A poem for the one whom we should all remember

Red was the silent sun before the night
Over fierce flames, alone there she stood
Silently gazing as the heat ate firewood
Expecting soon the dark to replace the light

Better did she know than to rush
Endowed with knowledge and wisdom
Letting loose of bindings of the kingdom
Looking into flames she knew – she would blush

Turning into dark was the distant sky
Over her the moon all bright and proud
With proud moon came the stars in crowd
Eerie was the night and she wondered why

Ready was she, stepped into fire – there was no soul nearby


Now read the first letter of each line from up to bottom. #rememberrose

For those who don’t know what this is about:
In Dev Stream #205 @Allie told us the story of a hearthling called Rose Belltower who would stand in the fire during the night in a really weird and mysterious way.

You can read more Rose Belltower stuff in The Legend of Rose Belltower by @TurtleSquish


That’s so beautiful, such an amazing idea! I really want to try that for my own Hearthlings now.

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@CrazyCandy I applaud you on the original angle of the famous legend of Rose Belltower.

Seriously though good job.

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