Stone hearth song

Okay listen up ladys and gents.
im making a small stone hearth song, so i need each and everyone one to write some lines for the song,
make sure they rhyme, and make references to the game!

oooo, I approve of this thread! :smile:

so, are we taking full verses, or smaller lymeric style lines? either way, sounds like fun! :+1:

its what ever you wanna do!
if i like it, it goes in the song, and you all will hear it, and soon as each persons lyrics comes up
ill put the name of the person who wrote it!

“got your settlers just trying to survive
picking berry’s all day, cutting wood all night
running all around, not a soul in sight
until the combat up dates comes out, and we’ll die
you got raccoon all over your feet, so gotta get ur trapper,
were ready to eat
Get your carpenter, we need us a table, farming all our food
just cuz were able,”

Wrong measure but for your idea might be working…

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is this a new forum game

:musical_note: We can’t build rooves,
we can’t climb cliffs,
which somehow proves:
we’re somewhat thick.

:musical_note: We eat backwards,
we sleep midair,
we craft some swords,
we share our hair.

:musical_note: Yet we’re not dumb,
justn’t understood,
where we are from,
this is all good.


yes yes yes;P
already using it, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

@RepeatPan has inspired me… at least, i think it’s inspiration… may just be gas… :thought_balloon:

:musical_note: Come one come all
to our humble town,
there’s nary a worry
and hardly a frown.

:musical_note: There’s plenty to eat
after a hard day’s work,
just steer clear of Mer
he can be quite the jerk.

:musical_note: Yet when all’s said and done
we’re sure you’ll agree,
that resistance is futile
and you will join us… with “glee”

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I think the Skyrim song(form the trailer) would work perfectly with this

Its gunna be a rap song, because although it dosent fit the games music, its what im most comfortable doing
this song in, and its just about done, im set for lyrics :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone :smile: