Book of Elements: Act 1: Creation

Act 1: Creation

Day 1: Fire

…At the Beginning of time, there was nothing. A black void, occupied by emptiness. Then a figure named Ignis appeared and created the spark, a glowing ball of heat and light to occupy the void. This was the First day. and then Ignis went to rest.

Day 2: Water

the Spark stood quietly warming the void, glowing and leaving a radiation in the atmosphere, then Undine appeared and wrapped the Spark in rolling waves of oceans, putting out the fire and forcing it under the rock that formed. This was the Second Day, and then Undine went to rest.

Day 3: Earth

…the oceans that covered the spark cascaded endlessly over an infinite blue void that never rested, crashing, lapsing, tossing and turning for eternity, then Terra appeared and mountains rose out of the sea and became soft. This was the Third Day, and then Terra went to rest.

Day 4: Life

the Spark laid barren and unfruitful. Jagged Spires dominated the rocky landscape, then Vita appeared and life emerged from the soil and painted the land vibrant shades of green, then the trees bore fruit and the animals ate from it. This was the Fourth Day, and then Vita went to rest.

Day 5: Light

the Spark lingered in the might of the void in a pitch black veil that covered the land and expanded over the seas, the sky was left empty and the surface was left dark, then *** Rya*** appeared and cast a great orb into the void and illuminated the surface creating light so all beauty could be admired. This was the Fifth Day, and then Rya went to rest.

Day 6: Gale

…the sun watched over the Spark providing a warmth and glow to the surface, but the void still held a powerful presence over the landscape. The void loomed over the spark with an increasing appetite, then Scylla appeared and cast a light blue veil over the sky to cloak the world and cast out the void forever. She then dotted the sky with clouds that treaded the winds and birds to acompany them. This was the Sixth Day, and then Scylla went to rest.

Day 7: Moon

the Spark sat in the safety of the sky and warth of the sun, but the sky and sun grew weary and tired, even the creatures of the land grew exhausted. Then Anima appeared and the moon rose and let the sky and the sun rest. The sun set and the sky faded and the void peeked in on the world once more, So Anima cast a great net made of many lights into the sky and created stars to prevent the void from entering. This was the Seventh Day, and then Anima went to rest.

Day 8: Peace

…All I really need for this part is all the elements fighting each other and Gabby comes and makes all calm

The Untold 9th day : Void

…All I need here is Avi getting jealous and greedy and sending her forces onto the surface during the night

Currently Known Elements and Their Deities:

Fire - Ignis
Water - Undine
Earth - Terra
Life - Vita
Light - Rya
Gale - Scylla
Dark - Anima
Mana - Gabriela
Ice - Kayi
Metal - Mercury
Void - Voro Avi


Those were chapters?!

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Yes, they were chapters, I know, they’re short, it’s hard to make stuff like this longer.

You know, my personal opinion as a writer is that chapters can be any length, so long as they are long enough to move the piece forward.

However, those were not chapters. Those were barely paragraphs.

Well do you have a better name for them? >.>

Why do they even need names?

To be honest, they should be longer, regardless of their name.

I know they’re supposed to be longer! What else am I supposed to put in it?!

It’s hard being a writer. :stuck_out_tongue:

writing is indeed difficult, but it can be quite enjoyable at the same time… as opposed to just sitting down, and writing the first thing that comes to mind, perhaps you can try “mapping out” what you would like to convey in your “pieces”…

thing of an overarching theme, central characters, conflicts, emotions you want the reader to feel with your writing… you get the idea… :wink:

@UlyssesKnapse, i didnt know you wrote… would you mind sharing some of your work? :smiley:

It’s not my best work, but it’s the first piece I’ve made public.

I’ve attempted to write novels before, but I couldn’t get very far (the writing… it dragged on and on), so I decided to write short stories and fanfiction to get more experience before going back to it.

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Don’t I know it…>.>

It’s already mapped out! :stuck_out_tongue:

well… single words dont let you envision as much as fragments would… right?

so, instead of just jotting down “life”, perhaps you write something like “life essence is derived from some ethereal source… it’s the most sacred element in this universe, upon which all other elements are dependent… some more than others”

you can then use this snippet to help you flesh out more material, not only for the light element, but for those other elements that share a bond with it…

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Whispers of elemental magic and gods? Time for me to appear. Lets start with asking what you’re going for here, you’ve got the primary western 4 (fire, water, earth, air (gale)) along with the common light/dark pair. Other than that you’ve got life, metal, and mana, what are they going for? Could metal be assimilated into earth? What about an opposition for life? or just change life to a flesh/soul pairing? What is mana element?

So basically here’s two quick questions for you to answer to try and help with ideas.
What is the purpose of this? What do you want to achieve?
You seem to be mimicking creation stories, what about limiting it to seven with one for each day?


I could show you a chart I made, but apparently my bamboo broke again and I’m going to have to fix it…again…but anyways, if what you’re talking about is…

Mana is the source element because it fuels all the other elements or something

then I might have some things to dish out…

He’s got a point. Metal isn’t even an element, and mana isn’t usually natural. As for life, well, I could see that, but I’ve always liked to view life magic as magic created from life itself, rather than magic being drawn from the elements.

