Genesis according to ChaOs

In the beginning of the world there was chaos.
Chaos was all powerful and made the universe, but on an accident,
For chaos’s very imagination created it
From it, there were titans of all kinds,
Even gods,
And Even order,
Chaos realized it made beings but nothing to live on,
For they lived in nothingness.

But just as it realized They made their Own fate,
Forging the world themselves,
These Gods calling themselves of material and not so,
Such as of the forge of the sky and so on.

They made the Earth in 7 days,
Due to the fact that most of them where doing their own thing.
Chaos realized they did most of the work so to reward them, it

Made them a race called humans
So that the gods could watch this new being make a world much like they had
But on a smaller scale.
This pleased the gods, but the titans not so much
They thought of humans as a disgrace, For the almighty god made them on purpose.
But chaos thought a way to satiate their hate.
"Give them time. For what joy does it bring to decimate that which has no bones."
The titans agreed. For a real fight, they thought, may be a reason to wait.

This was edited by my mother God bless her heart.


I think this is the most amazing part of it.


Indeed, I think @Geoffers747 is right.

think so i did not get any response when i posted it originally
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do you like how it rolls off the old voice box

It certainly is an interesting take on it all!

I like how the Titans are waiting for the settlers to be able to fight back before they attempt to destroy them.

yea also this was the first post i made its kinda strange people are reading it now

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