The Scriptures of The Book Of Fire

I thought I’d write a little story for a new god to use in my own plays (We all need a blood god Armok right?) so I decided to make a sort of ancient scripture thing, hope you like it (W.I.P.).

Scripture From 1st Stonehearthian Book of Fire 1:1

The Fallen, corrupted gods that had forged this world long ago had once been friends and brothers long since consumed by the feelings loss, no longer seen as gods, only shadows. Now only one god remained as the last protector of the dark lands that had once been so holy. He, the last of his kind, raged a war of holy flame against the Fallens consuming darkness. This conflict ended when Ygrimm god of Flames casting his fire on a ball of darkness lost to time. That was us, that ball so long forgotten in darkness, being given light for the first time since its beginning. But any joy was short lived, for even holy flames can burn, and burn they did, scorching the world and smothering it in ash. And even Ygrimm the GOD OF FLAMES HIMSELF WAS HELPLESS TO STOP IT! For once fire starts too burn, it cannot be stopped, because the will of fire is even too strong for a god to control. And so the world burned till only light and ash existed, but from those ashes came beings born of the holiest light and fire, for the Fallen with their darkness had burned away leaving only those shadows that follow us to our deaths. Because only the cold hands of death await those of light. For the brighter the light that clears our path, the darker the shadows along that path become.

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Bit dark but a good story all the same, just what to read to keep you sane after watching a bunch of my little pony

now that I think about it it does seem a bit dark…
Edit: but so are most religious texts, so… o’well

Agreed, I dont why people think god is all forgiving and stuff even when the bible says he is the biggest mass murderer ever created

please, just dont… religious discussions on the intertubes never stay “calm”, as evidenced by the brony thread, and this is already a very heated comment…

let’s keep this discussion focused on the writing that @naturalnuke presented…

It wasn’t heated, we were actually agreeing with each other. :neutral_face:

sorry, not heated between the two of you, but rather the specific comment from @Newf was a little… extreme

In that case when you look at the last piece of writing it’s a bit extreme too.

right, but your writing is not used as the basis for a modern day religion… :smile:

Touche ser, touche. :s

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I come from Ireland the most christian place in the world, I go to a cotholic school. When I say that catholics are crazy Im talking about my friends and family and pretty much every Irish person in this country

Well, Hm… Catholics are Kinda crazy… Mabey a little flawed logic, But god still loves me <3

alright lets stop this before more unreasonable people show up.


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Mmmm, if we think of these texts as ancient scriptures instead of bible-esque then we can avoid any religious discussion, which will very likely end badly ultimately :smile:


Good Idea. :thumbsup:

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yes indeed… good idea my friend… :wink:

slowly places his +1 hammer of banning back on the shelf