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The source element? That kind of undermines the idea that the other elements are basic.

sorry xavion, didn’t see you comment there. n.n
Let’s see Metal Is an element I like to use, and another word I have for it is Mercury, or Mercanary for Metal Magic User. The Name Mercury comes from the actual element being metal but still being liquid. What I do as part Mercanary is I take existing deposits of Metal from the earth or any kind of metal at all and form it into a blob that I can freely control (floating blob of gray, woo-hoo!) and I can turn the Mercury back into solid metal at my own discretion, and into any form might I add n.n. So I let’s say I can take an Iron Ingot, turn it into mercury, and turn it into a dagger, that’s neat, but what I mainly do for combat is take metal deposits in the ground and make them into spikes that rupture out of the earth at my enemies. That’s what I do.

pant pant ok enough of that blabering, sorry, yes, metal is a sub element of Earth

Elements are Divided into 3 Groups

Core, Primary, and Sub. Metal is a Sub-Element. Mana is the Core. It’s complicated but it’s only a prototype

What I’m going for is a sort of religion that rounds my play on elemental magic, so I made Goddesses that are masters of their assigned element. And what I’m parodying off of is the Bible Verse of how God Created the Earth. I don’t remember the exact details of it but that was my inspiration for the first act. The Second Act will be Gift as in the goddess’s gifts to man, which is ALSO based on the bible, God Creating Adam and Eve. Mana was introduced because of the gift of Intelligence and Magic
I’ve done WAY too much talking for right now, I need a break, thx for the questions!

Gadzooks! You… you heathen!

/me throws rocks at you.

Blasphemer! Heretic!

/me begins foaming at the mouth.

If you reply (or at least use @Xavion) than I’m likely to notice that you replied faster first off. But onto the point! My suggestion would be to first abstract away mana to not being an element, just make the original creator called Mana or something and it is the source of all things. Sub-elements seem more like combinations or aspects of primary elements. So with it being based off the biblical symbolism as suggested here is some ideas when I try and draw on everything you’ve suggested. Most of this is created fairly well off the top of my head but majorly based off what you’ve said and partially based off similar things I’ve made previously.

Before the beginning there was the Mana the Eternal, Source of All, it was without form or name, it was all that existed, but then there was the Beginning. With that the world was formed, but it was just an imagining, it had yet to gain substance, the mighty beasts and the great plants, the mountains and the oceans, even life and the soul had yet to come into to being for there was only Mana.

On the first day Terrous the Unyielding was born, all that dwells in the Earth is his domain for he us the Earth. The iron and the dirt, the stone and the diamond were his creation, upon his birth the world formed but it was merely a place of stone and sand, it had yet to gain life. Mountains and gorges, mighty cliffs and sweeping valleys were created in this eternal wasteland and desert of the world.

On the second day Undine the Changing was formed, ruler of the oceans and the rivers, the lakes and the streams. All water came from her, the oceans filled and the rain fell, the rivers formed and made lakes. However this was still a world without life, together they had created great expanse of dirt ready for life but this was still a barren world.

On the third day Ignis the Lifegiving was created, breathing the spark of life into the earth he was born, governer of the eternal spark, that which give the fire of life. Thus the world was given life, the plants formed and spread to encompass the world, great forests and wonderous reefs, however with these came the fires, burning as it was created the eternal cycle of life was created. Still the world slumbered, waiting for those to care for it.

On the fourth day Aetheria the Enlightening came to be, lady of the heavens and the skies, the protector of the dead came to be. The heavens were created, the afterlife and the skies, the breath of the soul created the beasts, the mighty whales and the humble mice they came to be. The world still slumbered, it had the plants and the beasts, the skies and the earth but still it lacked those to care for it.

On the fifth day Lumen the Guiding was given being, the sun and the stars, thought and logic were his domain. The beasts fought, the stars formed, and light came to be, it guided their goals but they had yet to be complete, purely logical they fought and the world started to breathe. The world was no longer alone, the stars and the moon had come to be and the world stirred, still though it slumbered.

On the sixth day Caligo the Obscuring was made, the night and the day, emotions and morals, inspiration and ideas were hers to care for. With these the world changed, the mindless fighting had stopped, fear and joy, hate and love were born but there was none to care for these new things, only the cycle of night and day was noticed by those that that dwelled on this world. The world flexed, it was nearly complete, only something to care for it and use it’s gifts remained unborn.

On the seventh day Mana the Eternal viewed all that now was, the mountains and the oceans, the plants and the beasts, the stars and the night, however something was still missing. There was nothing to care for this world, with that the races were created, man and monster, elf and eldritch, dwarf and demon, the great races were created. The world awoke, it had something to care for it, while each would go their own way they would all aid it and keep the balance, from the cruelest angel to the kindest demon all would care for it in their own way.

With that the world was born, it was complete within itself, the world had awoken and it breathed, the souls filled the bodies with life before moving on the the heavens in death. The world was complete.

A central creator being, it is forever, this represents Mana, Void, Existence, Being, whatever you want to call it this is the most basic part of existence. All magic is drawn from this. After that you have the 6 elements, the Terrestrial quartet of Fire, Water, Earth and Air and the Celestial pair of Light and Darkness. From those you draw the subelements like mercury which would be heavy earth affinities for the metal with water and fire affinities to give it movement and flexibility.

Hopefully there is stuff for you to use or to inspire you somewhere in that mess, with more information of what you actually want to use for I could help more as currently it is just a fictitious religion for an unknown purpose. Knowing what it is intended for could help as that would inherently shape it in some way. Currently it’s just a fairly non stereotypical religious/elemental system for a fantasy world without anything to bind it to a particular system.


For me, they count as chapters. I’ve been learning a new language for two months, and the books they told us to read, according to our low level of the language have chapters as long as what you wrote.
But if it feels like they should be longer, you can count them as one only chapter, with several descriptions or titles that are the Days. Although you counted that as an act, that’s almost the same… I don’t know how long will be the next days after Act 1, but I think they’re good as they are. :thumbsup: