growing from the highest point of the head. This way you might have the chance to keep it broader where it leaves the cape and reduce the diameter till the end of the tail?

@voxel_pirate Great advice, I’ll check this out later!

Looks really wicked, but that tail is screaming “jester” at me… maybe you could try something more cliche like a pointy cone?

i.e. picture of a wizards hat

i love it! reminds me the minions from League of legends :heart:

I would love this to be in game,I am really into summoning and the sort.Also I love the eyes and colors of the hood.I think maybe a medium length at the back would work,like in between the 2 hoods you have tried.

Hmm, this might be an good idea, will try it out! [quote=“jonyon54, post:15, topic:2040, full:true”]
i love it! reminds me the minions from League of legends

Never played LoL haha, hopefully it isn’t too much of the same :blush:

Thanks I will try this :smile:

no, it isn’t :


Hey guys, I’m going on holiday tomorrow and I wont have time to work on the model… So I’ll be gone for like 10 days… After that I’ll continu

Enjoy the vacations!